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July 29, 20

Oberon Class submarine Olympus at the Burlington Piers - Eric Holmes
1-Evansmckeiloberon-sub-07-28-11-eh.jpg (59132 bytes)
Evans McKeil joined by the Jarrett M to help with the tow.
2-Evansmckeiloberonsub-07-28-11-eh.jpg (52885 bytes)
Close up
3-Evansmckeiloberonsub-07-28-11-eh.jpg (42547 bytes)
Another view
4-Jarrettmoberonsub-07-28-11-eh.jpg (63480 bytes)
Jarrett M on the stern
5-Jarrettmoberonsub-07-28-11-eh.jpg (63172 bytes)
Another stern view

Olympus submarine tow entering Hamilton harbor in the rain
- John M.
1-Olympus-7-28-11-jm.jpg (52259 bytes)
Tug Jarrett M tying up aft port on the Heddle Marine floating dry dock to assist the transit tug Evans McKeil.
2-Olympus-7-28-11-jm.jpg (49716 bytes)
The tow approaching the Burlington Canal jettys.
3-Olympus-7-28-11-jm.jpg (90535 bytes)
Approaching the Burlington Canal Lift Bridge.
4-Olympus-7-28-11-jm.jpg (48784 bytes)
The tow about to get tucked out of sight at the Heddle Marine facility on the nose of Hamilton Harbor Pier 14.

St. Marys River on Thursday -
Roger LeLievre
Algoma-Discovery-7-28-11-RL.jpg (45684 bytes)
Algoma Discovery upbound at Nine Mile
Algoway-7-28-11-RL.jpg (50406 bytes)
Algoway-7-28-11-RL2.jpg (55098 bytes)
stern view
Boland,-John-J.---7-28-11-RL.jpg (41200 bytes)
John J. Boland
Buffalo-7-28-11-RL.jpg (42177 bytes)
Buffalo-7-28-11-RL2.jpg (47742 bytes)
Buffalo meeting Algoma Discovery
Saginaw-7-28-11-RL.jpg (81524 bytes)
Saginaw below Mission Point

Beauharnois to Quebec on Algobay - Kent Malo
Sovereign7-27-11-km.jpg (79117 bytes)
Yacht Sovereign at Beauharnois below lock 3

RosaireDesgagnes7-28-11-km.jpg (60034 bytes)
Rosaire Desgagnes loading at Cote St Catherine wharf
RosaireDesgagnes7-27-11-km-b.jpg (68808 bytes) MariaDesgagnes7-27-11-km.jpg (46911 bytes)
Maria Desgagnes up bound at Contrecouer, Quebec
Saguenay7-27-11-km-a.jpg (40355 bytes)
CSL Saguenay loaded down not much water under the keel.
Saguenay7-27-11-km.jpg (50329 bytes) Algobay7-27-11-km.jpg (78888 bytes)
Algobay in the south shore canal at Kahnawake, with CPR Bridges in view
Ambasador7-27-11-km.jpg (60157 bytes)
Ambassador at sec 44 Port of Montreal, Quebec
StenaProvence7-27-11-km-b.jpg (61775 bytes)
Stene Provence and three other at Montreal East anchorage Point aux Trembles, Quebec.
Vola-1-7-27-11-km.jpg (69778 bytes)
CSL-NIagara7-27-11-km.jpg (72724 bytes) Algobay7-27-11-kn.jpg (133279 bytes)      

Iroquois - Ron Beaupre
1-sub-26-07-11-rb.jpg (64738 bytes)
Evans McKeil towing HM Dock I with Olympus loaded on board. Vigilant I on the stern passing Bradford's Point in the Seaway.
2-sub-26-07-11-rb.jpg (48986 bytes)
The tow in Iroquois Lock at night.
3-carolina-28-07-11-rb.jpg (80294 bytes)
BBC Carolina slides the wall into Iroquois Lock.
4-carolina-28-07-11-rb.jpg (62916 bytes)
She is on her first trip into the Lakes.

Buffalo, N.Y. -
Brian W.
1-Rebecca-Lynn-7-29-11-BW.jpg (122910 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn - A-397 tug-barge while on the downbound leg of their journey as they head below the South Grand Island Bridges to wind off the old Ashland Oil Dock in the Niagara River.
2-Rebecca-Lynn-7-29-11-BW.jpg (133296 bytes)
The tug-barge is now turned around and heading back upriver as they pass under the bridge. Shots of commercial traffic in this section of the Tonawanda Channel are hard to come by.
3-Rebecca-Lynn-7-29-11-BW.jpg (92086 bytes)
Workmen on the barge are at the bow with lines ready to pass to the Noco crew as they come alongside the pier.
4-Rebecca-Lynn-7-29-11-BW.jpg (81968 bytes)
The tug is slowly bringing her barge to Port as the pair slide out of the navigation channel above the bridges.
5-Rebecca-Lynn-7-29-11-BW.jpg (86008 bytes)
The tug captain is just lightly goosing the throttles ahead to keep the vessels on a track to gently brush up against the Noco facility.
6-Rebecca-Lynn-7-29-11-BW.jpg (117747 bytes)
The barge crew have passed the mooring lines over to the dock men and they are now securing the barge to the mooring dolphins.
7-Rebecca-Lynn-7-29-11-BW.jpg (72826 bytes)
Crewmen can transition from the tug to the barge and back via a ladder. This view also shows good detail of the facing wires used to secure the tug in the barge's notch.
8-Rebecca-Lynn-7-29-11-BW.jpg (142087 bytes)
Here is a shot of the tug as she sits in the Niagara River, waiting in the notch of her barge as the A-397 is unloaded of her asphalt cargo.

Alpena -
Ben & Chanda McClain
TugVal-7-28-11-BCM-01.jpg (117624 bytes)
Durocher tug Valerie B
TugVal-7-28-11-BCM-02.jpg (88646 bytes) TugVal-7-28-11-BCM-03.jpg (117723 bytes) TugVal-7-28-11-BCM-04.jpg (118508 bytes)
Training vessel Pride of Michigan
TugVal-7-28-11-BCM-05.jpg (100630 bytes)
DNR fish tug Chinook
TugVal-7-28-11-BCM-06.jpg (84807 bytes)        

Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1michhcj_7_22_11_rb.jpg (86686 bytes)
Michipicoten and Herbert C. Jackson waiting to load ore at sunset
2hcj_7_23_11_rb.jpg (96348 bytes)
 Jackson loading ore the next day

Egbert Wagenborg downbound approaching Fighting Island South Light - Mike Nicholls
WAGENBORGEGBERTb01072811mn.jpg (47374 bytes) WAGENBORGEGBERTs02072811mn.jpg (52104 bytes)      

Marquette, Mich. -
Lee Rowe
IMG_4334.jpg (91043 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson at the dock.
IMG_4332.jpg (73546 bytes)

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-provid-7-19-11-pb.jpg (48406 bytes)
Canadian Provider Above Lock 2. 
2-provid-7-19-11-pb.jpg (103617 bytes)
Closer view.
3-weser-7-19-11-pb.jpg (62505 bytes)
 Federal Weser above Lock 7.
4-torpol-7-19-11-pb.jpg (83445 bytes)
 MU01 downbound toward Lock 7.  Looks like the Toronto Police Dept crest.
5-tri-7-19-11-pb.jpg (170281 bytes)
Earth Voyager above Lock 7.

Fireboats at Metalcraft Marine's docks in Kingston, Ontario Wednesday - Andre Blanchard
1-JSDamrell-7-27-11-ab.jpg (97258 bytes)
The new fireboat for the Boston Fire Department, John S. Damrell, is looking good and almost ready for delivery. Note the paint is so shiny that it is picking up reflections from surrounding objects and the ground.
2-mysteryfb-7-27-11-ab.jpg (83958 bytes)
his appears to be another new fireboat in the assembly process. Unfortunately, no names were available to identify it, but it appears it will be a fireboat. Note the Water cannons on the bow and top.of the wheelhouse.

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