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August 23, 20

South Chicago Monday - Lou Gerard
Alpena-8-22-11-lg-DSC-0120.jpg (64885 bytes)
Alpena at 95th St.
Alpena-8-22-11-lg-DSC-0160.jpg (116087 bytes)
 Approaching 100th St. after passing Kimberly Selvick.
Alpena-8-22-11-lg-DSC-0192.jpg (70915 bytes)
Coming through bend south of KCBX approaching 106th St.
Alpena-8-22-11-lg-DSC-0246.jpg (86373 bytes)
Coming up to Cargill Bend and small wetland area.

Canadian Miner scrap tow Monday -
Ron Beaupre
1-miner-22-08-11-rb.jpg (60441 bytes)
Salvor leads the Miner down the river.
2-miner-22-08-11-rb.jpg (58984 bytes)
Vigilant I and Seahound on the stern.

Menominee, Mich. - Dick Lund
1-AdBrg-08-20-11-dl.jpg (54850 bytes)
Adriaticborg passes channel marker heading into Menominee on Saturday
2-AdBrg-08-20-11-dl.jpg (51519 bytes)
Menominee North Pier Lighthouse bracketed by the ship and the Selvick tug, Jimmy L
3-AdBrg-08-20-11-dl.jpg (62047 bytes)
The tug trails the ship into port
4-AdBrg-08-20-11-dl.jpg (70398 bytes)
The ship passes the old carferry, Viking I, at KK Integrated Logistics
5-AdBrg-08-20-11-dl.jpg (66243 bytes)
The first line is ashore
6-AdBrg-08-20-11-dl.jpg (50275 bytes)
Broadside view at the dock
7-AdBrg-08-20-11-dl.jpg (62796 bytes)
Bow-view tied up at KK Integrated Logistics East Dock

Port Dolomite / Cedarville - Chuck Wagner
1-Mich-8-21-11-cw.jpg (49742 bytes)
Michipicoten arrives
2-Mich-8-21-11-cw.jpg (48757 bytes) 3-Mich-8-21-11-cw.jpg (48994 bytes) 4-Mich-8-21-11-cw.jpg (49405 bytes) 1-JGM-8-22-11-cw.jpg (65981 bytes)
John G. Munson loading
2-JGM-8-22-11-cw.jpg (69101 bytes)        

Toledo Docks
- Steven Feher
8-21-11-002.jpg (56497 bytes)
American Valor  laid up at #2 wall
8-21-11-001.jpg (64021 bytes)
John J Boland  at #4 coal machine,  Apron going down
8-21-11-003.jpg (54858 bytes)
bow shot of Boland & Valor
8-21-11-004.jpg (69745 bytes)
-John J Boland loading
8-21-11-006.jpg (88446 bytes)
Cuyahoga8-22-11-001.jpg (108621 bytes)
Cuyahoga loading at CSX #4 coal machine in Toledo
Cuyahoga8-22-11-006.jpg (44119 bytes) Cuyahoga8-22-11-003.jpg (104219 bytes)    

St. Lambert Lock -
Michel Saint-Denis
01-Daniella110818MSD.jpg (53310 bytes)
Daniella downbound
02-Daniella110818MSD.jpg (66272 bytes) 03-Daniella110818MSD.jpg (59180 bytes)
Daniella company flag
04-Daniella110818MSD.jpg (76942 bytes) 05-Birchglen110818MSD.jpg (63994 bytes)
Birchglen upbound
06-Birchglen110818MSD.jpg (42002 bytes)
Birchglen (former name Federal Richelieu)
07-Birchglen110818MSD.jpg (44474 bytes) 08-Algosoo110818MSD.jpg (48084 bytes)
Algosoo passing Champlain Bridge
09-Algosoo110818MSD.jpg (52517 bytes) 10-Algosoo110818MSD.jpg (66480 bytes)
11-Algosoo110818MSD.jpg (74244 bytes) 12-Ojibway110818MSD.jpg (48816 bytes)
Ojibway downbound Upper Wall
13-Ojibway110818MSD.jpg (47704 bytes) 14-Ojibway110818MSD.jpg (52453 bytes) 15-Ojibway110818MSD.jpg (50708 bytes)
16-Ojibway110818MSD.jpg (61471 bytes) 17-VMS-Maisonneuve110818MSD.jpg (103921 bytes)
VMS Maisonneuve

Welland Canal traffic Monday -
Michel Gosselin
1-algo-08-22-11-mg.jpg (110837 bytes)
Algoma Spirit approaching bridge 5
2-algo-08-22-11-mg.jpg (73952 bytes)
stern view
3-song-08-22-11-mg.jpg (68444 bytes)
Songa Sapphire approaching bridge 5
4-songa-08-22-11-mg.jpg (102415 bytes)
stern view
5-algo-08-22-11-mg.jpg (73923 bytes)
Algosteel approaching bridge 4

Detroit River -
Ken Borg
IMG_2445.jpg (53172 bytes)
Jana Desgagnes upbound
IMG_2448.jpg (69453 bytes)
Stephen B. Roman unloading cement in Windsor
IMG_2455.jpg (63549 bytes)
Manitoba turning around after taking fuel at Sterling Fuel
IMG_2464.jpg (50195 bytes)
Manitoba downbound the Detroit River

Manistee in Holland -
Greg Barber
IMG_2934_2.jpg (65310 bytes)
 Manistee downbound Lake Michigan heading for Holland
IMG_2970_2.jpg (58923 bytes)
Making the dock

English River inbound Cleveland approaching NS Bridge #1 on her way to the Lafarge Dock with a load of cement -
Paul Magyar
1-ENGLISH-RIVER-8-22-11-PM.jpg (66965 bytes) (2)-ENGLISH-RIVER-8-22-11-PM.jpg (109468 bytes)      

Welland Canal traffic on August 19-20 - 
Michel Gosselin
1-oslo-08-19-11-mg.jpg (60941 bytes)
Oslo Bulk 6 still unloading
2-algo-08-19-11-mg.jpg (80667 bytes)
Algomarine passing underneath Bridge 5
3-algo-08-19-11-mg.jpg (47883 bytes)
Algoma Discovery approaching Bridge 4
4-algo-08-19-11-mg.jpg (59143 bytes)
stern view
5-algo-08-19-11-mg.jpg (51920 bytes)
stirring up the bottom
6-tran-08-19-11-mg.jpg (65441 bytes)
Transporter approaching bridge 4
7-tran-08-19-11-mg.jpg (74715 bytes)
stern view
8-corn-08-20-11-mg.jpg (51736 bytes)
Corn Hill departing lock 2
9-corn-08-20-11-mg.jpg (47386 bytes)
Stern view

G.L. Ostrander and barge Integrity unloaded cement at the LaFarge dock in St. Joseph, MI on Saturday -
David Glasgow
1-ostrander-8-20-11-dg.jpg (89929 bytes)
Leaving the LaFarge dock
2-ostrander1-8-20-11-dg.jpg (93681 bytes)
Tight fit at the CSX railroad swing bridge
3-ostrander2-8-11-20-dg.jpg (86625 bytes)
Backing past the St. Joseph lighthouse and into Lake Michigan as beachgoers enjoy the lovely August weather

Port of Antwerp
- Chris Rombouts
Greenwing-Antw-20-8-11-cr1.jpg (82097 bytes)
 Greenwing left the Port of Antwerp late on Saturday.
Greenwing-Antw-20-8-11-cr2.jpg (77317 bytes)
She is seen entering the Boudewijn lock on her way out.
Greenwing-Antw-20-8-11-cr3.jpg (88177 bytes) Greenwing-Antw-20-8-11-cr4.jpg (67723 bytes)  

 Spruceglen -
Christian Lloyd-Kohls
IMG_0546.jpg (56567 bytes) IMG_0548.jpg (54424 bytes) IMG_0552.jpg (66187 bytes) IMG_0553.jpg (67212 bytes)  

Port Huron Saturday -
Bruce Hurd
100_8485.jpg (57409 bytes) 100_8481.jpg (75280 bytes) 100_8502.jpg (74088 bytes) 100_8503.jpg (77307 bytes) 100_8507.jpg (66856 bytes)
100_8510.jpg (52787 bytes) 100_8487.jpg (59954 bytes) 100_8492.jpg (83960 bytes) 100_8488.jpg (63489 bytes) 100_8498.jpg (78036 bytes)

Manitoba downbound at Harsens Island Saturday -
Gerald Victory
Manitoba8-20-11.jpg (32174 bytes)        

Detroit River from the Diamond Jack -
Capt. Mike Nicholls
ANDERSONARTHURMb18081811mn.jpg (51753 bytes)
Arthur M Anderson upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
ANDERSONARTHURMs20081811mn.jpg (62212 bytes) ISLEROUGEb25081811mn.jpg (109243 bytes)
Isle Rouge at the Canadian Coast Guard Base in Amherstburg.
ISLEROUGEs24081811mn.jpg (106168 bytes) CSLTADOUSSACb21081811mn.jpg (51059 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
KONGOSTARb02081911mn.jpg (49665 bytes)
Kongo Star downbound off Fort Wayne.
KONGOSTARs03081911mn.jpg (53119 bytes) CANADIANENTERPRISEb01F549A.jpg (48236 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise upbound off the Rouge Short Cut Canal.
CANADIANENTERPRISEs01F5498.jpg (50834 bytes) CLEVELANDROCKSb08081911mn.jpg (65547 bytes)
Cleveland Rocks and Cleveland downbound off Zug Island.
CLEVELANDb10081911mn.jpg (66417 bytes) CLEVELANDs11081911mn.jpg (65128 bytes) CLEVELANDROCKSs1281911mn.jpg (61486 bytes) ALGORAILb20082111mn.jpg (56662 bytes)
Algorail downbound off Belanger Park, River Rouge.
ALGORAILs22082111mn.jpg (64218 bytes)
INNOVATIONb04082011mn.jpg (63899 bytes)
Innovation downbound just before turning into the Lafarge Springwells Dock in Detroit.
INNOVATIONs05082011mn.jpg (51917 bytes) JACKSONHERBERTCb02082111mn.jpg (36968 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson downbound off Belander Park.
JACKSONHERBERTCs03082111mn.jpg (43167 bytes) ALGOMASPIRITb05082111mn.jpg (53739 bytes)
Algoma Spirit downbound off USS Great Lakes Steel.
ALGOMASPIRITs08082111mn.jpg (58041 bytes) AMERICANMARINERb09082111mn.jpg (55091 bytes)
American Mariner unloading coal ion Zug Island n the Short Cut Canal.
AMERICANMARINERb04082111mn.jpg (66809 bytes) BIRCHGLENb11082111mn.jpg (54287 bytes)
Birchglen at Sterling Fuel, in Windsor, ON.
BIRCHGLENs13082111mn.jpg (52303 bytes)
MANITOBAb15082111mn.jpg (62214 bytes)
Manitoba unloading at ADM Windsor.
MANITOBAs17082111mn.jpg (78669 bytes) ALGORAILb02082011mn.jpg (46335 bytes)
Algorail upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
ALGORAILs03082011mn.jpg (42256 bytes) LAUDSAMs23082111mn.jpg (50363 bytes)
Sam Laud downbound just below the Hole-In-The-Wall in the Livingstone Channel headed for Cleveland.
JUNIORCIIb25082111mn.jpg (86332 bytes)
Ex fishtug-yacht Junior C II downbound in the Wyandotte Channel.
JUNIORCIIs26082111mn.jpg (75531 bytes) ENERGY6506b02081811mn.jpg (51040 bytes)
Barge Energy 6506, tug Huron Service downbound off Zug Island.
HURONSERVICEb03081811mn.jpg (54994 bytes) HURONSERVICEs04081811mn.jpg (55316 bytes)

ENERGY6506s05081811mn.jpg (50316 bytes)
ALGOEASTb09081811mn.jpg (59055 bytes)
Algoeast unloading at Misterskys.
ALGOEASTs07081811mn.jpg (64819 bytes) MISSISSAGISPENCERs101F5158.jpg (56691 bytes)
Mississagi and Sarah Spencer in Ojibway Slip.
DEMOLENVELERs12081811mn.jpg (69490 bytes)
Demolen and barge Veler upbound in the Wyandotte Channel.
STCLAIRb14081811mn.jpg (52940 bytes)
St Clair upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
STCLAIRs16081811mn.jpg (48471 bytes)  

Woodward Group of St John's latest acquisition Alsterstern at Lewisporte -
Sandra Neil
Alsterstern7-24-11-SN-.jpg (51760 bytes)        

Ostrander/Integrity in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Monday
- Dianne Donati
Ostrander-Integrity-2-8-21-11-dd.jpg (78152 bytes)        

St. John's, Newfoundland -
Paul Beesley
1-raven--8-17-11-pb.jpg (56558 bytes)
Atlantic Raven and her stern roller.  The stern rollers actually help heavy lifts, such as rig anchors, flip up over the stern.
2-guard--8-17-11-pb.jpg (47554 bytes)
Cable Ship Atlantic Guardian enters the Narrows while a Maersk supply boat waits.  One way traffic only in the Narrows.
3-guard--8-17-11-pb.jpg (97054 bytes)
Atlantic Guardian approaching her dock.
4-burin-8-17-11-pb.jpg (70983 bytes)
Secunda's Burin Sea loading.  Three other supply boats astern of her.
5-hbe-8-17-11-pb.jpg (68543 bytes)
Hudson Bay Explorer begins the tow of the Matterhorn to Marystown.  The work remaining to allow her to pass inspection is large so she is going to the shipyard.
6-hbe--8-17-11-pb.jpg (77294 bytes)
 It's rather odd watching your most recent command being towed away.
8-matter--8-17-11-pb.jpg (62793 bytes)
Matterhorn comes off the dock.  She is the former Chebucto Sea and CFAV St Charles.
9-matter--8-17-11-pb.jpg (123348 bytes)
Still no name on her stern.

Historical Perspectives - Canadian Miner -
Ron Beaupre
1-maplecliffe-rb.jpg (56348 bytes)
Maplecliffe Hall below Iroquois Lock when she was new.
2-lemoyne-1991-go.jpg (78800 bytes)
Lemoyne laid up at Toronto 1991. Capt. Ouderkirk photo.
3-miner-24-mar-08-rb.jpg (54859 bytes)
Captain Greig on the bridge of the Miner. "Nothing finer than the Miner."

Canadian Miner video
- Bill Bird

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