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July 27, 20

St. Marys River Tuesday - Roger LeLievre
PrideOfBaltimore1-rl.jpg (36374 bytes)
American Courage bracketed by Lynx (left) and Pride of Baltimore.
PrideOfBaltimore-2-rl.jpg (59820 bytes)
Pride of Baltimore off Six Mile Point.
PrideOfBaltimore-3-rl.jpg (64203 bytes)
Stern view.
PrideOfBaltimore4-rl.jpg (52706 bytes)
American Courage passes the Pride of Baltimore.
Lynx--rl.jpg (47112 bytes)
Stern view, from left is Lynx, American Courage, Pride of Baltimore and James R. Barker.

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-mani-7-26-11-ts-a.jpg (66855 bytes)
Manitowoc nearing the Lafarge Stone Dock
2-mani-7-26-11-ts-b.jpg (93433 bytes)
Crew headed for shore to assist with line handling
3-mani-7-26-11-ts-c.jpg (54777 bytes)
Wide view
4-mani-7-26-11-ts-d.jpg (68578 bytes)
A rare sight - A boat almost to her load line on the Saginaw River
5-mani-7-26-11-ts-e.jpg (48992 bytes)
Skillfully bringing her into the dock from the wing
6-mani-7-26-11-ts-f.jpg (65268 bytes)
Bringing the boom out to begin unloading Sugar Stone
7-mani-7-26-11-ts-g.jpg (54837 bytes)
Product coming off the boom and onto the Lafarge Dock

HMS Olympus tow at Eisenhower Lock Tuesday -
Leo Ames
4-Olympus-7-26-11-la.jpg (82352 bytes)
Olympus appears to have been stripped of things like her propeller, hull has been cut into at several spots to remove components, missing periscope, etc.
5-Olympus-7-26-11-la.jpg (76790 bytes)
tug Vigilant 1 was bringing up the stern. The tow was traveling much faster in the Wiley Dondero Canal than the average maximum size Seaway laker.
3-Olympus-7-26-11-la.jpg (78115 bytes)
 tug Evans McKeil leading the tow
1-Olympus-7-26-11-la.jpg (114667 bytes)
Bow of HMS Olympus just below Eisenhower Lock.

St. Clair River Tuesday evening -
Mathew lemon
Valerie-B-(1).jpg (90208 bytes) Valerie-B-(2).jpg (66946 bytes)      

Tour boat Pictured Rocks intentionally beached on Monday
picturedrocks7-26-11.jpg (54421 bytes)
USCG photo Tuesday
Pictured-Rocks-52510-2.jpg (88531 bytes)
Pictured Rocks downbound in Soo Harbor in May 2010. - Roger LeLievre

Lake Huron -
Dianne Donati
John-G-Munson-2-7-26-11-dd.jpg (92419 bytes)
John G. Munson in Lake Huron passing the Cheboygan Crib Lighthouse
Mississagi--7-26-11dd.jpg (112684 bytes)
Mississagi in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island

Detroit River from the Diamond Jack
- Capt. Mike Nicholls
COLUMBIAb01072611mn.jpg (72091 bytes)
Columbia in Nicholson's Ecorse.
NIAGARASPIRITs02072611mn.jpg (55383 bytes)
Niagara Spirit at Zug Island.
SPENCEJOHNb11072611mn.jpg (63722 bytes)
John Spence at Zug Island.
SPENCEJOHNs13072611mn.jpg (96486 bytes) STORMONTb15072611mn.jpg (63998 bytes)
Stormont at Zug Island.
ATLANTICERIEb17072611mn.jpg (59613 bytes)
Atlantic Erie downbound off Mistersky's.
ATLANTICERIEs19072611mn.jpg (63661 bytes) HAPPYROVERb21072611mn.jpg (58052 bytes)
Happy Rover (Holland) downbound above the Ambassador Bridge.
NEPTUNEIIIs25072611mn.jpg (97730 bytes)
Neptune IIII at the CBM Dock in Windsor.
NEPTUNEIIIb24072611mn.jpg (90370 bytes)

Roger Blough traveled downbound in the fog on the St. Mary's River near the Rock Cut Tuesday - Blain Bowling
1-rblough-7-11-11-bb.jpg (80550 bytes)        

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