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August 3, 20

Welland Canal - Heather Maguire
1-RobertSPierson-08-02-11-hm.jpg (75590 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson upbound departing Lock 7. 
2-RobertSPierson-08-02-11-hm.jpg (66991 bytes)
A nifty place to store your bike on the Robert S. Pierson
3-CCGSGriffon-08-02-11-hm.jpg (55916 bytes)
CCGS Griffon, which had waited patiently above Lock 7 for the Robert S. Pierson to raise, enters the lock.
4-CCGSGriffon-08-02-11-hm.jpg (84536 bytes)
Stern view of CCGS Griffon
5-StenSuomi-08-02-11-hm.jpg (75121 bytes)
Sten Suomi, downbound below Lock 4 just before the Glendale Bridge
6-Birchglen-08-02-11-hm.jpg (55258 bytes)
The bow thruster of the Birchglen gets lots of work, as she pulls up to wait above Lock 2.
7-Mapleglen-08-02-11-hm.jpg (70147 bytes)
The Mapleglen raises in Lock 7 as the sun goes down.
8-Kaministiqua-08-02-11-hm.jpg (62419 bytes)
And as the moon comes up, the Kaministiqua enters Lock 7, downbound.

Federal St. Laurent is freed from her grounding -
Federal-St.-Laurent8-2-11.jpg (63536 bytes)        

Port of Sept Iles, Quebec Tuesday -
Captain Clarence Vautier
Algobay8-02-11-cv.jpg (33120 bytes)
Algobay unloading at Sept Iles, Quebec.
AtlanticHuron8-02-11-cv.jpg (29519 bytes)
Atlantic Huron loading at Sept Iles
SagaCrest8-02-11-cv.jpg (32235 bytes)
Saga Crest loading at Pointe Noire
NaviosAurora8--02-11-cv.jpg (34207 bytes)
Navios Aurora 11 loading from the Atlantic Superior on her port side
GreatTang8-02-11-cv.jpg (31642 bytes)
Great Tang at anchor, Baie de Sept Iles, Quebec
ChangHangAn-Hai8-02-11-cv.jpg (22941 bytes)
Chang Hang An Hai loading at the dock at Pointe Noire, Quebec

Toledo Traffic -
Luke Archer
1-Cuyahoga-8-2-11-la.jpg (61909 bytes)
Cuyahoga passing the Col. James M. Schoonmaker after loading at the ADM elevators.
2-Cuyahoga-8-2-11-la.jpg (62782 bytes)
Passing downtown
3-Algoway-8-2-11-la.jpg (66530 bytes)
Algoway unloading at the Arms dock
4-AlgoCuya-8-2-11-la.jpg (57843 bytes)
 Cuyahoga, Algoway and American Steamship boats at the wall
5-Cuyahoga-8-2-11-la.jpg (88501 bytes)
6-Algoway-8-2-11-la.jpg (85668 bytes)
Algoway with grain dust; the birds catch an easy meal.

USCG parade entering Grand Haven, Michigan for the Coast Guard Festival
mackinawParade-of-Ships8-1-11.jpg (80611 bytes) Parade-of-Ships8-1-11.jpg (80380 bytes)      

Salties in the Welland Canal Monday
- John McCreery
1-FedWeser-8-1-11-jm.jpg (61680 bytes)
Federal Weser on the approach to lock 1
2-FedWeser-8-1-11-jm.jpg (68339 bytes)
Stern view
3-FedWeser-8-1-11-jm.jpg (70520 bytes)
Federal Weser below lock 1, Port Weller
4-Corn-Hill-8-1-11-jm.jpg (46551 bytes)
Weser departs as Corn Hill and pilot boat come off the lake
5-Corn-Hill-8-1-11-jm.jpg (73545 bytes)
Corn Hill inbound at Port Weller
6-Corn-Hill-8-1-11-jm.jpg (86206 bytes)
Stern view
7-Corn-Hill-8-1-11-jm.jpg (79375 bytes)
Corn Hill waiting in lock 1
8-Corn-Hill-8-1-11-jm.jpg (60946 bytes)
Corn Hill upbound between locks 1 and 2
9-Corn-Hill-8-1-11-jm.jpg (74048 bytes)
Stern view
10-BBCEcuador-8-1-11-jm.jpg (73905 bytes)
BBC Ecuador arrives at Port Weller
11-BBCEcuador-8-1-11-jm.jpg (88805 bytes)
BBC Ecuador slides the wall towards lock 1
12-BBCEcuador-8-1-11-jm.jpg (87276 bytes)
Stern view
13-BBCEcuador-8-1-11-jm.jpg (101427 bytes)
BBC Ecuador entering lock 3 at dusk
14-Sichem-Beijing-8-1-11-jm.jpg (75594 bytes)
Sichem Beijing downbound above lock 7
15-Sichem-Beijing-8-1-11-jm.jpg (59567 bytes)
Stern view

Toledo, H. Hansen Interlake Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-Buffalo-8-1-11-bv.jpg (79809 bytes)
Buffalo aft deck house
2-SamLaud-8-1-11-bv.jpg (89911 bytes)
Sam Laud
3-SamLaud-8-1-11-bv.jpg (45123 bytes)
Sam Laud forward end
4-Buffalo-SamLaud-8-1-11-bv.jpg (74104 bytes)
Buffalo tied up first followed by the Sam Laud
5-Buffalo-8-1-11-bv.jpg (93889 bytes)

Canal Days Festival Port Colborne
- John McCreery
1-Brig-Niagara-7-30-11-jm.jpg (127409 bytes)
Brig Niagara in port to celebrate
2-Port-Colborne-7-30-11-jm.jpg (98518 bytes)
Port overview
3-Niagara-7-30-11-jm.jpg (217710 bytes)
Detail from along the waterfront
4-Griffon-7-30-11-jm.jpg (85246 bytes)
Coast guard's Griffon was open for tours
5-Cotter-7-30-11-jm.jpg (93237 bytes)
Buffalo fire tug Edward Cotter
6-Cotter-Griffon-7-30-11-jm.jpg (103107 bytes)
Red against red
7-Empire-Sandy-7-30-11-jm.jpg (93618 bytes)
Empire Sandy heading out for a cruise
8-Empire-Sandy-7-30-11-jm.jpg (73517 bytes)
Away from the crowds
9-View-Bowsprit-7-30-11-jm.jpg (108934 bytes)
Taking in the dockside action from Niagara's bowsprit
10-MarineSalvage-7-30-11-jm.jpg (76172 bytes)
Vessels at Marine Salvage
11-Leader-7-30-11-jm.jpg (85495 bytes)
Bow close ups
12-Retired-Coastguard-7-30-11-jm.jpg (101924 bytes)
Looks like a retired coast guard tucked in on the west side of the elevator but further info is needed?

Recent Soo Traffic -
Herm Phillips
1-Algcape-7-30-11-hp.jpg (59458 bytes)
Below Mission Point.
2-gltrader-7-30-11-hp.jpg (59387 bytes)
Little Rapids Cut.
3-CEntp-7-30-11-hp.jpg (64515 bytes) 4-algsteel-7-30-11-hp.jpg (54975 bytes) 5-Algsteel-7-30-11-hp.jpg (64401 bytes)
Stern with Thunder clouds to the South.
6-Algway-7-30-11-hp.jpg (51340 bytes) 7-Algway-7-30-11-hp.jpg (56213 bytes) 8-JDLeitch-7-31-11-hp..jpg (58608 bytes) 9-Jjboland-8-1-11-hp.jpg (41970 bytes)
Nine Mile Point.
10-CsTadosac-8-1-11-hp.jpg (48084 bytes)

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