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August 6, 20

Welland Canal Friday - Heather Maguire
1-AtlanticErie-08-05-11-hm.jpg (99266 bytes)
Atlantic Erie sliding the wall into Lock 3.
2-AtlanticErie-08-05-11-hm.jpg (87149 bytes)
Hogging prevention in effect.
3-Algoeast-08-05-11-hm.jpg (70963 bytes)
Algoeast waiting patiently in Lock 7.
4-Cresswell-08-05-11-hm.jpg (62463 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell, upbound departing Lock 7.
5-Cresswell-08-05-11-hm.jpg (78758 bytes)
Stern view.
6-NordicStockholm-08-05-11-hm.jpg (72847 bytes)
Nordic Stockholm upbound, approaching Lock 3.
7-NordicStockholm-08-05-11-hm.jpg (38492 bytes)
Nordic Stockholm, through my crystal ball.

Algoma Mariner maiden voyage from Port Cartier to Hamilton -
Lorraine Morrill
1-Algoma-Mariner-8-5-11ldm.jpg (78969 bytes)
At Sorel, Quebec on August 5.
2-Algoma-Mariner-8-5-11ldm.jpg (95361 bytes) 3-Algoma-Mariner-8-5-11ldm.jpg (88696 bytes)    

Hamilton, Ont. Friday -
John van der Doe
Hamilton-5-August--2011-(1).jpg (48955 bytes)
Hamilton-5-August--2011-(2).jpg (48477 bytes) Hamilton-5-August--2011-(4).jpg (59349 bytes) Hamilton-5-August--2011-(6).jpg (54610 bytes) Hamilton-5-August--2011-(21).jpg (55148 bytes)
Federal Yoshino
Hamilton-5-August--2011-(19).jpg (94997 bytes)
Submarine at McKeils yard in Hamilton
Hamilton-5-August--2011-(17).jpg (76441 bytes)
HMCS Haida
Hamilton-5-August--2011-(10).jpg (99054 bytes)    

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-ljkuber-8-5-11-ts-a.jpg (83597 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber unloading at Bay City Wirt
2-ljkuber-8-5-11-ts-b.jpg (69056 bytes)
Another view
3-calumet-8-5-11-ts-a.jpg (64938 bytes)
Calumet Unloading at Bay City Wirt
4-calumet-8-5-11-ts-b.jpg (56110 bytes)
Calumet later in the evening
5-busch-8-5-11-ts-a.jpg (84549 bytes)
Gregory J. Busch - STC 2004 turning in Essexville

BBC Equador August 1 -
Eira Voth
BBC-Equador-2011-08-01-UBL2L3-emv.jpg (67831 bytes)
BBC-Equador-2011-08-01-UBL2L3-emv-(3).jpg (61827 bytes)      

Detroit River from the Diamond Jack -
Mike Nicholls
TREGURTHALEEAs03080511mn.jpg (52577 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha upbound in the Fighting Island Channel.
CAPEPROVIDENCEb04080511mn.jpg (70394 bytes)
C.C.G.S. Cape Providence downbound in the Amherstburg Channel.

Whitehorse and Dawson City Yukon -
Monty Young
SS-Klondike.jpg (82185 bytes)
SS Klondike - Beautifully restored in Whitehorse
SS-Keno.jpg (62604 bytes)
SS Keno restored in Dawson City
Klondike-Spirit.jpg (126353 bytes)
Klondike Spirit - River tour boat Dawson City
Yukon-Queen-II.jpg (100297 bytes)
Yukon Spirit II - Dawson City - River tours mostly by Holland America

Canadian Enterprise on Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Friday -
Dianne Donati
Canadian-Enterprise-8-5-11dd.jpg (109630 bytes)        

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