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September 2, 20

Robert S. Pierson at the Upper Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1rsp_9_1_11_rb.jpg (73695 bytes)
Ore load arriving above

Welland canal traffic at the end of August -
Michel Gosselin
1-mct-08-23-11-mg.jpg (66626 bytes)
MCT Almak just left lock 1
2-bella-08-23-11-mg.jpg (70384 bytes)
Bella Una just left lock 2
4-chest-08-26-11-mg.jpg (63190 bytes)
Chestnut is heading toward lock 4 west
3-chest-08-26-11-mg.jpg (81003 bytes)
stern view
5-resko-08-31-11-mg.jpg (68820 bytes)
Resko is heading toward lock 2
6-resko-08-31-11-mg.jpg (70246 bytes)
stern view
7-sala-08-31-11-mg.jpg (52348 bytes)
Salarium is about to dock at wharf 2
8-sala-08-31-11-mg.jpg (47031 bytes)
 crew member getting off
9-truck-08-31-11-mg.jpg (73586 bytes)
supply vehicles waiting
10-sala-08-31-11-mg.jpg (145925 bytes)
waiting for the rope
11-sala-08-31-11-mg.jpg (63189 bytes)
12-sala-08-31-11-mg.jpg (78350 bytes)
walking the line
13-sala-08-31-11-mg.jpg (54915 bytes)
stern view
14-sala-08-31-11-mg.jpg (77619 bytes)
loading supplies
15-jarr-08-31-11-mg.jpg (91315 bytes)
 Jarrett M and Lady J
16-boat-08-31-11-mg.jpg (112072 bytes)
17-harb-08-31-11-mg.jpg (52720 bytes)
Jarrett M and Lady J in harbour with Catherine Desgagnes in the distance
18-sala-08-31-11-mg.jpg (75223 bytes)
unloading the garbage
19-cath-08-31-11-mg.jpg (63784 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes heading toward lock 1

Sault Ste Marie on Aug. 29 - 30
- Tom Thelen
1-Rchlu-8-29-11-tt.jpg (96437 bytes)
 Richelieu entering MacArthur Lock
2-GLtrd-8-29-11-tt.jpg (65715 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader and Joyce Van Enkevort exiting Poe Lock
3-ojbwy-8-29-11-tt.jpg (50796 bytes)
Ojibway entering MacArthur lock downbound
4-mcrhy-8-30-11-tt.jpg (35608 bytes)
Workers at bow of Walter J. McCarthy Jr. as ship passes Mission Point
5-agcpe-8-30-11-tt.jpg (52722 bytes)
Algocape heading down St. Marys River
6-BrnHb-8-30-11-tt.jpg (55864 bytes)
Burns Harbor passing Mission Point
7-JoBlk-8-30-11-tt.jpg (75590 bytes)
Joseph L. Block downbound
8-AgTfr-8-30-11-tt.jpg (65671 bytes)
Algoma Transfer passing Mission Point.
9-AgLke-8-30-11-tt.jpg (52202 bytes)
Algolake passing Mission Point after a visit to Soo, Ontario
10-AgLke-8-30-11-tt.jpg (85778 bytes)
Algolake passing upbound James Barker south of Mission Point
11-JBrk-8-30-11-tt.jpg (66686 bytes)
James Barker passing Mission Point
12-Zeus-8-30-11-tt.jpg (75759 bytes)
Tug Zeus pushing barge upbound
13-JWsly-8-30-11-tt.jpg (67089 bytes)
JW Shelly passing Mission Point upbound
14-Obstr-8-30-11-tt.jpg (56499 bytes)
Hon. James L Oberstar entering Poe lock near sundown

Ships along the Seaway and St John's Newfoundland
- Captain Clarence Vautier
HHLMississippi8-31-11-cv.jpg (65099 bytes)
HHL Mississippi Cote St Catherine bound, meeting Algobay below the Cote lock Aug 31.
PacificHuron8-31-11-cv.jpg (50278 bytes)
Pacific Huron Toledo bound, meeting Algobay on Lac St Louis Aug. 31
OceanFoxTrot8-27-11-cv.jpg (94790 bytes)
Ocean Foxtrot at St John's Newfoundland

Seaway -
Jim Scrimger
1-Atlantic-Erie-8-31-11-JS-.jpg (41399 bytes)
Atlantic Erie passing Ogdensburg, N.Y. 
2-Federal-Fuj-8-31-11-JS-.jpg (70513 bytes)
Federal Fuji negotiating turn at Cardinal water processing plant.
3-Federal-Fuj-8-31-11-JS-.jpg (59335 bytes)
Federal Fuji, Cardinal,Ont.
4-Federal-Fuj-8-31-11-JS-.jpg (64780 bytes)
Federal Fuji at Johnstown Bridge.
5--tall-ship-Mist-of-Avalon-10-17-10-JS-1.jpg (137180 bytes)
Tall ship Mist of Avalon at Prescott harbour.
6--Miedwie--Mist-of-Avalon-10-17-10-JS-.jpg (64993 bytes)
Ship Miedwie and bow of Mist of Avalon at Prescott harbour.

Detroit River from the Diamond Jack -
Mike Nicholls
PINEGLENb04090111mn.jpg (40082 bytes)
Pineglen upbound off Mistersky's in Detroit.
PINEGLENs05090111mn.jpg (47050 bytes) CSLTADOUSSACb06090111mn.jpg (46695 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac downbound off Nicholson's Detroit.
MICHIPICOTENb07090911mn.jpg (52669 bytes)
Michipicoten at Southwest Sales West Dock in Windsor.
MICHIPICOTENs08090111mn.jpg (52251 bytes)
AMERICANCOURAGEb09090111mn.jpg (56306 bytes)
American Courage upbound at Fighting Island North Light.
MANITOBAb11090111mn.jpg (44145 bytes)
Manitoba upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
MANITOBAs17090111mn.jpg (46034 bytes) LYNXb19090111mn.jpg (45036 bytes)
Tall ship Lynx at the top of the Livingstone Channel.
LYNXs20090111mn.jpg (62367 bytes)
AMERICANMARINERb21090111mn.jpg (41991 bytes)
American Mariner downbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
AMERICANMARINERs25090111mn.jpg (51122 bytes)      

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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