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September 6, 20

Welland Canal - Heather Maguire
1-Algolake-09-04-11-hm.jpg (31506 bytes)
Looking through my crystal ball, I see the Algolake below Lock 3.
2-AlgomaNavigator-09-05-11-hm.jpg (58616 bytes)
Algoma Navigator in the early morning light below Lock 2.  It looks like she's all fixed up after the Goderich tornado.
3-SpiritAndNavigator-09-05-11-hm.jpg (61344 bytes)
 Algoma Navigator downbound towards Lock 1, passes the Algoma Spirit, upbound towards Lock 2.
4-AlgomaSpirit-09-05-11-hm.jpg (66177 bytes)
  Algoma Spirit sliding the wall into Lock 2.
5-SeaEagleII-09-05-11-hm.jpg (92646 bytes)
Sea Eagle II, downbound, departing Lock 3
6-SeaEagleII-09-05-11-hm.jpg (124559 bytes)
 Deck crew of the Sea Eagle II, working hard.
7-CSLNiagara-09-05-11-hm.jpg (56448 bytes)
CSL Niagara, upbound above Lock 7
8-CSLNiagara-09-05-11-hm.jpg (41533 bytes)
CSL Niagara has a very happy crew!  Dancing in the E/R.
9-Everlast-09-05-11-hm.jpg (86972 bytes)
Everlast/Norman McLeod, downbound below Lock 1.

McKee Sons unloading coal at Lafarge
- Ben & Chanda McClain
MckeS-9-5-11-BCM-01.jpg (106436 bytes) MckeS-9-5-11-BCM-02.jpg (97517 bytes)      

St. Marys River Labor Day -
Roger LeLievre
Alder-9-5-11rl.jpg (57370 bytes)
USCG Alder upbound at Mission Point
Alder-9-5-11rl-stern.jpg (67966 bytes)
Stern view
Grande-Mariner-9-5-11rl.jpg (66201 bytes)
Passenger vessel Grande Mariner
Munson,-John-G.-9-5-11rl.jpg (74616 bytes)
John G. Munson up at Mission Point
Munson,-John-G.-stern-9-5-11rl.jpg (63040 bytes)
Stern view
Undaunted-9-5-11rl.jpg (88495 bytes)
Tug Undaunted in the Mac Lock
Undaunted-stern-9-5-11rl.jpg (76303 bytes)
Stern view

Green Bay -
Matt Ludvigson
1-Alpena-9-4-11-ml.jpg (90541 bytes)
Alpena arrives on Monday
2-Alpena-9-4-11-ml.jpg (74165 bytes)
Alpena passes the St. Mary's Conquest
3-Alpena-9-4-11-ml.jpg (70331 bytes)
Passing through the Dousman St. Bridge
4-Alpena-9-4-11-ml.jpg (109138 bytes)
5-Alpena-9-4-11-ml.jpg (75213 bytes)
Turning into the Lafarge slip
6-Alpena-9-4-11-ml.jpg (72416 bytes)
Alongside fleetmate S.T. Crapo
1-LJKuber-9-4-11-ml.jpg (84405 bytes)
Lewis J Kuber arrived with a load of limestone and departed Green Bay on Sunday.
2-LJKuber-9-4-11-ml.jpg (74139 bytes)
Kuber departs the city of Green Bay under cloudy skies
3-LJKuber-9-4-11-ml.jpg (56297 bytes)
Kuber sails into a rainy and choppy Green Bay

C. Columbus upbound through the 1000 Islands on Sunday -
Fritz Hager
1-CColumbus-090411-fhh.jpg (59586 bytes)
C.Columbus upbound in the American Narrows below the 1000 Islands Bridge.
2-CColumbus-090411-fhh.jpg (72969 bytes)
Approaching the Bridge with 6-8 jet skis in her wake.

Harborfront in Toronto on September 2 -
Michel Gosselin
1-blacky-09-02-11-mg.jpg (48192 bytes)
 Blacky at Redpath dock in Toronto
3-crane-09-02-11-mg.jpg (80365 bytes)
 crane at work
4-hmcs-09-02-11-mg.jpg (92254 bytes)
banner for HMCS Montreal
5-kaja-09-02-11-mg.jpg (39535 bytes)
Kajama in the harbour
6-zodiac-09-02-11-mg.jpg (136696 bytes)
7-hmcs-09-02-11-mg.jpg (137191 bytes)
stern view of HMCS Shawinigan
8-cana-09-02-11-mg.jpg (59101 bytes)
Canadian Provider
9-red-09-02-11-mg.jpg (55810 bytes)
Redpath plant
10-hmcs-09-02-11-mg.jpg (104943 bytes)
 banner for HMCS Shawinigan
11-kaja-09-02-11-mg.jpg (43847 bytes)
12-hmcs-09-02-11-mg.jpg (52282 bytes)
HMCS Montreal
13-fun-09-02-11-mg.jpg (67815 bytes)

Funnel of HMCS Montreal

14-dock-09-02-11-mg.jpg (110888 bytes)
 ferry dock in Toronto

Detroit River September 4 -
John van der Doe
4-September-2011-(42).jpg (64881 bytes) 4-September-2011-(48).jpg (92532 bytes) 4-September-2011-(49).jpg (70840 bytes) 4-September-2011-(50).jpg (70455 bytes)  

Buffalo dredging -
Brian W.
1KristaS9-4-11BW.jpg (101675 bytes)
Krista S. hooked up to a loaded scow in the City Ship Canal.
2KristaS9-4-11BW.jpg (113945 bytes)
Loaded scow at the #17 derrick boat and an empty scow in the background.
3KristaS9-4-11BW.jpg (115349 bytes)
The fully loaded scow is about to be pushed clear of the #17 derrick boat on it's way to the lakefront disposal pond.
4KristaS9-4-11BW.jpg (85867 bytes)
The Krista S. has departed the dredge site and is pushing her scow down the reach of the Buffalo Ship Canal at South Michigan Ave.
5KristaS9-4-11BW.jpg (119348 bytes)
 This view shows the tug passing by the General Mills Frontier Elevator and flour mills on the way to the Outer Harbor.

Toledo Docks Sunday
- Steven Feher
9-04-11-011.jpg (89145 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson loading at  CSX #4 coal machine
9-04-11-012.jpg (85937 bytes) 9-04-11-014.jpg (63980 bytes)
John J Boland pulling in at #2 wall to wait for Jackson to finish
9-04-11-015.jpg (76138 bytes) 9-04-11-017.jpg (47855 bytes)

Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island -
Dianne Donati
Kaye-Barker-and-Alpena-94-11-dd.jpg (73768 bytes) Kaye-Barker-3-9-4-11-dd.jpg (94035 bytes) Olive-Moore-Lewis-Kuber-2-9-5-11-dd.jpg (85845 bytes) Catherine-Desgagnes-9-3-11-dd.jpg (83664 bytes)  

St. Clair River Saturday -
Dawn Roberts
1-Front-9-3-11-dr.jpg (44907 bytes)
3-Callo-9-3-11-dr.jpg (48192 bytes)
Cason J. Calloway
4-Tadou-9-3-11-dr.jpg (50442 bytes)
5-Grep-9-3-11-dr.jpg (40344 bytes)
Great Republic
6-Pcres-9-3-11-dr.jpg (57197 bytes)
Peter R. Creswell
7-Adribg-9-3-11-dr.jpg (56812 bytes)
8-Algonav-9-3-11-dr.jpg (62623 bytes)
Algoma Navigator
9-Algosea-9-3-11-dr.jpg (36108 bytes)
10-Amcent-9-3-11-dr.jpg (62561 bytes)
American Century
11-DdoII-9-3-11-dr.jpg (87334 bytes)
Duc D'Orleans II (Canadian tour boat)
12-Algtrns-9-3-11-dr.jpg (42503 bytes)
Algoma Transfer
13-Jspence-9-3-11-dr.jpg (57896 bytes)
John Spence & barge

American Courage at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1acour_9_3_11_rb.jpg (125784 bytes)
Profile view with early fall colors along the lakeshore


Alpena at Port Huron Saturday -
Don Detloff
1-alpena-03sep11-djd.jpg (76484 bytes) 2-alpena-03sep11-djd.jpg (98468 bytes) 3-alpena-03sep11-djd.jpg (60042 bytes)    

Tug Ann Marie and barge inbound Buffalo -
 Paul Bauer
annmarie9-3-11-(2).jpg (69046 bytes) annmarie9-3-11-(1).jpg (78406 bytes)      

Algoma Discovery -
Roger LeLievre
Alg-Discovery-1---9-3-11rl.jpg (54813 bytes)
The G-tugs Florida and Missouri assisting the Algoma Discovery Saturday at the Soo.
Alg-Discovery-2---9-3-11rl.jpg (65496 bytes)
Algoma Discovery is reportedly headed for the shipyard at Port Weller with mechanical trouble.
Missouri-2--9-3-11rl.jpg (74181 bytes)
She is loaded with wheat from Thunder Bay.
Florida-9-3-11rl.JPG.jpg (87246 bytes) Missouri--9-3-11rl.jpg (83495 bytes)

Algoma Discovery Tow past the Museum Ship Valley Camp -
Nathan Gregorich
03.AlgomaDiscoveryTow.9.3.11.NJG.jpg (61087 bytes)
Tow off the Museum Ship Valley Camp
08.AlgomaDiscoveryTow.9.3.11.NJG.jpg (61690 bytes) 04.AlgomaDiscoveryTow.9.3.11.NJG.jpg (66423 bytes)
Tug Florida
07.AlgomaDiscoveryTow.9.3.11.NJG.jpg (56514 bytes)
Tug Missouri
11.AlgomaDiscoveryTow.9.3.11.NJG.jpg (58721 bytes)
Tow in front of Soo Locks Boat Tours Dock 2

Welland Canal & Hamilton Photos from Aug 24.
- Paul Beesley
1-ccg44-08-24-11-pb.jpg (110853 bytes)
A former Canadian Coast Guard 44-foot search and rescue craft now registered as a pleasure craft.  Nasty, noisy ride, that.
2-flights-08-24-11-pb.jpg (156102 bytes)
In the Flight locks.  We are going down.
3-flights-08-24-11-pb.jpg (75462 bytes)
 The sail boat was registered in Bikini, Marshall Islands.
4-lacman-08-24-11-pb.jpg (79366 bytes)
 My ride that day, Lac Manitoba after we arrived in Hamilton.
5-man-08-24-11-pb.jpg (60244 bytes)
Manitoba, ex-Maritime Trader, loading in Hamilton.

Welland Canal -
Eira Voth
HHL-AMUR-2011-08-26-DBL3L2-emv.jpg (57775 bytes) HHL-AMUR-2011-08-26-DBL3L2-emv-(3).jpg (58295 bytes) Sarah-Desgagnés-2011-08-31-UBL3L4-emv-(1).jpg (58945 bytes) Sarah-Desgagnés-2011-08-31-UBL3L4-emv-(2).jpg (87496 bytes)  

Port of Sydney Nova Scoita -
Captain Clarence Vautier
SwitzerBedford9-3-11-cv.jpg (62235 bytes)
Tug Switzer Bedford
AliceOldendorff9-3-11-cv.jpg (31871 bytes)
Alice Oldendorff
AliceOldendorff9-3-11cv.jpg (42580 bytes) Rutland9--3-11-cv.jpg (22315 bytes)
Rutland waiting to top off for Japan
HarmenOldendorff9-3-11-cv.jpg (37132 bytes)
Harnen Oldendorff

MistyJean in Southampton September 2011 -
Randy Hammond
1-MistyJean-05-09-11-RCH.jpg (107308 bytes)
MistyJean sitting at dock with structure above the rail removed.
2-MistyJean-05-09-11-RCH.jpg (94140 bytes)
MistyJean's turtle, wheelhouse and structure on a barge after being removed.

Seaway -
Jim Scrimger
2-Oslo-Bulk-6-8-12-11-JS-.jpg (65260 bytes)
Oslo Bulk 6 with Ogdensburg,N.Y. in background.
1-Oslo-Bulk-6-8-12-11-JS-.jpg (106790 bytes) 3-C.D.Howe-58-JS-.jpg (85419 bytes)
Icebreaker C.D. Howe at Resolute Bay,1958.
4-Bergs-Resolute-Bay-58-JS-.jpg (89740 bytes)
Icebergs, Resolute Bay,1958.

St. John’s harbour during the early seventies, cold war time -
Jim Scrimger
1-USSR-JS-.jpg (71912 bytes)
I believe they are part of a fishing fleet and the largest ship is a processing plant, It has a name in Russian.
2-USSR-JS-.jpg (64609 bytes) 3-USSR-JS-.jpg (184797 bytes) 4-USSR-.jpg (147810 bytes) 5-USSR-JS-.jpg (91615 bytes)

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