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August 29, 20

Seaway - Murray Blancher
1-Nordport-08-17-11-mb.jpg (47705 bytes)
Nordport up at Mariatown
2-Richelieu-08-26-11-mb.jpg (60774 bytes)
Richeileu up making the turn for the Iroquois Lock
3-Jo-Spirit-08-26-11-mb.jpg (40029 bytes)
 Jo Spirit down at dusk passin Loylist Park Mariatown
4-Alouette-Spirit-08-26-11-mb.jpg (46396 bytes)
Allouett spirit down at Mariatown
5-Wilf-Seymour-08-26-11-mb.jpg (84623 bytes)
Wilf Seymour powering Allouett Spirit
6-CSL-Niagara-08-27-mb.jpg (72010 bytes)
CSL Niagara entering Iroquois Lock
7-CSL-Niagara-08-27-11-mb.jpg (70629 bytes)
CSL Niagara making the turn east of Iroquois
8-Jarret-M-08-27-11-mb.jpg (106913 bytes)
Jarret M in Iroquois Lock
9-Jarret-M-&-Jackup-600-08-27-11-mb.jpg (100124 bytes)
Jarret M & Jackup 600 in Iroquois Lock
10-McCleary's-Spirit-&-William-J-Moore.jpg (65966 bytes)
McCleary's Spirit & William J Moore up at Mariatown
11-HHL-Amur-08-27-11-mb.jpg (50168 bytes)
HHL Amur down at Mariatown
12-HHL-Amur-08-27-11-mb.jpg (55886 bytes) 13-Algoma-Mariner-08-27-11-mb.jpg (64296 bytes)
Algoma Mariner exiting Iroquois Lock
14-Algoma-Mariner-08-27-11-mb.jpg (60661 bytes)
Algoma Mariner down at Mariatown
15-Algoma-Mariner-08-27011-mb.jpg (64518 bytes)

Pathfinder & Playfair at Algonac State Park on Sunday -
Don Detloff
1-path-28aug11-djd.jpg (88633 bytes) 2-play-28aug11-djd.jpg (109866 bytes)      

Federal Pioneer and eastbound Samuel DeChamplain passing Bois Blanc Island Sunday -
Dianne Donati
Samuel-De-Champlain-approaching-Federal-Pioneer-8-28-11.jpg (65463 bytes) Samuel-De-Champlain-Innovation-8-28-11-dd.jpg (82975 bytes) Federal-Pioneer-8-28-11-dd.jpg (53891 bytes)    

Rouge River Sunday -
Ken Borg
IMG_2484.jpg (92357 bytes)
Great Republic loading mill scale at ServStal Steel in Dearborn, Mich.
IMG_2486.jpg (65075 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson unloading limestone at Carmuse Lime in River Rouge

Adam E Cornelius upbound at Port Huron Sunday evening -
Bruce Hurd
100_8538.jpg (71091 bytes) 100_8540.jpg (107488 bytes)      

J. W. Shelley at Lock 2 -
Rob Hartley
jw-002.jpg (67049 bytes) jw-005.jpg (62946 bytes) jw-012.jpg (100354 bytes) jw-013.jpg (85102 bytes) jw-014.jpg (89584 bytes)
jw-016.jpg (79068 bytes) jw-019.jpg (79608 bytes) jw-022.jpg (88374 bytes)    

St. Marys River Saturday -
Paul Magyar
1-STEWART-J-CORT-8-27-11-PM.jpg (42687 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort approaching the Rock Cut downbound
2-LEE-A-TREGURTHA-8-27-11-PM.jpg (85323 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha upbound at Mission Point.
3-AMERICAN-CENTURY-8-27-11-PM.jpg (84444 bytes)
American Century downbound.
4-AMERICAN-CENTURY-8-27-11.jpg (51228 bytes)
A "big hello" from the captain on the American Century.

Cleveland and Fairport Saturday -
Dave Beach
1-HLwhite-082711-db.jpg (43263 bytes)
H Lee White arriving Cleveland in the morning to unload ore at CBT
2-path-08-26-11-db.jpg (70449 bytes)
Dorthy Ann and barge Pathfinder backing out of the Grand River at Fairport Harbor
3-path-08-26-11-db.jpg (81446 bytes)
Departing Fairport Harbor
4-cuyahoga-082611-db.jpg (83399 bytes)
 Cuyahoga arriving Fairport Harbor after waiting for Dorothy Ann to depart

R/V Kaho on sea trials off Cleveland on Saturday
- Great Lakes Shipyard
rvKAHO8-27-11-glt-(1).jpg (81157 bytes) rvKAHO8-27-11-glt-(4).jpg (69425 bytes) rvKAHO8-27-11-glt-(2).jpg (67523 bytes) rvKAHO8-27-11-glt-(3).jpg (66558 bytes)  

 Manitowoc, Wis. Friday -
Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-8-26-11-lg-DSC-0441.jpg (56395 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger passing Manitowoc North Breakwater Lighthouse.
Stmarchall-8-26-11-lg-DSC-0483.jpg (59076 bytes)
Passing Manitowoc Maritime Museum and submarine Cobia.
Stmarchall-8-26-11-lg-DSC-0494.jpg (74121 bytes)
Passing through 8th St. bridge.
Stmarchall-8-26-11-lg-DSC-0499.jpg (56310 bytes)
Coming through 10th St.
Stmarchall-8-26-11-lg-DSC-0513.jpg (96423 bytes)
Coming around Ryerson Bend.
Stmarchall-8-26-11-lg-DSC-0533.jpg (103093 bytes)
After some zig zagging to get around the bend she encounters close clearances with a pier and an audience. Crew is ready with tire bumpers but they weren't needed.
Stmarchall-8-26-11-lg-DSC-0543.jpg (85838 bytes)
Coming around the last bend before reaching St. Marys Terminal.
Stmarchall-8-26-11-lg-DSC-0567.jpg (68233 bytes)
Docking at terminal.

Algowood at the Upper Harbor in Marquette Friday
- Rod Burdick
1awood_8_26_11_rb.jpg (108556 bytes)
View from the lakeshore
2awood_8_26_11_rb.jpg (101507 bytes)
Stern view, loading ore

Toledo Docks Thursday and Friday
-  Steven Feher
8-26-11-002.jpg (104558 bytes)
Algosoo unloading  ore at Torco ore dock Friday
8-26-11-003.jpg (82901 bytes) 8-26-11-004.jpg (105930 bytes) 8-25-11-002.jpg (71815 bytes)
American  Mariner unloading ore at CSX Torco dock bow view
8-25-11-004.jpg (44708 bytes)

Calumet enters the old river channel of the Cuyahoga River -
Thomas Seiler
Calumet-08-26-11-ts.jpg (75131 bytes)        

Salvor towing the Kathryn Spirit up bound for Beuaharnois slip -
Kent Malo
Salvor6-26-11-km.jpg (45399 bytes) KathrynSpirit8-26-11-km.jpg (54550 bytes)      

Welland Canal channel at Port Colborne - Dan Syrcher
Prt-Colb-scrap-8-26-11-ds.jpg (65969 bytes)        

Recent Marquette, Mich. -
Lee Rowe
IMG_4586.jpg (61898 bytes) IMG_4593.jpg (54825 bytes) IMG_4608.jpg (89668 bytes) IMG_4609.jpg (45873 bytes) IMG_4626.jpg (86077 bytes)
IMG_4627.jpg (87487 bytes) IMG_4629.jpg (63975 bytes) IMG_4630.jpg (66655 bytes) IMG_4631.jpg (38836 bytes)  

 Lower Lake Huron, Monday Aug. 22 -
George Wharton
1.JWShelley8-22-11gw3886.jpg (80770 bytes)
 J W Shelley approaching the Lake Huron cut buoys 1 & 2 and the tall ship Highlander Sea out on the lake.
2.JWShelley8-22-11gw3896.jpg (66909 bytes)
Making the turn with the salty Nordport out in the Lake Huron anchorage.
3.Pineglen8-22-11gw3979.jpg (98883 bytes)
Pineglen approaching the cut buoys.
4.Pineglen8-22-11gw3989.jpg (81631 bytes)
Into the turn.
5.Pineglen8-22-11gw3993.jpg (78059 bytes)
Entering the St. Clair River.

Recent photos from the UP -
Tom Anderson
1-Cedarglen-8-26-11-ta.jpg (152030 bytes)
Cedarglen pulling out of the MacArthur lock, heading downriver on a beautiful Saturday morning
2-Asteel-8-26-11-ta.jpg (65596 bytes)
Algosteel approaching the Round Island Passage,  from the Grand Hotel

Kaye E. Barker in Marquette August 21 -
Danielle Adams
1-KEB-8-21-11-DA.jpg (85386 bytes)
Kaye E Barker unloading coal
2-KEB-8-21-11-DA.jpg (78096 bytes)
Coal unloading into hopper
3-KEB-8-21-11-DA.jpg (87157 bytes)
Coal going into hopper at power plant across the road
4-KEB-8-21-11-DA.jpg (98794 bytes)
Broadside view across the harbor

Montrealais passing Maitland, Ontario -
Jim Scrimger
1-Montrealais-10-17-10-JS-.jpg (229405 bytes)
Framed by the stone tower.
2-Montrealais-6-31-05-JS-.jpg (52514 bytes)
Ogdensburg N.Y. background.
1-Tug-Everlast-Norman-Mcleod-7-15-11-JS-.jpg (44915 bytes)
Tug Everlast and barge Norman Mcleod with Ogdensburg, N.Y. in the background
2-Tug-Everlast-Norman-Mcleod-7-15-11-JS-.jpg (76887 bytes) 3-Tug-Everlast-Norman-Mcleod-7-15-11-JS.jpg (70694 bytes)

St. John's, Newfoundland
- Paul Beesley
1-cabot-8-05-11-pb.jpg (45536 bytes)
While I am now home I will send a few more photos from the east coast.  Cabot, one of 3 Oceanex ships that run cargo to St. John's.
2-goose-8-05-11-pb.jpg (55708 bytes)
HMCS Goose Bay, of the now-RCN, in the harbour.
3-goose-8-05-11-pb.jpg (50361 bytes)
Goose Bay heading for HMCS Cabot for unspecified repairs.  HMCS Cabot is on the south side of the harbour.
4-monc-8-05-11-pb.jpg (57896 bytes)
HMCS Moncton leaving the wall.  Three MCDVs were in for some R&R before heading north to exercise with the USCG.
5-monc-8-05-11-pb.jpg (59660 bytes)
 Moncton outbound.
6-summer-8-05-11-pb.jpg (58094 bytes)
HMCS Summerside also leaving.  The RCN ships were all tied up down town St. John's.
7-summer-8-05-11-pb.jpg (53821 bytes)
Summerside under the fog.  Whilst those of you in Central Canada have been suffering from the heat we here in Newf have had day after day of cold, wet, miserable weather.  OK, we did have summer yesterday!
8-last-8-05-11-pb.jpg (69311 bytes)
Lasting Tradition coming in.  Some of the local fishing boats are very well maintained.
9-willow-8-05-11-pb.jpg (72705 bytes)
 USCGC Willow leaving to accompany the RCN north.
10-willow-8-05-11-pb.jpg (80436 bytes)
Another view of the Willow.  She stayed at the CCG base on the south side, far away from downtown.
11-last-8-05-11-pb.jpg (67443 bytes)
Lasting Tradition on her final approach.

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