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September 1, 20

Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-adriatic-26-08-11-rb.jpg (59610 bytes)
Adriaticborg passing Mariatown.
2-adriatic-26-08-11-rb.jpg (61813 bytes)
Adriaticborg heading down to Trois Rivieres.
3-hmcs-30-08-11-rb.jpg (49319 bytes)
 HMCS Montreal approaching Iroquois Lock.
4-hmcs-30-08-11-rb.jpg (65866 bytes)
City class frigate to visit Great Lakes ports.
5-resko-30-08-11-rb.jpg (78933 bytes)
Resko on her first trip into the Lakes.
6-resko-30-08-11-rb.jpg (113729 bytes)
Resko cabin detail.
7-manitoba-30-08-11-rb.jpg (58528 bytes)
Manitoba approaching Iroquois Lock.
8-seahound-30-08-11-rb.jpg (71592 bytes)
Seahound passing Mariatown.

Algobay St Lawrence Seaway at Kahnawake - 
Kent Malo
Algobay8-31-11-km.jpg (59739 bytes)
Downbound at Kahnawake above Montreal, Quebec, destination Point Tupper, and Sydney, Nova Scotia at 15:20 Aug, 31.

Atlantic Erie preceding HMCS Shawinigan upriver at Hudson Point west of Brockville - Dave Bessant
01-AtlanticErie-08-31-11-WDB.jpg (49599 bytes)
Atlantic Erie
02-HMCSShawinigan-08-31-11-WDB.jpg (59461 bytes)
HMCS Shawinigan following a couple of minutes behind, bound for Toronto
03-ShawiniganErie-08-31-11-WDB.jpg (47907 bytes)
The proximity of the two vessels

 Port Stanley, Ont. Fish tugs Aug. 30 - George Wharton
1.NancyASiddall83011gw4015.jpg (63163 bytes)
Nancy A. Siddall coming off Lake Erie with another fresh catch.
2.NancyASiddall83011gw4018.jpg (61945 bytes)
 Into the harbour, note the live flood lamp ornament.
3.NancyASiddall83011gw4019.jpg (119094 bytes)
Stern view.
4.MissNicoleII83011gw4022.jpg (65920 bytes)
Miss Nicole II.
5.RoykaBros83011gw4021.jpg (108266 bytes)
Royka Bros.

Col. James M. Schoonmaker taken during mid August 2011 -
Jim Hoffman
DSC_0453.jpg (73155 bytes) DSC_0472.jpg (64410 bytes)      

Aerial Shots of Goderich, Ontario after an F3 Tornado -
Philip Nash
1-Zeus-31-8-11-pn.jpg (44560 bytes)
Tug Zeus and Barge Robert F. Deegan at the North dock in Goderich was in port when the storm hit along with the Algoma Navigator who was loading salt at the time.  One fatality from the storm was the operator of the salt loading boom. The structures housing the salt where blown away, salt can be seen. The structure to left of the salt was destroyed as well which houses agricultural products.
2-Goderich-31-8-11-pn.jpg (60708 bytes)
 Downtown Goderich Square.
3-GoderichSalt-31-8-11-pn.jpg (57910 bytes)
 Sifto Salt Evaporator Plant located approximately 2 miles inland from the harbour.

Historical Perspectives -
 Jim Scrimger
1-Lakers-Westcliffe-Hall-Eaglecliffe-Hall-Conscliffe-Hall-Northcliffe-Hall-Kingston-68-JS-.jpg (72965 bytes)
Lakers Westcliffe Hall,Eaglecliff Hall,Conscliffe Hall and Northcliffe Hall was taken at Kingston Harbour in 1968. Westcliffe Hall was reported broken up in 1986-1987 after service on the Caribbean as Westcliffe. Eaglescliffe Hall sank off Galveston on Feb. 8, 1983, as Eaglescliffe Coniscliffe Hall was last reported anchored and apparently abandoned near the Bahamas as Liberty Hunter Northcliffe Hall sank as Roland Desgagnes on May 27, 1982.
4-Bluenose11--Federal-Pioneer-06-25-08-JS-.jpg (94597 bytes)
Bluenose II during a visit to Prescott, mid June 2008
2-Bluenose11-06-26-08-JS-.jpg (94461 bytes) 3-Bluenose11-Vega-Desgagne-06-25-08-JS-.jpg (117915 bytes)  

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