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August 31, 20

South Chicago Monday - Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-8-29-11-lg-DSC-0022-.jpg (91609 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger steams under the EJ&E bridge and passes the Algoma Navigator tied up at Iroquois Landing.
Stmarchall-8-29-11-lg-DSC-0039.jpg (106884 bytes)
Between 92nd And 95th.
Stmarchall-8-29-11-lg-DSC-0079.jpg (94324 bytes)
Heading to NS5 with no waiting this morning.
Stmarchall-8-29-11-lg-DSC-0084.jpg (102059 bytes)
Clear of NS5 approaching 100th St.
Stmarchall-8-29-11-lg-DSC-0112.jpg (64812 bytes)
Passing the John G. Munson taking on coal for Green Bay at KCBX.
Stmarchall-8-29-11-lg-DSC-0131.jpg (76175 bytes)
Coming up to 106th st. and passing the tug Zuccolo.
Stmarchall-8-29-11-lg-DSC-0183.jpg (91466 bytes)
Almost to Cargill Bend.
Stmarchall-8-29-11-lg-DSC-0214.jpg (83914 bytes)
Heading for Torrence Ave. under a nice summer sky.

Detroit River from the Diamond Jack -
Capt. Mike Nicholls
GOTTEDWINHb04082711mn.jpg (62804 bytes)
Edwin H Gott unloading on Zug Island.
GOTTEDWINHs02082711mn.jpg (84137 bytes) RIVERQUEENb10082711mn.jpg (74570 bytes)
River Queen downbound off Morterm In Windsor.
RIVERQUEENs07082711mn.jpg (75747 bytes) MISSISSAGIs15082711mn.jpg (60199 bytes)
Mississagi in Ojibway Slip.
GREATREPUBLICb16082711mn.jpg (39403 bytes)
Great Republic upbound in the Fighting Island Channel.
GREATREPUBLICs17082711mn.jpg (45896 bytes) PRIDEOFBALTIMOREIIb21F88CF.jpg (73835 bytes)
Pride of Baltimore II at Duffy's in Amherstburg.
PRIDEOFBALTIMOREIIs21F88D1.jpg (79934 bytes) ALDERs01082811mn.jpg (52747 bytes)
U.S.C.G.C. Alder downbound at Fighting Island North Light.
HOEYCAROLYNPATRICIAs1F88C6.jpg (63003 bytes)
Carolyn and Patricia Hoey preparing to push the Presque Isle up into the old Rouge River.
PRESQUEISLEs05082811mn.jpg (58308 bytes) CORNELIUSADAMEb06082811mn.jpg (59583 bytes)
Adam E Cornelius upbound at the Ambassador Bridge.
CORNELIUSADAMEs07082811mn.jpg (69452 bytes) SAGUENAYb10082811mn.jpg (50429 bytes)
Saguenay downbound just above the Livingstone Channel entry.
SAGUENAYs11082811mn.jpg (54484 bytes)        

Soo Tuesday -
Paul Magyar
 1-ALGOCAPE-8-30-11-PM.jpg (65445 bytes)
Algocape entering the Macarthur lock downbound with a load of taconite from Marquette.
2-JW-SHELLEY-8-31-11-PM.jpg (69944 bytes)
J.W. Shelley in ballast upbound at Mission Point.

Marquette, Mich. -
 Lee Rowe
IMG_4735.jpg (27819 bytes)
Algosoo departing
IMG_4760.jpg (41643 bytes)
Mesabi Miner departing
JBAirdLR08291104.jpg (29326 bytes)
John B Aird approaching the dock
IMG_4809.jpg (38870 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader and Joyce L. Van Enkevort departing.
MesabiMinerLR08291101.jpg (44696 bytes)
Mesabi Miner waiting
MMinerJBAirdLR08291104.jpg (32184 bytes)
Mesabi Miner and John B Aird waiting.
MMinerJBAirdLR08291105.jpg (24380 bytes)
... and waiting
AlgocapeLR08291102.jpg (43046 bytes)
Algocape loading Monday
AlgosooLR08291106.jpg (98323 bytes)
Algosoo waiting to begin loading
IMG_4785.jpg (45802 bytes)
 John B Aird arriving in the harbor.

Algoma Vessels at the Upper Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1asooacape8_29_11_rb.jpg (101310 bytes)
Algosoo and Algocape
2acape_8_29_11_rb.jpg (73266 bytes)
Algocape loading ore
3asoo_8_30_11_rb.jpg (104028 bytes)
4jba_8_30_11_rb.jpg (79943 bytes)
 John B. Aird

Duluth -
Brett Larson
Duluth-8-28-11-006.jpg (84473 bytes)
Algoma Mairner
Duluth-8-28-11-010.jpg (80071 bytes) Duluth-8-28-11-036.jpg (83283 bytes)
Roger Blough

Mackinaw at the Round Island passage -
Jarrod Heidtman
mackinaw8-30-11 (1).jpg (47902 bytes) mackinaw8-30-11 (3).jpg (80672 bytes) mackinaw8-30-11 (4).jpg (56194 bytes) mackinaw8-30-11 (2).jpg (44363 bytes)  

Prescott -
Jim Scrimger
3--Kongo-Star--Rt-Hon-Paul-J-Martin-8-16-11-JS-.jpg (49376 bytes)
Kongo Star overtaking the Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin, Prescott, Aug 16
4--Kongo-Star--Rt-Hon-Paul-J-Martin-8-16-11-JS-.jpg (49981 bytes) 2-Oslo-Bulk-6-8-12-11-JS-.jpg (62102 bytes)
Oslo Bulk 6 with Ogdensburg, N.Y. in the background, Aug 12
1--Fair-Jeanne-tall-ship-7-30-10-JS-.jpg (112445 bytes)
Tall ship, Fair Jeanne  while being refitted at Prescott harbour the summer of 2010.

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