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August 4, 20

South Chicago Wednesday - Lou Gerard
Assiniboine-8-3-11-lg-DSC-0394.jpg (59973 bytes)
Assiniboine loading at Beemsterboer's with CSL Niagara in distance at KCBX.
Frontenac-8-3-11-lg-DSC-0416.jpg (53337 bytes)
Frontenac turned in Calumet Harbor with 'G' tugs at work.

Frontenac-8-3-11-lg-DSC-0432.jpg (71740 bytes)
Massachusetts leading the way through 92nd St. bridge which is up for repairs.
Frontenac-8-3-11-lg-DSC-0455.jpg (112633 bytes)
Passing sign for Calumet Fisheries at 95th St. where a scene for 'The Blues Brother's' was shot at the bridge with the old W.W. Hollaway.
Frontenac-8-3-11-lg-DSC-0473.jpg (55066 bytes)
Colorado and Massachusetts docking Frontenac at Morton Salt at 100th St.
Alpena-8-3-11-lg-DSC-0505-.jpg (79012 bytes)
Alpena steaming under EJ&E bridge.

Alpena-8-3-11-lg-DSC-0532.jpg (87737 bytes)
Waiting as the 95th St. bridge goes up.
Alpena-8-3-11-lg-DSC-0538.jpg (62884 bytes)
Coming through 95th St.
Alpena-8-3-11-lg-DSC-0551.jpg (65786 bytes)
Passing Frontenac at 100th St.
Alpena-8-3-11-lg-DSC-0558.jpg (58546 bytes)
Alpena passing Frontenac and CSL Niagara at 100th St.
Assiniboine-8-3-11-lg-DSC-0008.jpg (73394 bytes)
Alpena waits while CSL Assiniboine at Beemsterboer's, swings her boom in.
Alpena-8-3-11-lg-DSC-0018.jpg (73093 bytes)
Alpena passes CSL Assiniboine at 106th St.
Alpena-8-3-11-lg-DSC-0023.jpg (79563 bytes)
Alpena passing west Bridgetender's tower at 106th St.
Frontenac-8-3-11-lg-0038.jpg (61020 bytes)
One last shot of the Frontenac in great late afternoon light.

Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island on Wednesday -
Dianne Donati
BBC-Ecuador-8-3-11-dd.jpg (70785 bytes) Ostrander-Integrity-8-3-11-dd.jpg (104188 bytes) Integrity-passing-BBC-Ecuador-8-3-11-dd.jpg (75607 bytes) Manistee-2-8-3-11-dd.jpg (98318 bytes)  

Arthur M. Anderson sails into the bay of Green Bay Wednesday -
Matt Ludvigson
1-AMA-8-3-03-ml.jpg (77970 bytes)        

John J. Boland at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1jjb_7_29_11_rb.jpg (92461 bytes)
Loading ore at sunrise
2jjbmich_7_29_11_rb.jpg (124499 bytes)
View with Michipicoten at anchor

Algoma Mariner departing China for voyage to Canada
AlgomaMariner811.jpg (196886 bytes) AlgomaMariner811s.jpg (76894 bytes)      

St. Marys River in July

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