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August 19, 20

Okanagan tow at the Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-sub-18-08-11-rb.jpg (62680 bytes)
Tony Mackay with Okanagan tow below Iroquois Lock.
2-sub-18-08-11-rb.jpg (59293 bytes)
The tow approaching the lock.
3-sub-18-08-11-rb.jpg (59219 bytes)
 Close up of the Okanagan and the Heddle Marine floating drydock. 
4-sub-18-08-11-rb.jpg (75890 bytes)
The tow enters the lock.

Canadian Ranger at the end of her career being broken up at Aliaga - Selim San
CANADIAN-RANGER8-16-11-ss.jpg (111723 bytes)        

Ferry Kristen D in the Cheboygan River Thursday -
Dianne Donati
Kristen-D-8-18-11-dd.jpg (89369 bytes)        

Detroit River from the Diamond Jack Wednesday -
Capt. Mike Nicholls
BOLANDJOHNJb02081711mn.jpg (48281 bytes) BOLANDJOHNJs03081711mn.jpg (57217 bytes) REGINAZs06081711mn.jpg (90926 bytes)    

Playfair and Pathfinder in Owen Sound -
John G. Mackay
Owen-Sound-001.jpg (152209 bytes)
Ships arrived in Owen Sound on Sunday night and are planning to receive new recruits on Wednesday.
Owen-Sound-003.jpg (150063 bytes)      

TowBoatU.S.Rochester salvages a 40-foot catalina sailboat that went up on the beach east of Eagle Creek south shore Lake Ontario August 11
catalina_salvage_towboatusrochester.jpg (117839 bytes)        

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