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Keweenaw Star Lighthouse & Freighter Cruise 
July 15-17, 20
11 and the Keweenaw Star co-sponsored a three-day cruise from Charlevoix to the Soo and back. A sell out group of more than 70 enjoyed up close views of lighthouses and freighter traffic across the top of Lake Michigan, thru the Straits of Mackinac, across the top of Lake Huron, up the St. Marys River as far as Isle Parisienne and back. Plans are underway to repeat this trip in 2012.

July 16 - Day One - Charlevoix to the Soo.

Boarding the Keweenaw Star
 in Charlevoix

Emerald Isle, the new Beaver Island ferry
leaving ahead of us

Approaching the Bridge Street bridge

Charlevoix South Pier light

Enjoying the sunshine
 on Lake Michigan

Skillagalee Light
Ile aux Galets

Grays Reef Light

Grays Reef lantern detail

Abandoned Waugoshance Light
off in the distance

White Shoal Light

Victoriaborg crossing
 ahead of us headed west

St. Helena Light

Approaching the Mackinac Bridge

Under the Mighty Mac

Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

Round Island Light

Round Island Passage Light
which replaced Round Island Light

Lunch being served as we continue
 across the top of Lake Huron

Martin Reef Light

Lantern detail of Martin Reef

After lunch resting

DeTour Reef Light at the mouth
 of the St. Marys River

Pipe Island Light tower

Forward cabins of the Louis G. Harriman/John W. Boardman being converted to a summer cottage

John Sherwin and Arthur K. Atkinson
 in layup at the old Interlake Coal Dock.

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder
 passing down bound

Restored Round Island Light
 in the lower river off Rabar

Pete R. Cresswell
 headed to Lake Huron

Paul R. Tregurtha
leaving the Poe Lock

Federal Ems following PRT
 as we arrive in the Soo

July 17 - Day Two - Soo to Ile Parisienne and back

Waiting for traffic to clear so we an get underway

Walter J. McCarthy leaving the Poe Lock
 as the James L. Oberstar waits to go up

Birchglen leaving the MacArthur Lock

Birchglen stern view

Heading into the MacArthur Lock

The new MacArthur viewing stand

Capt. Jason Funkey
completing the lock report

H. Lee White entering the Poe Lock
 as we are raised in the MacArthur

CCGC Samuel Risley waiting
 to go down the MacArthur Lock
 after we clear


Pointe aux Pins range lights

Socializing on the forward deck

Algosoo passing down bound

Light 26, a major turning point
in the upper St. Marys River

Stewart J. Cort headed to the Soo

Cort stern view

Point Iroquois Light

Catching up on the news
while enroute to Ile Parisienne

J.W. Shelley down bound from Thunder Bay

Shelley forward cabins

Ile Parisienne light station

Beaver weather vane atop the lantern

Enjoying the sun as we head back down for Gros Cap Light

Gros Cap Light

Following the J.W. Shelley
 as she meets the Algoma Guardian

J.W. Shelley stern

Algoma Guardian

E.M. Ford at Purvis Marine
 scrap yard in Soo, Ontario

Michipicoten leaving Essar Steel
 in Soo, Ontario

Shelley waiting for the MacArthur Lock
 while we enter the Poe Lock

July 17 - Day Three - Soo to Charlevoix

Boarding at the Soo
 to head back to Charlevoix

Sam Laud leaving the MacArthur Lock
 before we leave the dock

Following the Sam Laud
approaching the Rock Cut

Pilothouse view in the Rock Cut

Passing the Sam Laud in the Rock Cut

Successfully past the Laud

Waiting for lunch

Pouring the drinks for lunch

Presque Isle passing up bound

Cruising down the river

Drummond Islander IV

King Co.'s tug Matt Allen
 west of the Straits

Dredge Buxton II being towed by the Matt Allen

Playing "Titanic" on Lake Michigan

Arriving back at Charlevoix

Leaving the Keweenaw Star in Charlevoix

Keweenaw Star back at her dock

Video from the cruise - Roger LeLievre

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