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August 12, 20

Detroit River from the Diamond Jack Thursday - Capt. Mike Nicholls
CRESSWELLPETERRb02081111mn.jpg (57973 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell downbound off Zug Island.
CRESSWELLPETERRs03081111mn.jpg (51127 bytes) FEDERALFUJIb06081111mn.jpg (57069 bytes)
Federal Fuji upbound at Fighting Island North Light.
FEDERALFUJIs07081111mn.jpg (50764 bytes)  

St. Marys River Thursday
- Roger LeLievre
Deegan,-Robert-F.-8-11-11rl.jpg (47578 bytes)
Barge Robert F. Deegan, pushed by the tug Zeus, approaches the Carbide Dock in the Soo after an incident involving a small craft on Thursday evening.

 Recent Salties in the Welland Canal -
John McCreery
1-Team-Bremen-8-10-11-jm.jpg (75109 bytes)
Team Bremen downbound above lock 7
2-Team-Bremen-8-10-11-jm.jpg (74837 bytes) 3-Team-Bremen-8-10-11-jm.jpg (103853 bytes) 4-Team-Bremen-8-10-11-jm.jpg (74907 bytes) 5-Fed-Fuji-8-10-11-jm.jpg (87259 bytes)
Federal Fuji upbound between locks 1 and 2
6-Fed-Fuji-8-10-11-jm.jpg (81016 bytes) 7-Fed-Fuji-8-10-11-jm.jpg (81211 bytes) 8-Drawsko-8-10-11-jm.jpg (85955 bytes)
Drawsko approaching lock 1
9-Drawsko-8-10-11-jm.jpg (77593 bytes) 10-Drawsko-8-10-11-jm.jpg (76558 bytes)

Welland Canal Wednesday and Thursday -
Bruce Hurd
100_8277.jpg (71453 bytes)
Team Bremen downbound above Lock 7 Wednesday
100_8282.jpg (81078 bytes)
Leaving Lock 7
100_8302.jpg (115327 bytes)
Federal Fuji upbound entering Lock 3
100_8317.jpg (77676 bytes)
Drawsko upbound leaving Lock 2
100_8374.jpg (51455 bytes)
Algoma Progress upbound between Locks 1 and 2.
100_8368.jpg (70969 bytes)
Thursday Federal Patroller upbound after leaving Lock 7

Calumet up the Trenton Channel of the Detroit River -
Ken Borg
IMG_2230.jpg (64518 bytes)
Coming up to the  Grosse Ile Toll Bridge from Detroit 
Edison Trenton Channel Power Plant.
IMG_2221.jpg (94712 bytes)
Passing through the open draw of the Grosse Ile Toll 
IMG_2233.jpg (84992 bytes)
With tug Wyoming
IMG_2238.jpg (70345 bytes)
Off the Wyandotte, Michigan fishing pier

Algontario at Aliaga, Turkey for scrapping -
Selim San
ALGONTARIO-8-11-11-ss.jpg (72747 bytes)        

Historical perspectives -
Michel Saint-Denis 
Canadoc-Transpo-1982.jpg (194465 bytes) Simcoe-Seaway-1959.jpg (142321 bytes)      

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