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August 20, 20

Seaway at Iroquois and Morrisburg Friday - Dave Bessant
01-coastguard-08-19-11-WDB.jpg (61121 bytes)
Coastguard man jumping into the water out in front of the Prescott station, for rescue- practice
02-Kaministiqua-08-19-11-WDB.jpg (84908 bytes)
Kaministiqua downbound to Mariatown
03-Kaministiqua-08-19-11-WDB.jpg (63390 bytes)
Kaministiqua stern view with coastguard crew busy painting the marker
04-Griffon-08-19-11-WDB.jpg (78977 bytes)
Griffon out in front of the Morrisburg waterfront
05-Montrealais-08-19-11-WDB.jpg (117867 bytes)
Montrealais entering the lock at Iroquois with a freshly painted bow and lettering highlighted in red
06-Montrealais-08-19-11-WDB.jpg (120267 bytes)
More painting on board Montrealais
07-Montrealais-08-19-11-WDB.jpg (94727 bytes)
Montrealais leaving the lock, downbound to Morrisburg
08-Montrealais-08-19-11-WDB.jpg (60140 bytes)
Stern view approaching Morrisburg.

Algoma Mariner Passing Port Huron upbound Friday for the first time -
Bruce Hurd
100_8455.jpg (76354 bytes) 100_8456.jpg (49914 bytes) 100_8463.jpg (70294 bytes)    

Algoma Mariner passing Marysville and Port Huron - Michael Hurd
100_0410.jpg (74982 bytes) 100_0413.jpg (73880 bytes) 100_0415.jpg (90850 bytes)    

Welland Canal Thursday -
Heather Maguire
1-AlgomaMariner-08-18-11-hm.jpg (79324 bytes)
Algoma Mariner makes her inaugural trip through the Welland Canal - here seen sliding the wall into Lock 3.
2-AlgomaMariner-08-18-11-hm.jpg (85883 bytes)
A closer view of the Algoma Mariner
3-Nordport-08-18-11-hm.jpg (92676 bytes)
Nordport upbound at Lock 2.
4-Adriaticborg-08-18-11-hm.jpg (40953 bytes)
 Adriaticborg carrying windmill blades departs Lock 7.
5-Adriaticborg-08-18-11-hm.jpg (51029 bytes)
Adriaticborg stern view.
6-CSLAssiniboine-08-18-11-hm.jpg (86155 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine takes fuel below Lock 1
7-CSLAssiniboine-08-18-11-hm.jpg (62445 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine heading into Lock 1
8-Montrealais-08-18-11-hm.jpg (49705 bytes)
Montrealais, downbound, slides the wall into Lock 2.
9-Montrealais-08-18-11-hm.jpg (55478 bytes)
As the sun sets on her newly painted stack.

St. Marys River Friday
- Roger LeLievre
Can-Transport-8-19-11rl.jpg (57138 bytes)
Canadian Transport downbound at Six Mile Point.
Can-Transport-8-19-11rl-2.jpg (51621 bytes) Masterson,-W.-Douglas-8-19-11rl.jpg (66963 bytes)
Tug W. Douglas Masterson on her delivery trip to Duluth. She is the latest addition to the Heritage Marine fleet.
Masterson,-W.-Douglas-8-19-11rl-2.jpg (58565 bytes)
Stern view. Still registered in Texas, she came to the lakes via the Illinois Waterway to South Chicago and then up Lake Michigan.

Friday on the St. Clair River
- Dawn C. Roberts
1-Kstar-08-19-11-dr.jpg (54865 bytes)
Saltie Kong Star
2-Cohi-08-19-11-dr.jpg (63661 bytes)
Corn Hill
4-Almar-08-19-11-dr.jpg (66325 bytes)
Algoma Mariner
3-Almarb-08-19-11-dr.jpg (72797 bytes) 5-Almars-08-19-11-dr.jpg (76723 bytes)
6-Manis-08-19-11-dr.jpg (57467 bytes)
7-Adria-08-19-11-dr.jpg (64750 bytes)
 Saltie Adriaticborg
8-Arms-08-19-11-dr.jpg (66018 bytes)
Windmill arms
9-Thmp-08-19-11-dr.jpg (55528 bytes)
Joseph Thompson & Joe, Jr.
10-Rgis-08-19-11-dr.jpg (65862 bytes)
CCG Rouge Isle
11-WJMc-08-19-11-dr.jpg (57700 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy

Herbert C. Jackson at the Lower Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1hcj_8_19_11_rb.jpg (75840 bytes)
Unloading stone at the Shiras Dock

Port Stanley Friday
- Monty Young
Carol-Ann-II-New-Paint-(1).jpg (121794 bytes)
Carol Ann II with a nice new paint job
Carol-Ann-II-New-Paint-(3).jpg (111627 bytes)
No name applied Carol Ann II Bow
Bastien-Bros-New-Paint-(1).jpg (103817 bytes)
Bastien Brothers with a new paint job
Bastien-Bros-New-Paint-(7).jpg (99089 bytes) Bastien-Bros-New-Paint-(3).jpg (80313 bytes)

American Century passes through the St. Mary's River Rock Cut on August 15 -
Sarah Brechbill
1-ACent-8-15-11-sb.jpg (52877 bytes)
American Century and the Neebish Island Ferry
2-ACent-8-15-11-sb.jpg (81121 bytes) 3-ACent-8-15-11-sb.jpg (85890 bytes) 4-ACent-8-15-11-sb.jpg (80012 bytes)
A big wave from the captain
5-ACent-8-15-11-sb.jpg (67740 bytes)
6-ACent-8-15-11-sb.jpg (77000 bytes)        

Recent Photos from St John's, Nfld
- Paul Beesley
1-hawk-8-18-11-pb.jpg (43175 bytes)
Atlantic Hawk comin' home.
2-hawk-8-18-11-pb.jpg (99928 bytes)
Transiting the Narrows.  In WW2 the Narrows were protected by a submarine net.
3-king-8-18-11-pb.jpg (102071 bytes)
Atlantic Kingfisher using her thrusters to move sideways into the dock.
4-harvey-8-18-11-pb.jpg (104224 bytes)
CCGS Ann Harvey taking fuel.  St. John's was a major convoy assembly port in WW2.
5-detect-8-18-11-pb.jpg (88078 bytes)
Bollard Pull of 218 Tons.  That's massive.  In comparison the Samuel Risley has about 90.
6-dispatch-8-18-11-pb.jpg (79824 bytes)
 Maersk Dispatcher at the dock.
7-dispatch-8-18-11-pb.jpg (109232 bytes)
Outbound to the rig.  She'll be back in 2 or 3 days.
8-sander-8-18-11-pb.jpg (45880 bytes)
Oceanex Sanderling heading for Halifax.  She does Halifax / St. John's.  The other two in this company do Montreal / St. John's.
9-train-8-18-11-pb.jpg (115595 bytes)
A relic.  There's been no RR in Newfoundland for many decades, but they have a wonderful museum.  All RR's in the province / colony were narrow gauge.
10-bike-8-18-11-pb.jpg (117883 bytes)
How does one avoid the high cost of gas?  Electric bike.  It got me up the major hills in St. John's so I know it would work well in flatland areas.

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