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July 26, 20

Alpena Monday - Ben & Chanda McClain
Mantiwc-7-25-11-BCM-01.jpg (91049 bytes)
Manitowoc unloading coal
Mantiwc-7-25-11-BCM-02.jpg (92690 bytes)
Lady Michigan squeezing by
Mantiwc-7-25-11-BCM-03.jpg (73155 bytes) Mantiwc-7-25-11-BCM-04.jpg (104294 bytes)
Going under the 2nd Ave Bridge
Mantiwc-7-25-11-BCM-05.jpg (85877 bytes)
Ready to depart
Mantiwc-7-25-11-BCM-06.jpg (99305 bytes) Mantiwc-7-25-11-BCM-07.jpg (70755 bytes)
Backing out of the river
Mantiwc-7-25-11-BCM-08.jpg (58647 bytes)    

Monday on the Welland Canal
- Eira Voth
Cedarglen-passing-2011-07-25-emv-(1).jpg (58559 bytes)
Cedarglen passing Capt. Henry Jackman, John D. Leitch and Spruceglen
John-D.-Leitch-2011-07-25-UB-below-L1-emv.jpg (56298 bytes)
John D. Leitch
Spruceglen-2011-07-25-UB-below-L1-emv.jpg (49802 bytes)
Capt.-Henry-Jackman-2011-07-25-L1-emv.jpg (63872 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman

Manistee in Cleveland Sunday
- Kate White
1-Manistee-7-24-11-kw.jpg (115416 bytes)
From University Road
2-Manistee-7-24-11-kw.jpg (59621 bytes)
From West 3rd St. bridge

Toledo Docks -
Steven Feher
ships-7-24-11-001.jpg (71308 bytes)
Kaye E Barker loading at #4 coal machine
ships-7-24-11-004.jpg (108066 bytes) ships-7-24-11-003.jpg (77561 bytes)
John J Boland  tied-up at Torco dock waiting her turn to load coal
ships-7-24-11-007.jpg (67738 bytes)
Boland loading coal at #4 coal machine
ships-7-24-11-012.jpg (70241 bytes)

Sunday afternoon along the St. Clair River and Sarnia -
George Wharton
1.TimSDool72411gw3619.jpg (97789 bytes)
Tim S. Dool downbound the St. Clair River at Mooretown, ON with wheat from Thunder Bay to Quebec.
2.TimSDool72411gw3620.jpg (105527 bytes)
Another view with some smaller river traffic.
3.LeeATregurtha72411gw3631.jpg (95286 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha upbound in ballast to Two Harbors, MN.
4.LeeATregurtha72411gw3639.jpg (104203 bytes)
Into Lake Huron.
5.Algobay72411gw3664.jpg (98941 bytes)
Algobay downbound Lake Huron approaching the Lake Huron cut buoys 1 & 2.
6.Algobay72411gw3677.jpg (87999 bytes)
Making the turn.
7.Algobay72411gw3680.jpg (98388 bytes)
Entering the St. Clair River with iron ore for Quebec.
8.Algosar72411gw3701.jpg (116824 bytes)
 Algosar upbound with a cargo for Thunder Bay.
9.Algosar72411gw3706.jpg (154454 bytes)
Passing under the Bluewater Bridges.
10.Algosar72411gw3714.jpg (113914 bytes)
 Into Lake Huron.

Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1jba_7_16_11_rb.jpg (96561 bytes)
John B. Aird waiting to load ore
2grtrep_7_20_11_rb.jpg (65795 bytes)
Great Republic loading ore at sunrise
3sag_7_20_11_rb.jpg (142921 bytes)
Saginaw shifting back on the ore dock

Recent Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-canad-7-20-11-pb.jpg (86287 bytes)
Algocanada at the Homer bridge.
2-cannav-7-20-11-pb.jpg (76618 bytes)
Algoma Navigator below the flight locks.
3-algos-7-23-11-pb.jpg (53888 bytes)
Algocape passes the Guardian below Lock 1.  The Guardian has her loading arm out on the port side and is loading stores.
4-cape-7-23-11-pb.jpg (72707 bytes)
Algocape entering Lock 1.
5-barband-7-23-11-pb.jpg (45559 bytes)
This tank, of which there are at least 4 on the barge, is labeled as diesel fuel oil, 2800 Gallons.  What is this fuel used for?
6-barband-7-23-11-pb.jpg (78011 bytes)
Because of problems with the east side of the flight locks traffic has suffered long delays, so the Barbara Andrie took a shortcut through a field.
7-sabrin-7-23-11-pb.jpg (60657 bytes)
 Sabrina below Lock 3.
8-sabrin-7-23-11-pb.jpg (169065 bytes)
Sabrina passes under the Glendale bridge.
9-sabrin-7-23-11-pb.jpg (60469 bytes)
Good way to spend a hot, humid day.
10-sichbeij-7-23-11-pb.jpg (61683 bytes)|
Sichem Beijing above Lock 3.
11-tuscar-7-23-11-pb.jpg (68330 bytes)
Tuscarora at the Homer bridge.
12-tuscar-7-23-11-pb.jpg (80964 bytes)
Tuscarora being lowered in Lock 1.
13-tuscar-7-23-11-pb.jpg (67494 bytes)
Algocape and Tuscarora pass below Lock 1.

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