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August 26, 20

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-tsd-8-16-11-md.jpg (57575 bytes)
Tim S. Dool downbound at 1 & 2.
2-mont-8-17-11-md.jpg (54577 bytes)
Montrealais downbound at 1 & 2.
3-jws-8-17-11-md.jpg (52727 bytes)
J. W. Shelley heads into Lake Huron.
4-lake-8-17-11-md.jpg (55229 bytes)
Algolake downbound below 1 & 2
5-amar-8-19-11-md.jpg (72251 bytes)
Algoma Mariner heads into Lake Huron.
6-mani-8-19-11-md.jpg (53222 bytes)
Manistee downbound above the buoys.
7-rich-8-20-11-md.jpg (66740 bytes)
Richelieu making the turn at 1& 2.
8-hlee-8-20-11-md.jpg (38561 bytes)
H Lee White heads into a stormy Lake Huron.
9-rail-8-23-11-md.jpg (61431 bytes)
Algorail laid up in the north slip.
10-mapl-8-24-11-md.jpg (61183 bytes)
Mapleglen downbound at 1 & 2.
11-dis-8-24-11-md.jpg (66772 bytes)
Algoma Discovery heads into Lake Huron.
12-jlk-8-24-11-md.jpg (52337 bytes)
Tug Victory and Barge James L. Kuber downbound at 1 & 2.
13-rsp-8-24-11-a-md.jpg (52211 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson downbound with a load of stone for Sarnia.
14-rsp-8-24-11-b-md.jpg (56990 bytes)
Alongside the C & O dock.
15-rsp-8-24-11-c-md.jpg (27406 bytes)
The storm moves across the St. Clair River.
16-rsp-8-24-11-d-md.jpg (39202 bytes)
Waiting out the weather.
17-anav-8-24-11-a-md.jpg (68051 bytes)
Algoma Navigator at the Government dock.
18-8-23-11-b-md.jpg (52737 bytes)
Former name still visible.
19-anav-8-24-11-c-md.jpg (41947 bytes)
Night view.
20-anav-8-24-11-d-md.jpg (38727 bytes)
Another night view.

Christening of the new Algoma Mariner
algomamariner8-25-11 (1).jpg (60171 bytes) algomamariner8-25-11 (2).jpg (86683 bytes) algomamariner8-25-11 (3).jpg (74235 bytes)    

Detroit River from the Diamond Jack -
Mike Nicholls
AMERICANMARINERb01082511mn.jpg (80463 bytes)
American Mariner downbound at the Ambassador Bridge.
AMERICANMARINERs02081F7AC0.jpg (49768 bytes) KUBERJAMESLb05082511mn.jpg (69408 bytes)
James L Kuber and tug Victory upbound off Belanger Park, River Rouge.
VICTORYb06082511mn.jpg (55376 bytes) VICTORYs07082511mn.jpg (67845 bytes)
KUBERLAMESLs07080611mn.jpg (45995 bytes) ENERGY6506b03082511mn.jpg (60765 bytes)
Energy 6506 and tug Huron Service at Nicholson's Detroit.
ENERGY6506s04082511mn.jpg (55880 bytes)    

Jo Spirit inbound Hamilton Wednesday -
Eric Holmes
1-Jospirit-08-24-11-eh.jpg (61377 bytes) 2-Jospirit-08-24-11-eh.jpg (79457 bytes) 3-Jospirit-08-24-11-eh.jpg (61491 bytes) 4-Jospirit-08-24-11-eh.jpg (76162 bytes)  

Cleveland Tuesday -
Paul Magyar
1-SAGINAW-8-23-10-PM.jpg (59777 bytes)
Saginaw inbound Cleveland heading for Ontario Dock 4.
2-SAGINAW-8-23-10-PM.jpg (92117 bytes)
Passing beneath Norfolk Southern Bridge #1.
3-SAGINAW-8-23-11-PM.jpg (80089 bytes)
Making the turn for the Old River Bed.

Cleveland Tuesday -
Thomas Seiler
1-samlaud-08-23-11-ts.jpg (100960 bytes)
Sam Laud takes a load of taconite up the Cuyahoga River at Cleveland, Ohio, while working the river ore shuttle service for a few days.
2-saginaw-08-23-11-ts.jpg (96681 bytes)
Saginaw follows under the Norfolk Southern bridge with a load of stone, for the old river channel of the Cuyahoga River.

South Chicago & Buffington Tuesday -
Lou Gerard
Manistee-8-23-11-lg-CSC-0280.jpg (80378 bytes)
 Manistee in Calumet Harbor.
Manistee-8-23-11-lg-DSC-0314.jpg (73274 bytes)
Approaching 95th St. after a long delay for waiting for NS rail traffic.
Manistee-8-23-11-lg-DSC-0328.jpg (100613 bytes)
Clear of 95th, she heads for NS 5.
Manistee-8-23-11-lg-DSC-0370.jpg (70481 bytes)
 Preparing to dock at KCBX.
Algomarine-8-23-11-lg-DSC-0375.jpg (60566 bytes)
Algomarine unloads stone at Buffington Harbor.

Hamilton, Ont.  Tuesday -
John van der Doe
Hamilton-23-August-2011-(1).jpg (76464 bytes)
Federal Pioneer
Hamilton-23-August-2011-(2).jpg (77176 bytes) Hamilton-23-August-2011-(4).jpg (63288 bytes)
Sea Eagle II
Hamilton-23-August-2011-(6).jpg (79860 bytes) Hamilton-23-August-2011-(7).jpg (70902 bytes)
St. Marys Cement II

Canadian Miner and CCGS Griffon at Wilson Hill Anchorage Monday -
Leo Ames-
1-CMiner-8-22-11-la.jpg (101627 bytes)
Canadian Miner at anchor at Wilson Hill with the tugs Seahound, Salvor, and Vigilant I.
2-CMiner-8-22-11-la.jpg (56367 bytes)
Upper Lakes Shipping diamond painting out in preparation for her final voyage down the Seaway.
3-CMiner-8-22-11-la.jpg (71969 bytes)
The Seahound circling the Miner while the tow was stopped for mechanical issues.
4-Griffon-8-22-11-la.jpg (103811 bytes)
CCGS Griffon at anchor nearby.

Alpena in S. Chicago Monday -
Lou Gerard
Alpena-8-22-11-lg-DSC-0120.jpg (64885 bytes)
Apena at 95th St.
Alpena-8-22-11-lg-DSC-0160.jpg (116087 bytes)
Approaching 100th St. after passing Kimberly Selvick.
Alpena-8-22-11-lg-DSC-0192.jpg (70915 bytes)
Coming through bend south of KCBX approaching 106th St.
Alpena-8-22-11-lg-DSC-0246.jpg (86373 bytes)
Coming up to Cargill Bend and small wetland area.

Transchem Oste and the tug Omni Richileau at Bronte Monday
- Eric Holmes
1-Transchemoste-08-22-11-eh.jpg (70990 bytes) 2-Transchemoste-08-22-11-eh.jpg (46048 bytes) 3-Transchemoste-08-22-11-eh.jpg (68871 bytes) 4-Transchemoste-08-22-11-eh.jpg (60630 bytes)  

Canadian Miner tow departing the Wilson Hill anchorage Monday -
Ron Beaupre
1-Cminer-22-08-11-rb.jpg (65986 bytes)        

Port Dover Monday -
Monty Young
Andrea-Marie-I-Bow.jpg (94025 bytes)
Andrea Marie I
ASI-Clipper-Bow.jpg (162689 bytes)
ASI Clipper
Angler.jpg (88676 bytes)
Ironfish---Port-Dover.jpg (90094 bytes)

Algoma Navigator after Goderich Tornado -
Chris Wilson
Algoma-Navigator-just-hit-by-tornado.jpg (88435 bytes)
Navigator and a walk around the harbor just minutes after the tornado. 
Algoma-Navigator-after-Goderich-Tornado.jpg (99395 bytes) Algoma-Navigator-and-damage-to-saltmine.jpg (96105 bytes) Alogma-Navigator-and-tornado-debris.jpg (111025 bytes) Goderich-Debris-after-Tornado1.jpg (124194 bytes)

Brockville, Ont. - August 18 -
Murray Blancher 
1-Tony-Mackay-08-18-11-mb.jpg (67728 bytes)
Tony Mackay up at Brockville On. towing Okanagan
2-Okanagan-08-18-11-mb.jpg (73110 bytes)
3-Moly-M1-08-18-11-mb.jpg (59814 bytes)
Moly M1 on stern of Okanagan
4-Richelieu-08-22-mb.jpg (38739 bytes)
Richelieu down in the evening sun at Mariatown
5-Richelieu-08-22-11-mb.jpg (47927 bytes)

Kongo Star passes Prescott, Ont. with Ogdensburg, N.Y. in the background -
Jim Scrimger
1-Kongo-Star-08-16-12-JS-.jpg (73952 bytes)
August 16
2-Kongo-Star-08-16-12-JS-.jpg (89880 bytes)      

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