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August 18, 20

Green Bay - Scott Best
1-Algorail-08-17-11-sb.jpg (83632 bytes)
Unloading in the slip at Fox River Dock.
2-Algorail-08-17-11-sb.jpg (81263 bytes)
Another view.
3-Algorail-08-17-11-sb.jpg (119443 bytes)
 Unloading into a dockside hopper.
1-AlpenaRail-08-17-11-sb.jpg (61383 bytes)
 Algorail waiting to depart the Fox River Dock slip as the Alpena passes astern.
2-Alpena-08-17-11-sb.jpg (80988 bytes)
Alpena heading under the Tower Drive Bridge heading up-river to LaFarge.
1-McKee-08-11-11-sb.jpg (82843 bytes)
McKee Sons shifting at Fox River Dock last week while unloading coal.

Milwaukee Wednesday -
Lou Gerard
DSC_0028_30153.jpg (49017 bytes)
Algosteel departing from Milwaukee's Outer Harbor after unloading salt.
DSC_0038_30163.jpg (40521 bytes)
From North Pier Lighthouse.
DSC_0040_30165.jpg (49901 bytes)
Heading for the lake and the North Breakwall Outer Lighthouse.
DSC_0055_30180.jpg (51503 bytes)
Discovery World's Schooner Denis Sullivan in the Outer Harbor.

Seaway south shore canal -
Kent Malo
Tony-MacKay8-17-11-km.jpg (48431 bytes)
Tony MacKay pulling the HMS 1 barge with Molly M 1
HMS8-17-11-km-a.jpg (72149 bytes)
Heddle Marine Service 1 with a submarine going for scrap,
HMS8-17-11-km.jpg (79130 bytes) Tony-MacKay8-17-11-km-a.jpg (65158 bytes)
Molly M 1 on the stern of the tow
Molly-M-1-8-17-11-km.jpg (54859 bytes)
Algomarine8-16-11-km.jpg (51728 bytes)
Algomarine  downbound above Cote Ste Catherine lock for Becancour Quebec
Mapleglen8-16-11-km.jpg (50571 bytes)
Mapleglen effecting repairs at the Cote west wharf

Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-amur-17-08-11-rb.jpg (42599 bytes)
CSL Niagara slides the wall into Iroquois Lock while HHL AMUR waits in the river.
2-amur-17-08-11-rb.jpg (61348 bytes)
The HHL AMUR was formerly a Seaway visitor as Beluga Fidelity.
3-amur-17-08-11-rb.jpg (45841 bytes)
 The morning sun lights up the HHL Amur.
4-amur-17-08-11-rb.jpg (65026 bytes)
HHL stands for Hansa Heavy Lift.
5-amur-17-08-11-rb.jpg (62457 bytes)
Her nameboard has yet to be painted above the wheelhouse.
6-nordport-17-08-11-rb.jpg (68101 bytes)
Nordport on her first trip into the Lake.
7-nordport-17-08-11-rb.jpg (69804 bytes)
Stern view of Nordport passing Mariatown.
8-adriatic-17-08-11-rb.jpg (73451 bytes)
Adriaticborg catches the last rays of sun as she sails past Mariatown.

Saginaw River-
Todd Shorkey
1-century-8-17-11-ts-a.jpg (33702 bytes)
American Century inbound nearing the Front Range
2-century-8-17-11-ts-b.jpg (58901 bytes)
Slowing to stop at Consumers Energy
3-manitowoc-8-17-11-ts-a.jpg (56233 bytes)
Manitowoc inbound at the Saginaw Bay Yacht Club
1-algorail-8-15-11-ts-a.jpg (63210 bytes)
Algorail outbound at Independence Bridge
2-algorail-8-15-11-ts-b.jpg (98600 bytes)
Stern view

Cleveland -
Paul Magyar
1-MANISTEE-8-16-11-PM.jpg (79082 bytes)
 Manistee downbound the Cuyahoga after departing the Independence Dock with a load of slag. She is passing beneath the CSX jackknife bridge which serves Clark Ave. Yard.
2-MANISTEE-8-16-11-PM.jpg (74630 bytes)
Passing the Osborne Dock approaching Marathon Bend.
3-MANISTEE-8-16-11-PM.jpg (104467 bytes)
Changing the upbound plans of the Western Reserve Rowing Association crew.

Cleveland -
Thomas Seiler
Manistee-08-16-11-ts.jpg (68048 bytes)
 Manistee departs down a calm Cuyahoga River just before sunset on Tuesday.

Cheboygan -
Dianne Donati
Cason-Callawy-1-8-17-11-dd.jpg (68413 bytes)        

Toledo Docks -
Steven Feher
ships-08-09-11-014.jpg (83675 bytes)
H C Jackson loading coal at CSX #4 coal machine
ships-08-09-11-015.jpg (110607 bytes) ships-08-09-11-016.jpg (100765 bytes) ships-08-09-11-017.jpg (107455 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha unloading ore at Torco ore dock  bow view
ships-08-09-11-019.jpg (93974 bytes)

Port Huron Tuesday -
Bruce Hurd
100_8424.jpg (51317 bytes) 100_8429.jpg (65632 bytes) 100_8430.jpg (75212 bytes)    

Unloading Oslo Bulk 6
below Lock One Tuesday - Eira Voth
Oslo-Bulk-6-2011-08-16-below-L1-emv.jpg (54410 bytes) Oslo-Bulk-6-unloading-below-L1-2011-08-16-emv.jpg (80439 bytes)
The bags are lifted from the hold, moved over the hopper and split, then emptied bags are thrown to the ground, lifted into the front-end loader and taken away.
Oslo-Bulk-6-unloading-below-L1-2011-08-16-emv-(1).jpg (74980 bytes) Oslo-Bulk-6-unloading-below-L1-2011-08-16-emv-(2).jpg (120002 bytes)  

Algoma Vessels at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1asoo_8_13_11_rb.jpg (73660 bytes)
Algosoo waiting to load ore
2acape_8_15_11_rb.jpg (125110 bytes)
Algocape at anchor waiting to load
3acape_8_16_11_rb.jpg (86650 bytes)
Algocape at the dock with her ore cargo arriving above

Welland canal traffic Sunday -
Michel Gosselin
1-oslo-08-14-11-mg.jpg (55749 bytes)
Oslo Bulk 6 is still unloading at Wharf 2
2-algo-08-14-11-mg.jpg (63369 bytes)
Algoma Guardian is about to enter lock 4 west
3-mct-08-14-11-mg.jpg (42843 bytes)
MCT Almak just left lock 7
4-mct-08-14-11-mg.jpg (49403 bytes)
stern view
5-lake-08-14-11-mg.jpg (52045 bytes)
Lake Guardian just left lock 6 west
6-oslo-08-14-11-mg.jpg (83888 bytes)
Oslo Bulk 6 unloading with trucks lining up
7-songa-08-14-11-mg.jpg (59514 bytes)
Songa Eagle is in Port Weller harbor
8-songa-08-14-11-mg.jpg (71486 bytes)
stern view
9-oslo-08-14-11-mg.jpg (57934 bytes)
close view of trucks waiting for their turn

Soo on Sunday - Herm Phillips
1-Saguenay-8-14-11-hp.jpg (63342 bytes) 2-Algosoo-8-14-11-hp.jpg (50094 bytes) 3-Presqueisle-8-14-11-hp.jpg (52453 bytes) 4-PRClarke-8-14-11-hp.jpg (50978 bytes) 5-StJCort-8-14-11-hp.jpg (61146 bytes)

St John's, Nfld -
Paul Beesley
1-raven-8-13-11-pb.jpg (57663 bytes)
Atlantic Raven being inspected before being reflagged Canadian.
2-raven-8-13-11-pb.jpg (59718 bytes)
Upper works of the Raven, includes fire monitor, searchlights, flags of Newfoundland, Barbados (her current registry) and Canada (courtesy flag).
3-dispat-8-13-11-pb.jpg (85456 bytes)
Maersk Dispatcher heading toward the Atlantic and her supply job.
4-jacinto-8-13-11-pb.jpg (70227 bytes)
Portuguese warship NRP Jacinto Candido in for a visit.
5-jacinto-8-13-11-pb.jpg (83070 bytes)
NRP Jacinto Candido shows the flag. Portuguese have been coming here to fish since before Columbus. They had 6 porta-potties set up on the wharf for this ship. One for officers, one for sargentios and 4 for the rest of the mob!
6-adven-8-13-11-pb.jpg (91758 bytes)
 Best photo I could get of the Sea Voyager, ex-Cape May Light, ex-Clipper Voyager.  She has been chartered for use as accommodations on a construction project at Deception Bay in Hudson Strait. 
7-trini-8-13-11-pb.jpg (84152 bytes)
Secunda's supply ship Trinity Sea loading.
8-trini-8-13-11-pb.jpg (102824 bytes)
Trinity Sea and others in this look across the harbor. Harbor authority office is under the dome.
9-trini-8-13-11-pb.jpg (66013 bytes)
The Trinity Sea passing Fort Amherst at the mouth of St. John's on her way to a rig.

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