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September 8, 20

Soo -  Roger LeLievre
Algoma-Spirit-9-8-11rl.jpg (50187 bytes)
Algoma Spirit
Altman-Anna-Marie-9-8-11rl.jpg (68498 bytes)
Idle tugs Anna Marie Altman and Sioux at the Purvis dock in Sault, Ont.
Clarke-PR,-9-7-11rl.jpg (50814 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke
Cornelius-Algoma-Spirit-9-8-11rl.jpg (44615 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius leads Algoma Spirit into Soo Harbor.
Cornelius,-Adam-9-8-11rl.jpg (53753 bytes)
Cornelius, stern view.
Hiawatha-9-8-11rl.jpg (74311 bytes)
Tour boat Hiawatha.
Manitoba-9-7-11rl.jpg (46576 bytes)
Pineglen-9-7-11rl.jpg (41640 bytes)
Purvis-WJ-9-8-11rl.jpg (62596 bytes)
W.J. Ivan Purvis at dock.
Yankcanuck-9-8-11rl.jpg (57803 bytes)
Laid up Yankcanuck in Sault, Ont.

Detroit River/Belle Isle Tuesday -
John van der Doe
P1010701.jpg (66904 bytes) P1010775.jpg (44842 bytes) P1010704.jpg (51083 bytes) P1010707.jpg (60521 bytes) P1010726.jpg (48196 bytes)

Toronto -
Frederick Larkin
CIAS-2011-001.jpg (67200 bytes)
The ferry Sam McBride keeping ahead of a fog bank in Toronto's inner harbour on Friday Sept. 2.
CIAS-2011-016.jpg (56110 bytes)
Tall ship Empire Sandy in Toronto's Eastern Gap on Monday as seen from atop the CN Tower.

Hon. James L. Oberstar at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1jlo_9_3_11_rb.jpg (136648 bytes)
Scenic view, waiting to load ore

Algoma Guardian and Quebecois at Brockville and Prescott -
Dave Bessant
01-AlgomaGuardianQuebecois-09-06-11-WDB.jpg (58666 bytes)
Quebecois approaching Blockhouse Island with the Brockville Police boat close by, and Algoma Guardian downbound in the distance.
02-AlgomaGuardian-06-09-11-WDB.jpg (69361 bytes)
Algoma Guardian about to pass under the Prescott Ogdensburg International bridge 

J.W. Shelley spent a couple days in Duluth/Superior recently, loading grain at Peavey's Connor's Point -
Tom Anderson
1-JWS-9-6-11-ta.jpg (79121 bytes)        

Recent Welland Canal and Hamilton -
Paul Beesley
1-hhlamur-08-26-11-pb.jpg (53798 bytes)
HHL Amur below Lock 2 on a threatening day.  ex-Beluga Fidelity
2-fedfuj-08-30-11-pb.jpg (75772 bytes)
Federal Fuji in the canal.  What language is the script above the English version?
3-fedpow-08-30-11-pb.jpg (50150 bytes)
Federal Power working cargo in Hamilton
4-grasse-08-30-11-pb.jpg (80605 bytes)
St Lawrence Seaway Development Corp (the US side of Seaway operations) barge Grasse River at Heddle Marine in Hamilton.
5-jrroub-08-30-11-pb1.jpg (82428 bytes)
 Drill rig J R Rouble as seen in 2005.  She has been de-powered and is being taken to her base in Port Maitland.
5-jrroub-08-30-11-pb.jpg (124308 bytes)
Looking down at the deck of the Rouble.  They had operational air conditioning but had to carry and use a portable toilet.
6-jrroub-08-30-11-pb.jpg (194428 bytes) 7-jrroub-08-30-11-pb.jpg (50744 bytes)
 One side of the catamaran bow of the Rouble.  She was built in Nashville, Tenn.
8-lacman-08-30-11-pb.jpg (132183 bytes)
The braking tug for this tow.  The Rouble is owned by Dundee Oil & Gas.
9-jar-08-30-11-pb.jpg (99978 bytes)
Jarrett M, the pulling tug.
10-jar-08-30-11-pb.jpg (202089 bytes)
 Bird's eye view.  We were waiting below Lock 2 for a downbounder.
11-oclass-08-30-11-pb.jpg (46478 bytes)
Two of the Royal Canadian Navy's former Oberon-class submarines in Hamilton.  The Oberon class was a follow-on to the earlier Porpoise class, and they appeared almost identical.  New hull materials gave a deeper diving depth, and additional soundproofing was provided.
12-oclass-08-30-11-pb.jpg (61190 bytes)
 Another view.  These submarines were very quiet for their day, and stayed in service with various Navies past the year 2000.  At the time, they were state of the art conventional subs, despite being based on a late-WWII German hull design.
13-oclass-08-30-11-pb.jpg (69828 bytes)
These O-class were diesel boats with little space for the crew.  Hot-bunking was de-riguer.  They were originally fitted with two stern-facing 'short' torpedo tubes, but the advent of reliable guided torpedos made these obsolete. These stern tubes were converted by the Canadian Navy for the installation of a towed array sonar
14-oclass-08-30-11-pb.jpg (85830 bytes)
The final member of this class, HMS Onyx (not pictured), was the only conventional submarine to see service in the Falkland's War of 1982, where she was used for special operations in and around the islands.
15-robbay-08-30-11-pb.jpg (95774 bytes)
 Robinson Bay, also from SLSDC, at Heddle.

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