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July 28, 20

Cleveland in Buffalo -  Brian W.
1-Cleveland-7-27-11-BW.jpg (139551 bytes)
Tug Cleveland in the notch of her barge as they were just getting secured to the wooden timber crib dock face at the old West Shore Coal Wharf with the ADM flour mill in the background.
2-Cleveland-7-27-11-BW.jpg (102140 bytes)
Barge is being loaded with sand via a portable conveyor as seen from the opposite side of the City Ship Canal. The conveyor is arcing over the dock, the unloading boom on the barge's Starboard side, and above the hold. 

Pictured Rocks refloating on Lake Michigan
picturedrocks7-26-11uscg.jpg (52316 bytes) PICTUREDROCKSb37022411mn.jpg (60380 bytes)
Pictured Rocks in St. Ignace, February 24, 2011. Mike Nicholls
PICTUREDROCKSs38022411mn.jpg (65536 bytes)    

Manistee entering the Cheboygan River to Durochers on Wednesday
- Dianne Donati
Manistee-7-27-11-dd.jpg (63320 bytes) Manistee-2-7-27-11-dd.jpg (73923 bytes) Manistee-3-7-27-11-dd.jpg (56527 bytes) Manistee-4-7-27-11-dd.jpg (86073 bytes)  

Recent Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-chemmab-7-24-11-pb.jpg (70620 bytes)
Chemtrans Mabuhay at Port Robinson.
2-chemmab-7-24-11-pb.jpg (74504 bytes)
 23 person lifeboat on the Mabuhay.
3-chemmab-7-24-11-pb.jpg (60738 bytes)
On her way to Lock 8.
4-cuyah-7-24-11-pb.jpg (74683 bytes)
Cuyahoga below Lock 4 west.  The east side of the flight locks was closed for repair so a few ships would go down the west side, then a few would go up the west side.  Really slowed down traffic because they have to pass 4, 5, 6 and 7, before   anything could go the opposite direction.
5-cuyah-7-24-11-pb.jpg (82017 bytes)
At the Glendale bridge.
6-cuyah-7-24-11-pb.jpg (63995 bytes)
Approaching Lock 3.
7-mied-7-24-11-pb.jpg (62624 bytes)
Polsteam's Miedwie at Port Robinson.
8-mied-7-24-11-pb.jpg (66472 bytes)
Traditional pipe-style landing-boom on the starboard side and newer version based on bridge construction on the port side.
9-mied-7-24-11-pb.jpg (64835 bytes)
Run-about / man-overboard boat.  Carries 6 people.  Has the ship's IMO Number, name, capacity and dimensions painted on it.  I suspect the vertical structure is flotation to upright the boat should it roll over.
10-mied-7-24-11-pb.jpg (56236 bytes)
Also on her way to Lock 8.

Tanker Sichem Beijing arrived in Green Bay Wednesday - 
Scott Best
1-SB-gb-07-27-11-sb.jpg (72445 bytes)
Stern view at the dock on a grey dark evening in Green Bay.

Marquette, Mich. -
Lee Rowe
IMG_4291_2.jpg (74460 bytes)
Michipicoten turning to depart the harbor.
IMG_4284_2.jpg (48889 bytes)
 American Courage getting ready to load.

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