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August 14, 20

Peter R. Cresswell comes down under the 1000 Islands Bridge on Saturday - Norbert Gittard and Fritz Hager 
Coming off Lake Ontario (25 miles behind and to the southwest) and approaching the 1000 Islands Bridge with Wellesley Island, NY to the right and the New York mainland to the left.  Canada is off to the right about 2 miles. 
1-PRCresswell-081311-fhh.jpg (46130 bytes)
Long view looking southwest from the 1000 Islands Bridge with the Cresswell opposite Rock Island Light (on left)
2-PRCreswell-081311-fhh.jpg (56884 bytes)
lining up with the bridge.
3-PRCresswell-081311-fhh.jpg (89859 bytes)
Lined up for the next to last turn before the bridge
4-PRCresswell-081311-fhh.jpg (124759 bytes)
Close-up of the Cresswell approaching the bridge
5-PRCresswell-081311-fhh.jpg (88615 bytes)
Straight down bow shot.
6-PRCresswell-081311-fhh.jpg (124561 bytes)
Detail view of aft superstructure and self-unloading gear (with cement dust containment accessory equipment)
7-PRCresswell-081311-fhh.jpg (147330 bytes)
A quick kick to starboard under the bridge to line up for the next course (Wellesley Island cottagers enjoying the Saturday morning spectacle)
8-PRCresswell-081311-fhh.jpg (79704 bytes)
Heads northeast towards Alexandria Bay, NY (in background) and Montreal, PQ, about 165 miles and 220 feet down the Seaway

Detroit River from the Diamond Jack -
 Capt. Mike Nicholls
ATLANTICERIEb02081211mn.jpg (50546 bytes)
Atlantic Erie downbound at Fighting Island North Light.
ATLANTICERIEs04081211mn.jpg (55513 bytes) THOMPSONJOSEPHHs13081211mn.jpg (44440 bytes)
Joseph H Thompson unloading at Carmeuse Lime in the Rouge River.
THOMPSONJOSEPHHb06081211mn.jpg (43766 bytes) MCLEODNORMANb08081211mn.jpg (53516 bytes)
Norman Mc Leod and tug Everlast loading at Marathon in the Rouge River.
MCLEODNORMANs10081211mn.jpg (67534 bytes) EVERLASTs11081211mn.jpg (63979 bytes) CALLAWAYCASONJb15081211mn.jpg (44395 bytes)
Cason J Callaway upbound entering the Rouge River.
CALLAWAYCASONJs16081211mn.jpg (52782 bytes) INDIANAHARBORb20081211mn.jpg (67777 bytes)
Indiana Harbor unloading into the Zug Island hopper.
INDIANAHARBORs18081211mn.jpg (70159 bytes) FEDERALFUJIb25081211mn.jpg (70091 bytes)
Federal Fuji (Bahamas) at Nicholson's Detroit.
FEDERALFUJIs21081211mn.jpg (67480 bytes) NIAGARASPIRITb27081211mn.jpg (61363 bytes)
Niagara Spirit and tug John Spence at Nicholson's Detorit.
SPENCEJOHNb26081211mn.jpg (73425 bytes)
NIAGARASPIRITs22081211mn.jpg (69854 bytes) SPENCEJOHNs23081211mn.jpg (74875 bytes) FRIENDSHIPb28081211mn.jpg (79145 bytes)
Friendship downbound off Windsor.
NEPTUNEIIIb29081211mn.jpg (77986 bytes)
Neptune III at the CDM Dock in Windsor.
CALLAWAYCASONJs01081311mn.jpg (60637 bytes)
Cason J Callaway loading at Zug Island.
INTEGRITYb06081311mn.jpg (68705 bytes)
Integrity and G L Ostrander unloading at Lafarge Springwells.
INTEGRITYs04081311mn.jpg (63394 bytes) OSTRANDERGLs05081311mn.jpg (69893 bytes) OBERSTARJAMESLHONb181F2D64.jpg (59039 bytes)
Hon James L Oberstar downbound approaching the Rouge Short Cut Canal.
OBERSTARJAMESLHONs141F2D75.jpg (71899 bytes)
MANITOBAb24081311mn.jpg (59965 bytes)
Manitoba approaching the ADM Dock in Windsor.
MANITOBAs27081311mn.jpg (58288 bytes)      

Coregonus at her homeport dock in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin - Wendell Wilke
coregonusII0001.jpg (58171 bytes) coregonusIII0001.jpg (69536 bytes) coregonusI0001.jpg (72664 bytes)    

Port Huron
- Bruce Hurd
100_8410.jpg (71129 bytes)
Manitoba downbound
100_8413.jpg (69162 bytes)
a little more gray paint is needed.
100_8416.jpg (63935 bytes)
Algoma Progress upbound.
100_8419.jpg (82820 bytes)
American Mariner upbound.

Marine City Saturday -
Don Detloff
1-manit-13aug11-djd.jpg (41891 bytes)
Manitoba at Marine City on Saturday morning.
2-ultra-13aug11-djd.jpg (33898 bytes)
Ultralight at Marine City on Saturday morning.

Welland Canal Saturday -
Bill Bird
1-Algosteel-08-13-11-a-bb.jpg (62793 bytes)
Algosteel at Port Robinson
2-Algosteel-08-13-11-b-bb.jpg (76888 bytes)
passing through Bridge 11
3-John-D-Leitch-08-13-11-a-bb.jpg (98702 bytes)
John D Leitch at Homer Bridge
4-JohnDLeitchAtlanticErie-08-13-11-a-bb.jpg (54705 bytes)
Passing entry below Lock 3, John D Leitch and Atlantic Erie
5-AtlanticErie-08-13-11-a-bb.jpg (60982 bytes)
Atlantic Erie closeup
6-AtlanticErie-08-13-11-b-bb.jpg (65530 bytes)
Stern shot
7-AlgomaSpirit-08-13-11-a-bb.jpg (67115 bytes)
Algoma Spirit at Bridge 5
8-AlgomaSpirit-08-13-11.jpg (83187 bytes) 9-FederalSt.Laurent-08-13-11-a-bb.jpg (77155 bytes)
Federal St. Laurent at Port Robinson
10-FederalStLaurent-08-13-11-b-bb.jpg (78783 bytes)
11-OsloBulk6-08-13-11-a-bb.jpg (57682 bytes)
Oslo Bulk 6 at Wharf 2 in Port Weller harbor
12-OsloBulk6cargo-08-13-11-bb.jpg (83506 bytes)
unloading cargo, Sand?  If so a far cry from the big sandpile that used to be at the dock.

St. Marys River Traffic
- Roger LeLievre
Algoma-Navigator-8-13-11rl.jpg (39810 bytes)
Algoma Navigator above Mission Point on Saturday.
Great-Republic-8-13-11rl-1.jpg (61831 bytes)
Algoma Navigator, Great Republic and the supply boat Ojibway.
Great-Republic-Ojibway-8-13-11rl-8-13-11.jpg (52233 bytes)
Great Republic and Ojibway.
Grt-Lakes-Trader8-13-11rl.jpg (36717 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader downbound at Mission Point on Saturday.
Manitoba-8-12-11rl.jpg (51826 bytes)
Manitoba in the MacArthur Lock on Friday.
Montrealais---stack-8-13-11rl.jpg (54565 bytes)
Montrealais shows off new stack markings on Saturday.
Montrealais-8-13-11rl-1.jpg (26442 bytes)
Montrealais upbound at Mission Point.
Montrealais-Trader-8-13-11rl.jpg (62061 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader and Montrealais pass.
Locks-Platform.jpg (109970 bytes)
Now that the new Soo Locks visitor platform has opened, demolition has started on the west viewing stand. Once the old structure is removed, work will begin on restoring the World War II-era MacArthur Lock control building that supported the platform. The east platform will eventually be removed as well.

- Ken Borg
IMG_2280.jpg (42065 bytes)
Manitoba down the Detroit River off Belle Isle for Windsor
IMG_2285.jpg (45762 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson down the Detroit river off Belle Isle for Windsor.
IMG_2289.jpg (77823 bytes)
Vigilant I up the Detroit River off Belle Isle pulling a barge
IMG_2290.jpg (61916 bytes)
Barge OC 131 being pulled by Vigilant.  Looks like three generators on deck.
IMG_2292.jpg (50088 bytes)
Frontenac  up the Detroit River off Belle Isle.
jamesloberstar-8-13-11-kb.jpg (49836 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar up the Rouge River at Jefferson St. with 
taconite for ServStal Steel.
kayeebarkerrouge-kb-8-11-11.jpg (46133 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker coming up the Rouge River at Jefferson with taconite for ServStal Steel as the Cason J. Callaway is unloading   coal at Carmuse Lime in River Rouge, Mich.

Welland Canal
- Michel Gosselin
1-team-08-10-11-mg.jpg (62475 bytes)
Team Brennen is attempting to tied up above lock 3
4-oslo-08-13-11-mg.jpg (54214 bytes)
Oslo Bulk 6 is unloading at Wharf  2
5-oslo-08-13-11-mg.jpg (45961 bytes)
bow view
6-oslo-08-13-11-mg.jpg (89722 bytes) 
side view
7-boat-08-13-11-mg.jpg (87181 bytes)
unknown former Coast Guard boat

Cason J. Callaway Unloading Coal at Carmeuse Lime on the Rouge River Friday -
Chuck Wagner
1-CJC-08-12-11-cw.jpg (61153 bytes) 2-CJC-08-12-11-cw.jpg (75585 bytes) 3-CJC-08-12-11-cw.jpg (56058 bytes) 4-CJC-08-12-11-cw.jpg (42717 bytes)  

Point Edward -
Monty Young
Edgar-B-Speer-(5).jpg (53166 bytes)
Edgar B Speer 
Federal-St.-Laurent-(2).jpg (75308 bytes)
Federal St Laurent 
Huron-Belle.jpg (129526 bytes)
Huron Belle - Pilot Boat 
US-Customs.jpg (118868 bytes)
US Customs and Border Patrol 
Mary-Dale.jpg (126661 bytes)
Mary Dale at Purdy's Dock 

Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island -
Dianne Donati
Robert-S-Pierson-8-12-11-dd.jpg (105670 bytes) McKee-and-Sons-8-12-11-dd.jpg (98001 bytes) Arthur-M-Anderson-2-8-12-11-dd.jpg (92930 bytes) Metsaborg-8-1211-dd.jpg (76985 bytes)  

Seaway -
Murray Blancher
1-John-D-Leitch-08-12-11-mb.jpg (70408 bytes)
John D Leitch up at Iroquois
2-Canadian-Empress-08-12-11-mb.jpg (80526 bytes)
Canadian Empress up at Mariatown
3-Canadian-Empress-08-12-11-mb.jpg (57295 bytes) 4-Oslo-Bulk-6-08-12-11-mb.jpg (74616 bytes)
Oslo Bulk 6 on the wall upbound at Iroquois
5-Oslo-Bulk-6-08-12-11-mb.jpg (94070 bytes)
Oslo Bulk in the lock at Iroquois
6-Oslo-Bulk-6-08-12-11-mb.jpg (90578 bytes)
Oslo bulk 6 exiting the lock at Iroquois

Bufffington and South Chicago Thursday -
Lou Gerard
Csltadoussac-8-11-11-lg-DSC-0666.jpg (62270 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac unloading stone at Buffington Harbor Indiana.
Csltadoussac-8-11-11-lg-DSC-0678.jpg (58014 bytes)
A view from ground level.
DSC_0683_29798.jpg (72953 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha departing KCBX with a load of coal for Milwaukee a little before 4 P.M.
Leeatregur-8-11-11-lg-DSC-0708.jpg (127387 bytes)
Passing through NS5.
Leeatregur-8-11-11-lg-DSC-0719.jpg (77111 bytes)
Approaching 95th St.
Leeatregur-8-11-11-lg-DSC-0734.jpg (125927 bytes)
Coming up to 92nd St.
Leeatregur-8-11-11-lg-DSC-0753..jpg (78055 bytes)
Wartime decorations and Pilot House detail.
Leeatregur-8-11-11-lg-DSC-0767.jpg (71459 bytes)
Friendly waves.
Leeatregur-8-11-11-lg-DSC-0774-.jpg (215096 bytes)
G tug Kansas preparing to cut loose.
Leeatregur-8-11-11-lg-DSC-0784.jpg (84288 bytes)
Kansas heading for home.
Leeatregur-8-11-11-lg-DSC-0802-.jpg (71836 bytes)
Passing tug Morgan and barge in Calumet Harbor.

St. Clair River from the Huron Lady II -
Dawn Roberts
1-glmc-8-11-11-dcr.jpg (93121 bytes)
Great Lakes Maritime Center (Port Huron, MI)
2-cvcd-8-11-11-dcr.jpg (68798 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes passing "Chemical Valley," on the St. Clair River
3-tmani-8-11-11-dcr.jpg (114178 bytes)
Tug Manitou (active in St. Clair River ice jams)
4-bramb-8-11-11-dcr.jpg (115291 bytes)
USCG Bramble and excursion/sailing ship Highlander Sea at dock
5-sonc-8-11-11-dcr.jpg (84184 bytes)
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada skyline
6-govd-8-11-11-dcr.jpg (84349 bytes)
Approaching the Government Dock in Sarnia
7-limno-8-11-11-dcr.jpg (79419 bytes)
CCG research vessel Limnos
8--mena-8-11-11-dcr.jpg (105502 bytes)
Tug Menasha
9-buoy-8-11-11-dcr.jpg (102682 bytes)
Entering Lake Huron
10-ftgr-8-11-11-dcr.jpg (87268 bytes)
Ft. Gratiot Lighthouse and Park
11-bwb-8-11-11-dcr.jpg (76289 bytes)
Bluewater Bridges, as seen from Lake Huron
12-hurlt-8-11-11-dcr.jpg (156444 bytes)
Huron Lightship

Recent Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1mich_8_8_11_rb.jpg (79080 bytes)
Michipicoten loading ore, wide view with Upper Harbor Light
2rsp_8_10_11_rb.jpg (129259 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson loading ore

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