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July 20 20

Point Edward - Marc Dease
1-mapl-7-12-11-a-md.jpg (47452 bytes)
Mapleglen downbound above 1 & 2.
2-mapl-7-12-11-b-md.jpg (57421 bytes)
Below 1 & 2.
3-mapl-7-12-11-c-md.jpg (87049 bytes)
Former name Federal Maas still visible.
4-mapl-7-12-11-d-md.jpg (80745 bytes)
Hybrid stack markings still show Fednav logo.
5-ama-7-12-11-md.jpg (52478 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson downbound at 1 & 2.
6-ama-7-13-11-md.jpg (61240 bytes)
Anderson heads into Lake Huron.
7-keb-7-13-11-md.jpg (58129 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker upbound at 1 & 2.
8-cour-7-13-11-md.jpg (42492 bytes)
American Courage downbound at 1 & 2.
9-spru-7-14-11-md.jpg (61352 bytes)
Spruceglen in the north slip at Point Edward.

Tug Cleveland in Buffalo -
Brian W.
1-Cleveland-7-19-11-BW.jpg (103495 bytes)
Tug in the notch of her barge tied up at the TDX Gypsum dock (West Shore Coal Wharf) with the ADM Flour Mill to the right.
2-Cleveland-7-19-11-BW.jpg (87125 bytes)
View from the opposite side of the Buffalo Ship Canal showing an overall look at the tug-barge unit.
3-Cleveland-7-19-11-BW.jpg (70150 bytes) 4-Cleveland-7-19-11-BW.jpg (64915 bytes)
As seen from the ADM Great Northern Elevator dock across the canal with one of the old Marine Leg boat unloaders in the foreground.
5-Cleveland-7-19-11-BW.jpg (70471 bytes)
The unusual shape of the barge Cleveland Rocks showing how close the RCR marina is to the shipping channel.

Sarah Desgagnes in Green Bay Tuesday - Scott Best
1-SDesgagnes-0719-11-sb.jpg (30158 bytes)
Arriving out of the fog early Tuesday morning, Roen's tug Chas Asher is tied up at the Fox River Dock face on the left.
2-SDesgagnes-07-19-11-sb.jpg (71803 bytes)
Stern view tied up at the dock.
3-SDesgagnes-07-19-11-sb.jpg (73550 bytes)
 Bow view Tuesday evening.
4-SDesgagnes-07-19-11-sb.jpg (90735 bytes)
Wide stern view Tuesday evening.

Sarah Desgagnes - Wendell Wilke
sarahdesgagnes0001.jpg (89622 bytes)        

John J. Boland in Cleveland Tuesday
- Paul Magyar
1-JOHN-J-BOLAND-7-19-11-PM.jpg (55244 bytes)
John J. Boland ready to depart the Cleveland Bulk Terminal and head for the lake after unloading her taconite cargo.
2-John-J.-Boland-7-19-11-PM.jpg (60410 bytes)
Backing past the Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Hamilton Tuesday -
Eric Holmes
1-Federalsakura-07-19-11-EH.jpg (43588 bytes)
 Federal Sakura in the Hamilton anchorage.
2-Federalsakura-07-19-11-eh.jpg (33173 bytes)
Canadian Provider heading out past the Federal Sakura. 

English River in Toronto Tuesday -
John van der Doe
English-River-Toronto-July-19-2011.jpg (52549 bytes)        

Soo traffic -
Jeff Barber
1-GCLeitch-7-19-11-JB.jpg (56760 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch backing up after running aground Tuesday
2-GCLeitch-7-19-11-JB.jpg (50143 bytes)
At the anchorage in Hay Lake
1-Cedarglen-7-9-11-JB.jpg (57776 bytes)
Cedarglen downbound
2-PRTregurtha-7-10-11-JB.jpg (52723 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha Downbound
3-BBCArizona-7-10-11-JB.jpg (69830 bytes)
BBC Arizona Downbound
4-BBCPortugal-7-10-11-JB.jpg (59396 bytes)
BBC Portugal at Soo Ontario
5-GrRepublic-7-10-11-Jb.jpg (56498 bytes)
Great Republic
6-FedMaas-7-10-11-JB.jpg (63644 bytes)
Federal Maas
7-Atlhuron-7-10-11-JB.jpg (60823 bytes)
Atlantic Huron
8-Richelieu-7-10-11-JB.jpg (52205 bytes)
9-Mapleglen-7-11-11-JB.jpg (63953 bytes)
Mapleglen downbound
10-FedEms-7-11-11-JB.jpg (69145 bytes)
Federal Ems upbound
11-Buffalo-7-11-11-JB.jpg (54616 bytes)
 Buffalo upbound
12-RSPierson-7-11-11-JB.jpg (66079 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson
15-AlgTransfer-7-11-11-JB.jpg (65084 bytes)
Algoma Transfer downbound
16-CSLAssiniboine-7-12-11-JB.jpg (60437 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine upbound
17-SJCort-7-12-11-JB.jpg (49786 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort upbound
18-EHGott-7-12-11-JB.jpg (61675 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott downbound

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-marine-7-15-11-pb.jpg (58237 bytes)
Algomarine above Lock 3.
2-steel-7-15-11-pb.jpg (64227 bytes)
Followed by the Algosteel.
3-steel-7-15-11-pb.jpg (86432 bytes)
 I am not going to say anything about this being ugly...  It's obviously a sturdy piece of equipment that has paid back its cost many times over.
4-port-7-15-11-pb.jpg (71521 bytes)
BBC Portugal below Lock 2.  Interesting cargo.
5-port-7-15-11-pb.jpg (81691 bytes)
 Approaching Lock 1.
6-mmi-7-15-11-pb.jpg (69103 bytes)
Federal Miramichi clear of Lock 3.
7-mmi-7-15-11-pb.jpg (110614 bytes)
She is one of several salties who have hinged mainmasts to allow a greater air-draft so she can get under more bridges and other structures.
8-mmi-7-15-11-pb.jpg (57921 bytes)
 Above Lock 3.

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