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July 25, 20

South Chicago Sunday - Steve Bauer
1-ACrnls-7-24-11-sb.jpg (299732 bytes)
Making her first visit to South Chicago since being laid up, the Adam E. Cornelius backs under the CN bridge near 92nd St on the way to KCBX.
2-ACrnls-7-24-11-sb.jpg (99238 bytes)
Clear of 92nd St. bridge and making the bend toward 95th.
3-ACrnls-7-24-11-sb.jpg (139611 bytes)
Approaching 100th St. bridge.  She will tie up at the north dock at KCBX due to the Cason J. Callaway loading at the south dock.
4-ACrnls-7-24-11-sb.jpg (72051 bytes)
Lining up for the north dock.
5-ACrnls-7-24-11-sb.jpg (84268 bytes)
Crewman watching the clearance at 92nd St. bridge.
6-ACrnls-7-24-11-sb.jpg (113928 bytes)
Undoing the hatch clamps.
7-ACrnls-7-24-11-sb.jpg (147900 bytes)
Over the side getting ready to secure the boat.
8-ACrnls-7-24-11-sb.jpg (111312 bytes)
Tying up at the north dock.

Welland Canal Sunday -
Heather Maguire
1-Algomarine-7-24-11-hm.jpg (68536 bytes)
Algomarine tied up below Lock 3 on Sunday afternoon, waiting for the downbound traffic to go through.
2-Birchglen-7-24-11-hm.jpg (93356 bytes)
The crowd that usually gathers at the viewing platform at Lock 3 moved up to Lock 7 to watch the Birchglen. 
3-Birchglen-7-24-11-hm.jpg (56811 bytes)
Birchglen departing Lock 7, upbound for Thunder Bay to load.
4-Lineup-7-24-11-hm.jpg (81728 bytes)
Meanwhile, a lineup above Lock 7 waits for the Birchglen to move through.  The Cuyahoga and the Canadian Enterprise wait patiently.
5-Cuyahoga-7-24-11-hm.jpg (83476 bytes)
Closeup of the Cuyahoga.
6-CdnEnterprise-7-24-11-hm.jpg (63107 bytes)
Closeup of the Canadian Enterprise.

Green Bay -
Scott Best
1-JGM-07-24-11-sb.jpg (62725 bytes)
Back up the Fox River passing the Michigan & Great Lakes at the VT Venture dock.
2-JGM-07-24-11-sb.jpg (77185 bytes)
 Stern view approaching the Main St Bridge in downtown Green Bay.
3-JGM-07-24-11-sb.jpg (70419 bytes)
 Approaching the Walnut St Bridge Sunday evening.

Recent St. Marys River-
Jeff and Greg Barber
52-CSLTadoussac-7-21-11-JB.jpg (56277 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac
53-CanProvider-7-21-11-JB.jpg (50405 bytes)
Canadian Provider
54-HJLOberstar-7-21-11-JB.jpg (49460 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar
55-EHGott-7-21-11-JB.jpg (55705 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott
56-SLaud-7-21-11-JB.jpg (57715 bytes)
Sam Laud
57-MMiner-7-21-11-JB.jpg (55329 bytes)
Mesabi Miner
59-Kaministiqua-7-22-11-GB.jpg (57697 bytes)
Kaministiqua making the turn into the rockcut
60-Kaministiqua-7-22-11-GB.jpg (71712 bytes)
Kaministiqua in rockcut
61-Frontenac-7-22-11-AB.jpg (76274 bytes)
 Frontenac in the Rockcut
62-AIntegrity-7-22-11-GB.jpg (54003 bytes)
American Integrity
63-AErie-7-22-11-GB.jpg (75165 bytes)
Atlantic Erie
64-Algosar-7-22-11-GB.jpg (71775 bytes)
Algosar unloading in Soo Canada
65-ASpiriti-7-23-11-GB.jpg (61278 bytes)
American Spirit
66-EBSpeer-7-23-11-GB.jpg (66829 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer
67-MGreen-7-23-11-GB.jpg (57517 bytes)
Marinus Green unloading at Essar Steel
68-FMiramichi-7-23-11-GB.jpg (57095 bytes)
Federal Miramichi unloading at the export dock
69-Montrealais-7-23-11-GB.jpg (53831 bytes)
Montrealais above the locks
70-HLWhite-7-23-11-GB.jpg (57497 bytes)
H. Lee White downbound
71-RBlough-7-23-11-GB.jpg (67401 bytes)
Roger Blough above Big Point
72-Algobay-7-23-11-GB.jpg (71005 bytes)
Algobay downbound above Big Point

John J. Boland departing Buffalo Saturday - Brian W.
1-Boland-7-23-11-BW.jpg (80646 bytes)
Departing the Gateway Metroport Main Dock. She is just coming clear of the Lackawanna Canal and starting to turn to Port for the next line up.
2-Boland-7-23-11-BW.jpg (61279 bytes)
Stern section set against the backdrop of Bethlehem Steel's old Coke Works that are under demolition with the windmills in the distance.
3-Boland-7-23-11-BW.jpg (57508 bytes)
Transiting the Outer Harbor Southern Channel as she scoots from the confines of the canal towards the open lake. At this time the captain was blasting the horn to clear pleasure boat traffic from his outbound path.
4-Boland-7-23-11-BW.jpg (69110 bytes)
Boland is now heading through the South Entrance Inner Channel. Once clear of the harbor piers, she will turn to port and line up on the Fairway Buoy for her trip out of Buffalo and up the lake.

Maumee at her lay-up dock near the turning basin in the Cuyahoga River Sunday -
Kate White
1-Maumee-7-24-11-kw.jpg (112938 bytes)
Name still painted on.
2-Maumee-7-24-11-kw.jpg (69465 bytes)      

Detroit River from the Diamond Jack -
Capt. Mike Nicholls
FRIENDSHIPb03072211mn.jpg (76266 bytes)
Friendship downbound off Wyandotte.
FRIENDSHIPs04072211mn.jpg (93063 bytes) BISCAYNEBAYb06072211mn.jpg (53785 bytes)
U.S.C.G.C. Biscayne Bay downbound off USS Great Lakes Works, Ecorse.
ALGOLAKEs08072211mn.jpg (58189 bytes)
Algolake, assisted by the tug Wyoming arriving at the Zug Island Coal Dock in the Short Cut Canal.
CLARKEPHILIPRb11072211mn.jpg (74019 bytes)
Philip R Clarke loading ore fines at the North End of Zug Island.
CLARKEPHILIPRs09072211mn.jpg (78367 bytes) JACKMANHENRYCAPTb12072211mn.jpg (32935 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman loading salt at Ojibway for Toronto.
JACKMANHENRYCAPTs14072211mn.jpg (47860 bytes)
GREATREPUBLICb17072211mn.jpg (45989 bytes)
Great Republic upbound just above Fighting Island North Light.
GREATREPUBLICs19072211mn.jpg (53022 bytes)
ALGOEASTb01072311mn.jpg (40127 bytes)
Algoeast downbound off Zug Island.
ALGOEASTs02072311mn.jpg (42334 bytes) CLARKEPHILIPRb03072311mn.jpg (59623 bytes)
Philip R Clarke at the North end of Zug Island.
CLARKEPHILIPRs08072311mn.jpg (62799 bytes)
ALGOWAYb04072311mn.jpg (46311 bytes)
Algoway upbound above Fighting Island North Light.
ALGOWAYs07072311mn.jpg (60129 bytes) KAMINSTIQUAb13072311mn.jpg (51413 bytes)
Kaministiqua arriving at the ADM Dock in Windsor.
KAMINSTIQUAs15072311mn.jpg (61727 bytes) AMERICANSPIRITb01072411mn.jpg (59406 bytes)
American Spirit downbound off Zug Island bound for Nanticoke.
AMERICANSPIRITs04072411mn.jpg (46447 bytes)
CARRICKJOHNJb06072411mn.jpg (52249 bytes)
John J Carrick and tug Victorious fueling at Sterling Fuel.  Departed for Marathon Detroit in the Rouge River to load for Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
CARRICKJOHNJs09072411mn.jpg (59826 bytes) VICTORIOUSs08072411mn.jpg (65607 bytes) KAMINISTIQUAb10072411mn.jpg (54335 bytes)
Kaministiqua unloading at the ADM Elevator in Windsor.  She will proceed to Thunder Bay after unloading.
KAMINISTIQUAs11072411mn.jpg (59119 bytes)
ISLEROUGEb14072411mn.jpg (99660 bytes)
C.C.G.S. Isle Rouge at the Canadian Coast Guard Amherstburg Base.
ISLEROUGEs12072411mn.jpg (105907 bytes) COLUMBIAVb16072411mn.jpg (90186 bytes)
Bob-Lo Island ferry Columbia V at Amherstburg.
COLUMBIAVs15072411mn.jpg (102459 bytes) GREATREPUBLICb17072411mn.jpg (46489 bytes)
Great Republic downbound at Fighting Island South Light bound for Huron, Ohio.
GREATREPUBLICs18072411mn.jpg (54213 bytes)        

Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island -
Dianne Donati
Egbert-Wagenborg--2-7-23-11-dd.jpg (78450 bytes) Catherine-Desgagnes-7-23-11-dd.jpg (73647 bytes)      

Recent Welland Canal -
 Paul Beesley
1-birch-7-18-11-pb.jpg (55948 bytes)
Birchglen approaching Lock 1.
2-birch-7-18-11-pb.jpg (43124 bytes)
At the bow, midships and stern are painted horizontal lines signifying a draft of about 26'-9".  This is probably to help ensure they don't overload for the Seaway. 
3-birch-7-18-11-pb.jpg (70848 bytes)
Sliding the wall toward Lock 1.
4-victo-7-18-11-pb.jpg (76058 bytes)
Wheelhouse of the Victorious.  They have installed roller shades that allow them to see out, but keep the sun from streaming in and overheating the space.
5-victo-7-18-11-pb.jpg (66730 bytes)
On her way to Lock 1.

Marquette, Mich. -
Lee Rowe
IMG_4131.jpg (99409 bytes)
 Herbert C Jackson at the dock.
IMG_4135.jpg (148695 bytes)
Michipicoten on the north side, both waiting to load.

Work barge From SJT Marine was at the public launch in Barrie Ont. loading rock for shoreline work on July 17-18 -
Eric May
sjtmarine-18-07-11EM.jpg (102296 bytes)        

Chemtrans Mabuhay passing Mariatown on her first trip to the Lakes -
Ron Beaupre
1-mabuhay-22-07-11-rb.jpg (58244 bytes) 2-mabuhay-22-07-11-rb.jpg (47556 bytes)
Cabins & stack detail.
3-mabuhay-22-07-11-rb.jpg (66220 bytes)
Chemtrans Mabuhay is Liberian registered.

Maritime Trader at Hamilton Friday -
John van der Doe
P1010100.jpg (52762 bytes)        

Recent Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1Vjlk_7_13_11_rb.jpg (79726 bytes)
James L. Kuber loading ore
2dapath_7_14_11_rb.jpg (58820 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder departing, loaded with ore

Historical Perspective
- Tug Bonanka in 1961. ex U. S. Army tug Corps of Engineers tug Quintus - Bill Hoey
1--BonankaBow1961wah.jpg (45790 bytes)
Tug Bonanka, named for three daughters of owner Warren Fuller, Bonnie, Nancy, and Kathy
2--AdrianIselin1961wah.jpg (45431 bytes)
Bonanka towing former Nicholson steamer, barge Adrian Iselin.
3--BonankaQuarter1961wah.jpg (72756 bytes)
Quarter view of Bonanka.
4--BonankaDive1961wah.jpg (55236 bytes)
Hard hat diving from the deck of Bonanka.
5--TowingWestWind1961wah.jpg (35632 bytes)
About to pull on the grounded tug West Wind.
6--BonankaEngine1961wah.jpg (66048 bytes)
Bonanka's Winton model 6-133 engine.

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