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August 11, 20

South Chicago Wednesday -  Lou Gerard
Algoway-8-10-11-lg-DSC-0550.jpg (140281 bytes)
Algoway coming through NS5 enroute to Midwest at 117th St. with a load of stone.
Algoway-8-10-11-lg-DSC-0562.jpg (100486 bytes)
Approaching 100th St.
Algoway-8-10-11-lg-DSC-0586.jpg (75142 bytes)
Coming around bend between 100th and 106th St.
Algoway-8-10-11-lg-DSC-0624.jpg (87284 bytes)
Churning up a lot of mud at 106th St.
Algoway-8-10-11-lg-DSC-0626.jpg (91707 bytes)
Crewman calling distance.

Detroit River from the Diamond Jack -
Mike Nicholls
CALUMETWYb02081011mn.jpg (72611 bytes)
Calumet upbound in the Wyandotte Channel passing the Wyandotte Power Plant accompanied by the tug Wyoming.
CALUMETWYs21081011mn.jpg (79821 bytes)  WYOMINGb08081011mn.jpg (90554 bytes)
Tug Wyoming.
WYOMINGs130810011mn.jpg (94981 bytes) CALUMETb09081011mn.jpg (65416 bytes)
The Calumet had unloaded at Trenton Edison.
CALUMETs15081011mn.jpg (70311 bytes)        

Westbound McKee & Sons and tug Invincible in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Wednesday
- Dianne Donati
McKee-and-Sons-8-10-11-dd.jpg (77241 bytes)        

South Chicago Tuesday
- Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-8-9-11-lg-DSC-0445.jpg (69418 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger at Wisconsin Steel Bend outbound on her first trip after temporary lay-up.
Stmarchall-8-9-11-lg-DSC-0448.jpg (77528 bytes)
Passing west Bridge tenders Tower at 106th St.
Stmarchall-8-9-11-lg-DSC-0457.jpg (65834 bytes)
Clear of 106th St.
Stmarchall-8-9-11-lg-DSC-0465.jpg (70104 bytes)
Passing Atlantic Erie loading at KCBX.
Stmarchall-8-9-11-lg-DSC-0473.jpg (66404 bytes)
Approaching 100th St.
Stmarchall-8-9-11-lg-DSC-0484-.jpg (92442 bytes)
Past 100th St. and facing a long delay at NS5.

Toledo Docks
- Steven Feher
ships-08-09-11-001.jpg (92056 bytes)
Pathfinder loading at #4 coal machine
ships-08-09-11-004.jpg (62014 bytes) ships-08-09-11-007.jpg (78346 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell unloading stone at Midwest Stone Dock  stern view
ships-08-09-11-008.jpg (74838 bytes) ships-08-09-11-010.jpg (69021 bytes)
Cason J Callaway unloading ore at Torco Dock bow view
ships-08-09-11-012.jpg (90819 bytes)        

Soo Locks -
Herm Phillips
1-Algosoo-8-7-11-hp.jpg (86662 bytes)
departing the Soo Locks.
2-Algowood-8-8-11-hp.jpg (56988 bytes)
meeting Algowood below the Little Rapids Cut.
4-Mapleglen-8-8-11-hp.jpg (68397 bytes)
3-KBarker-8-8-11-hp.jpg (76069 bytes)
In incomplete livery. Lower Soo Harbor.
6-Manitoba-8-9-11-hp.jpg (71636 bytes)
at the locks on a rainy Tuesday
7-Manitoba-8-9-11-hp.jpg (72457 bytes)
sporting Maumee's old stack emblem.
8-Obstower-8-9-11-hp.jpg (93504 bytes)
passing the soon to be demolished west observation platform.

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