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August 8, 20

Badger on Thursday and Friday - Lou Gerard
Badger-8-4-11-lg-DSC-0048.jpg (62085 bytes)
Badger coming into Manitowoc passing a flotilla of geese on Thursday.
Badger-8-4-11-lg-DSC-0064.jpg (57065 bytes)
In Manitowoc Harbor preparing to turn around.
Badger-8-4-11-lg-DSC-0088.jpg (100198 bytes)
A big group of Ford Model 'A's coming off.
Badger-8-4-11-lg-DSC-0100.jpg (80352 bytes)
Fuel for the Badger! Coal truck backs on to dump into bunker.
Badger-8-4-11-lg-DSC-0112-.jpg (97650 bytes)
A large group of vintage tractors goes aboard heading to a show near Ludington.
Badger-8-4-11-lg-DSC-0133.jpg (69503 bytes)
Out in the Lake people enjoy the beautiful weather on the bow.
-Badger-8-4-11-lg-DSC-0163.jpg (48483 bytes)
That evening the Bader departs Ludington at sunset.
Badger-8-4-11-lg-DSC-0183.jpg (48846 bytes)
Lit up like gold as she heads out into the lake.
Badger-8-4-11-lg-DSC-0194.jpg (70423 bytes)
Another scene of her out in the lake bound for Manitowoc.
Badger-8-5-11-lg-DSC-0296.jpg (73734 bytes)
Schooner Lynx docked at Ludington for tours and sailing.
Badger-8-5-11-lg-DSC-0324.jpg (82988 bytes)
Another full load this morning as cars line up and the Spartan stands by.
Badger-8-5-11-lg-DSC-0337.jpg (63044 bytes)
Leaving Ludington passing North Pier Lighthouse.
Badger-8-5-11-lg-DSC-0359.jpg (64001 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine coming from Chicago comes toward us.
Badger-8-5-11-lg-DSC-0375.jpg (69882 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine passing behind us.
Badger-8-5-11-lg-DSC-0385.jpg (48662 bytes)
St. Marys Conquest and Roger Blough heading for Chicago and Gary coming south.
Badger-8-5-11-lg-DSC-0394.jpg (60934 bytes)
Trailing good old coal smoke.
Badger-8-5-11-lg-DSC-0410.jpg (283958 bytes)
Backing into slip at Manitowoc.

Fraser Shipyard in Superior, Wis. Sunday -
 Glenn Blaszkiewicz
1-Fraser-08-07-11-GHB.jpg (66387 bytes)
Shown are the American Victory, American Mariner, American Courage, John J. Boland
2-Fraser-08-07-11-GHB.jpg (148833 bytes) 3-Fraser-08-07-11-GHB.jpg (87544 bytes)

In the background the Edward L. Ryerson.


Algoma Mariner on its maiden voyage arriving at Hamilton, Ontario Sunday -
Karla Bondy
1-Alg-Mariner-8-7-11-KB.jpg (72430 bytes)
 Algoma Mariner passing through the Burlington Canal Lift Bridge with a cargo of iron ore pellets for Dofasco.

Welland Canal Saturday
- Heather Maguire
1-FederalYoshino-08-06-11-hm.jpg (44842 bytes)
 Federal Yoshino, upbound leaving Lock 7 bright and early Saturday morning.
2-LeitchYoshimo-08-06-11-hm.jpg (48794 bytes)
Federal Yoshino passing John D. Leitch, above Lock 7.  You can't see her, but the Cuyahoga is right behind the John D. Leitch.
3-LeitchCuyahoga-08-06-11-hm.jpg (58562 bytes)
John D. Leitch tied up above Lock 7, Cuyahoga in behind.  In the early evening, the Cuyahoga turned around, but John D. Leitch stayed there all day.
4-TimSDool-08-06-11-hm.jpg (41779 bytes)
Tim S. Dool upbound leaving Lock 7.  All of this activity before 9 a.m.
5-Manitoba-08-06-11-hm.jpg (54805 bytes)
Manitoba stopped below Lock 1.
6-SeaEagleII-08-06-11-hm.jpg (52120 bytes)
 Sea Eagle II heading into Lock 7.
7-JohnDLeitch-08-06-11-hm.jpg (51871 bytes)
Finally, after a long day, John D. Leitch finally enters Lock 7.

St. Lawrence Seaway above Montreal Saturday
- Kent Malo
AlgomaMariner8-6-11-km.jpg (89236 bytes)
Algoma Mariner at the Mercier bridge upbound at Kahanawake for Hamilton, Ontario
Saguenay8-6-11-km.jpg (62518 bytes)
Saguenay upbound in ballast, ahead of the Algoma Mariner.

Iroquois Lock and Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-jumbo-05-08-11-rb.jpg (54617 bytes)
Jumbo Spirit passing Mariatown with cargo for Burns Harbor.
2-mabuhay-05-08-11-rb.jpg (76356 bytes)
Chemtrans Mabuhay departing Iroquois Lock.
3-team-06-08-11-rb.jpg (65688 bytes)
Team Bremen needs to secure the port anchor as she passes Mariatown.
4-team-06-08-11-rb.jpg (65206 bytes)
She is on her first trip into the Lakes.

Welland Canal Sunday -
Rob Hartley
manitoba8-7-11.jpg (80023 bytes)
Manitoba on her first trip under LLT colors below Lock 1.
birchglen8-7-11.jpg (66929 bytes)
ojibway8-7-11.jpg (58663 bytes)
ojibway8-7-11b.jpg (54939 bytes)  

Saginaw River Saturday -
Todd Shorkey
1-alpena-8-6-11-ts-a.jpg (60222 bytes)
Alpena inbound at Cass Avenue
2-alpena-8-6-11-ts-b.jpg (58990 bytes)
Stern View
3-alpena-8-6-11-ts-c.jpg (60941 bytes)
 Alpena outbound nearing Lafayette Bridge
4-alpena-8-6-11-ts-d.jpg (31975 bytes)
Alpena another view
5-alpena-8-6-11-ts-e.jpg (35764 bytes)
Nearing Veteran's Memorial Bridge

Michipicoten overtaking Algolake at Marine City on Saturday -
Don Detloff
michi-06aug11-djd.jpg (27192 bytes)        

Detroit River from the Diamond Jack - Capt. Mike Nicholls
INNOVATIONb19080611mn.jpg (66016 bytes)
Barge Innovation and tug Samuel de Champlain at the Lafarge Springwells Dock.
CHAMPLAINSAMUELDEb171EFCA1.jpg (57473 bytes) CHAMPLAINSAMUELDEs141EFCA4.jpg (68920 bytes) INNOVATIONs16080611mn.jpg (54936 bytes) ISLEROUGEs05080611mn.jpg (62748 bytes)
C.S.G.C. Isle Rouge off Sterling Fuels in Windsor.
ISLEROUGEb04080611mn.jpg (53331 bytes) FRIENDSHIPb11080611mn.jpg (71216 bytes)
Friendship downbound off USS Great Lakes Works, Ecorse.
FRIENDSHIPs13080611mn.jpg (71213 bytes) KUBERJAMESLb21080611mn.jpg (45135 bytes)
James L Kuber and tug Victory upbound just below the Ambassador Bridge.
KUBERJAMESLs26080611mn.jpg (43045 bytes)
VICTORYb23080611mn.jpg (61781 bytes) VICTORYs24080611mn.jpg (57148 bytes) CORNHILLs28080611mn.jpg (51222 bytes)
Corn Hill (Malta) at Morterm in Windsor.
MISSISSAGIb31080611mn.jpg (54640 bytes)
Mississagi approaching Ojibway Salt in Windsor.
MISSISSAGIs29080611mn.jpg (49303 bytes)
FRONTENACb33080611mn.jpg (42397 bytes)
Frontenac unloading at the Southwest Sales Dock in West Windsor.
FRONTENACs32080611mn.jpg (48263 bytes) GREATREPBULICb38080611mn.jpg (47654 bytes)
Great Republic at Sterling Fuels.
GREATREPBULICs36080611mn.jpg (49625 bytes)  

Ziemia day in Antwerp, Belgium -
Chris Rombouts
Ziemia-Tarnowska-Antw-7-8-11-cr01.jpg (69642 bytes)
Ziemia Tarnowska is seen entering the Berendrechtlock on her way out of Antwerp. This is the biggest lock in the world. (68 x 500 m).
Ziemia-Tarnowska-Antw-7-8-11-cr02.jpg (79294 bytes) Ziemia-Tarnowska-Antw-7-8-11-cr03.jpg (83557 bytes) Ziemia-Tarnowska-Antw-7-8-11-cr04.jpg (70608 bytes) Ziemia-Zamojska-Antw-7-8-11-cr01.jpg (75297 bytes)
Later in the afternoon the Ziemia Zamojska came into Atwerp and also went to the docks of BASF. She used the slighter smaller Zandvlietlock. (57 x 500 m)
Ziemia-Zamojska-Antw-7-8-11-cr02.jpg (90368 bytes) Ziemia-Zamojska-Antw-7-8-11-cr03.jpg (82421 bytes)      

Detroit River BoatNerd Cruise
2-Detroit-8-6-11-djw.jpg (88520 bytes)
Top deck cruisers ready to get underway.
3-JaneAnnIV-8-6-11-djw.jpg (76748 bytes)
The For Sale tug Jane Ann IV in Nicholson's Dock
4-Ste-Claire-8-6-11-djw.jpg (99219 bytes)
Former Boblo boat Ste. Claire
5-Columbia-8-6-11-djw.jpg (100261 bytes)
Ste. Claire's running mate Columbia
6-Helene-8-6-11-djw.jpg (131898 bytes)
Remains of the former yacht Helene
7-Champlain-8-6-11-djw.jpg (68455 bytes)
Samuel de Champlain at the new LaFarge terminal
8-Innovation-8-6-11-djw-djw.jpg (73207 bytes)
9-A-Discovery-8-6-11-djw.jpg (53668 bytes)
Algoma Discovery downbound
10-A-Discovery-8-6-11-djw.jpg (60570 bytes)
Algoma Discovery stern view
11-Victory-8-6-11-djw.jpg (81560 bytes)
Tug Victory fueling at Sterling in Windsor. Note LLT stack colors
12-L-J-Kuber-8-6-11-djw.jpg (66218 bytes)
Lewis J. Kuber
13-Macassa-8-6-11-djw.jpg (108424 bytes)
Macassa Bay tied behind the Windsor casino
14-Westcott-8-6-11-djw.jpg (116651 bytes)
J. W. Westcott delivering the pizza
15-Spencer-8-6-11-djw.jpg (96951 bytes)
Barge Sarah Spencer on the Canadian side
16-Stormont-8-6-11-djw.jpg (89391 bytes)
Stormont, the Detroit-Windsor hazardous vehicle ferry.

Manistee Cleveland Saturday -
Paul Magyar
1-MANISTEE-8-6-11-PM.jpg (101735 bytes)
Manistee passes the Nautica Queen on her way up the Cuyahoga River.
2-MANISTEE-8-6-11-PM.jpg (80128 bytes)
Passing Norfolk Southern's Drawbridge tower.
3-MANISTEE-8-6-11-PM.jpg (142093 bytes)
Making the turn for the Columbus Rd. lift bridge.

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder departing Marquette
- Lee Rowe
IMG_4374.jpg (69202 bytes)        

Recent Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1mant_8_1_11_rb.jpg (96029 bytes)
Manitowoc waiting to load ore
2keb_8_4_11_rb.jpg (89269 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker departing the ore dock at sunrise

CSL Niagara in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island on a foggy Saturday -
Dianne Donati
CSL-Niagara-8-6-11dd.jpg (89332 bytes)        

Port Stanley Fishing tugs -
Monty Young
Mr-Minor-Port-Stanley-(4)08052011_02.jpg (58188 bytes)
 Mr Minor inbound August 8
Eau-Clipper---Port-Stanley-(9).jpg (73309 bytes)
Eau Clipper inbound July 8
William-TR---Port-Stanley-(6).jpg (93950 bytes)
William TR from the Port Stanley Lift Bridge July 8

Trip down the St. Clair River -
Tammy Scholten
Boattrip-on-the-St.Clair-River-and-Lake-(1).jpg (36211 bytes) Boattrip-on-the-St.Clair-River-and-Lake-(2).jpg (26965 bytes) Boattrip-on-the-St.Clair-River-and-Lake-(3).jpg (32271 bytes) Boattrip-on-the-St.Clair-River-and-Lake-(4).jpg (40068 bytes) Boattrip-on-the-St.Clair-River-and-Lake-(5).jpg (17012 bytes)
Boattrip-on-the-St.Clair-River-and-Lake-(6).jpg (31097 bytes) Boattrip-on-the-St.Clair-River-and-Lake-(7).jpg (24333 bytes) Boattrip-on-the-St.Clair-River-and-Lake-(8).jpg (28602 bytes) Boattrip-on-the-St.Clair-River-and-Lake-(9).jpg (28667 bytes)  

Cincinnati, Ohio
- Bob Vincent
4-Mississippi-8-5-11-bv.jpg (75441 bytes)
Army Corp of Engineers flagship and largest towboat in America: Mississippi
1-Mississippi-8-5-11-bv.jpg (78778 bytes)
Mississippi with barge 4905
2-Mississippi-8-5-11-bv.jpg (87736 bytes)
Another  view
3-Mississippi-8-5-11-bv.jpg (81677 bytes)
Forward Deck house

Historical Perspective: Saltwater Ship Aristides, ex Baron Elphinstone built 1937 - Bill Hoey
Loading her final cargo at Detroit Marine Terminals on the Rouge River about 1971.
1-AristidesBow1971wah.jpg (52588 bytes)
Aristides bow view
2-AristidesStern1971wah.jpg (49431 bytes)
Aristides Stern view
3-Aristidesbridge71wah.jpg (31764 bytes)
 Starboard bridge wing.
4-frontAristidesbridge1971wah.jpg (40560 bytes)
Front of Pilot house and Texas.
5-AristidesER1971wah.jpg (43655 bytes)
Engine Room
6-AristidesEngPlate1971wah.jpg (48004 bytes)
 Engine plate from "George Clark 1936 ltd." Engine number 1207. 1937.
7-AristidesLoadScrap1971wah.jpg (63405 bytes)
 Loading scrap bundles via shoots with tween deck hatch boards on deck.

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