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August 10, 20

Manitoba makes her first trip under than name through the Soo Locks on on a rainy Tuesday afternoon - Roger LeLievre
Manitoba-RL-1.jpg (72091 bytes) Manitoba-RL-2.jpg (51004 bytes) Manitoba-RL-3.jpg (58114 bytes) Manitoba-RL-4.jpg (61297 bytes)  

Tug W. Douglas Masterson in Joliet, Ill. Monday
- photos by George Reichhardt report by Dan Owen
1.-W.-Douglas-Masterson-08-08-11gr.jpg (138781 bytes)
Tug was northbound at Joliet Aug. 8 as part of a barge tow. It had stopped at Peru, Ill., where the searchlights, radar, mast, etc., were removed.  
2.-W.-Douglas-Masterson-08-08-11gr.jpg (122950 bytes)
Destination is Minnesota.

Algowood Loading Ore at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1awood_8_7_11_rb.jpg (86743 bytes)
2awood_8_7_11_rb.jpg (100131 bytes)
Scenic view from Presque Isle Park

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