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July 19, 20

Algosteel Loading in Goderich, Ontario on Monday - Phil Nash
1-algosteel-18-7-11-pn.jpg (65930 bytes)
Algosteel at Sifto Salt dock in Goderich
2-algosteel-18-7-11-pn.jpg (60097 bytes)
Bow of the Algosteel
3-algosteel-18-7-11-pn.jpg (84904 bytes)
4-algosteel-18-7-11-pn.jpg (63273 bytes)
 Loading salt into the Algosteel
5-noskcaj-18-7-11-pn.jpg (97203 bytes)
Fish Tug Noskca J returns from their fishing grounds to unload fish.

Adam E. Cornelius downbound at the Soo Monday on her first trip of the year -
Jeff Barber
1-AECornelius-7-18-11-JB.jpg (65503 bytes)        

Straights of Mackinac from the Bridge
Munson_Speer_bridge1_07172011_jev.jpg (28748 bytes)
John G. Munson and Edgar B. Speer headed West at the Straits of Mackinac Sunday morning.  Jill Vander Meulen
Munson_Speer_bridge2_07172011_jev.jpg (19501 bytes) Munson_Speer_bridge3_07172011_jev.jpg (37519 bytes) Munson_Speer_bridge4_07172011_jev.jpg (45934 bytes) JohnGMunson_Calcite_07162011_mvm.jpg (67491 bytes)
John G. Munson arriving to load at Calcite on Saturday afternoon. Marc Vander Meulen

Detroit Traffic Sunday -
Dawn & Andrew Severson
CNDTRAN71711ANS.jpg (83196 bytes) GMARINER71711ANS.jpg (103402 bytes) JWSHELLY71711ANS.jpg (85993 bytes) UTVIKEN71711ANS.jpg (66190 bytes)  

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-marin-7-14-11-pb.jpg (64965 bytes)
Algomarine below Lock 2.
2-marin-7-14-11-pb.jpg (86069 bytes)
Classic design.
5-lauren-7-14-11-pb.jpg (57762 bytes)
CSL Laurentien passes the Algomarine above Lock 1.
4-marin-7-14-11-pb.jpg (73030 bytes)
Approaching Lock 1.
3-lauren-7-14-11-pb.jpg (68883 bytes)
The Laurentien moved way over to the east to allow the Marine to pass.
6-utvik-7-14-11-pb.jpg (72915 bytes)
Utviken above Lock 3.
7-utvik-7-14-11-pb.jpg (67533 bytes)
I thought they had sold their Seaway capable ships, but they still have two.
8-utvik-7-14-11-pb.jpg (76962 bytes)
Bow Thruster logo peeling off.
9-utvik-7-14-11-pb.jpg (88967 bytes)
On this side of the bridge there are at least 10 antennae.  The lifering holder is slanted toward the superstructure.  Normally these are designed to let the lifering fall overboard when a pin is pulled.
10-utvik-7-14-11-pb.jpg (69839 bytes)
Approaching Lock 4 West.

Sarah Desgagnes in Lake Huron Monday
- Dianne Donati
Sarah-Desgagnes-2-7-18-11-dd.jpg (66368 bytes)        

Detroit Traffic from the Diamond Jack -
 Capt. Mike Nicholls
ALGOWOODb16071511mn.jpg (48271 bytes)
Algowood loading at Ojibway Salt in Windsor.
ALGOWOODs17071511mn.jpg (56910 bytes) ANDERSONARTHURMb02071511mn.jpg (53725 bytes)
Arthur M Anderson downbound off Zug Island.
ANDERSONARTHURMs03071511mn.jpg (66398 bytes) ENERGY6506b05071511mn.jpg (68637 bytes)
Energy 6506 at Nicholson's Detroit.
HURONSERVICEs13071511mn.jpg (66238 bytes)
Huron Service upbound off Zug Island.
HURONSERVICEb12071511mn.jpg (56238 bytes) FEDERALMAASb08071511mn.jpg (64054 bytes)
Federal Maas downbound during pilot change in Detroit.
FEDERALMAASs09071511mn.jpg (63952 bytes) FLINTERSTARs15071511mn.jpg (61634 bytes)
Flinterstar (Netherlands) at Morterm In Windsor.
UTVIKENb06071511mn.jpg (67253 bytes)
Utviken at Nicholson's Detroit.
UTVIKENs04071511mn.jpg (68706 bytes) ALGOMARINEb03071611mn.jpg (53690 bytes)
Algomarine upbound off the Rouge Short Cut Canal.
ALGOMARINEs04071611mn.jpg (48558 bytes) ALGOSTEELb08071611mn.jpg (47971 bytes)
Algosteel upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
ALGOSTEELs10071611mn.jpg (59084 bytes) LIMNOSb15071611mn.jpg (75384 bytes)
C.C.G.S. Limnos at the Amherstburg Coast Guard Base.
LIMNOSs12071611mn.jpg (82953 bytes) THOMPSONJOSEPHHb16071611mn.jpg (48252 bytes)
Joseph H Thompson downbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
THOMPSONJOSEPHHs18071611mn.jpg (55403 bytes)
OJIBWAYb19071611mn.jpg (48923 bytes)
Ojibway downbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
OJIBWAYs22071611mn.jpg (54816 bytes) ALGOSEAb06071711mn.jpg (57144 bytes)
Algosea upbound off Zug Island.
ALGOSEAs08071711mn.jpg (48691 bytes) GRANDEMARINERb11071711mn.jpg (61287 bytes)
Grande Mariner upbound just above Fighting Island South Light, in route to the new Detroit Passenger Terminal.
GRANDEMARINERs13071711mn.jpg (66657 bytes) CANADIANTRANSPORTs14071711mn.jpg (46016 bytes)
Canadian Transport upbound at the Hole In The Wall, Amherstburg Channel.

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