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September 10, 20

Toledo Docks Friday - Steve Feher 
9-09-11-002.jpg (92917 bytes)
James L Kuber  loading under CSX #4 coal machine.
9-09-11-005.jpg (104255 bytes)
Michipicoten backing under for her load.
9-09-11-007.jpg (81997 bytes) 9-09-11-009.jpg (71826 bytes)  

Port Huron Friday -
Bruce Hurd
100_8561.jpg (83423 bytes)
Tug Manitou upbound
100_8562.jpg (34771 bytes)
Mesabi Miner downbound
100_8564.jpg (42502 bytes)
Work taking place on the Miners deck
100_8578.jpg (65015 bytes)
Canadian Naval Vessel 704 - Sawingan
100_8570.jpg (64183 bytes)
711 - Summerside. Both are Kingston Class Coastal Defense Vessels.
100_8585.jpg (63275 bytes)
Joseph H Thompson Jr.

Renamed Algoma Provider at her layup berth in Toronto Friday -
Bill Bird
1-Algoma-Provider-09-09-11-bb.jpg (77476 bytes) 2-Algoma-Provider-bow-09-09-11-bb.jpg (63697 bytes) 3-Algoma-Provider-stern-09-09-11-bb.jpg (73138 bytes)    

Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Friday
Dianne Donati
Cason-Calloway-9-9-11-dd.jpg (119750 bytes) Philip-R-Clarke-2-9-9-11-dd.jpg (77842 bytes)      

BBC Jade in the Port of Duluth
BBC-Jade_Port-of-Duluth_1067x.jpg (62517 bytes)
 Arrived early Thursday morning to begin discharging nearly 4,000 freight tons of wind turbine components destined for Minnesota Power’s Bison 1 Wind Energy Center in North Dakota.

Canadian Navy off Courtright, Ont.
- Stephen Lambley
1Summerside8911sl.jpg.jpg (83340 bytes)
HMCS Summerside
2Shawinigan8911sl.jpg.jpg (68906 bytes)
HMCS Shawinigan upbound

Detroit River from the Diamond Jack -
Mike Nicholls
BOLANDJOHNJb04090411mn.jpg (81812 bytes)
John J Boland unloading on Zug Island.
BOLANDJOHNJs03090411mn.jpg (82984 bytes) CALLAWAYCASONJb11090411mn.jpg (57923 bytes)
Cason J Callaway loading at Zug Island
MARYSVILLEb10090411mn.jpg (79946 bytes) HOEYPATRICIAb09090411mn.jpg (96649 bytes)
Patricia Hoey and Marysville fueling the Callaway.
HOEYPATRICIAs07090411mn.jpg (102592 bytes) MARYSVILLEs08090411mn.jpg (77006 bytes) ALGOMADISCOVERYs15090411mn.jpg (46049 bytes)
Algoma Discovery downbound in the Livingstone Channel.
PRESQUEISLEs18090411mn.jpg (47042 bytes)
Presque Isle upbound in the Amherstburg Channel.
REDWINGb13090411mn.jpg (87737 bytes)
Small yacht Red Wing downbound at the Hole-In-The-Wall in the Livingstone Channel.

Recent Salties in the American Narrows
- John McCreery
1-ClipperLancer-8-30-11-jm.jpg (72940 bytes)
Clipper Lancer upbound at Alexandria Bay
2-ClipperLancer-8-30-11-jm.jpg (76241 bytes)
Passing Boldt Castle, destination Clarkson
4-ClipperLancer-8-30-11-jm.jpg (83115 bytes)
Stern view
5-Katsura-IdaMII-8-30-11-jm.jpg (99205 bytes)
Downbound Federal Katsura meets the Ida M II in the American Narrows
6-FedKatsura-8-30-11-jm.jpg (69384 bytes)
Federal Katsura
7-FedKatsura-8-30-11-jm.jpg (83315 bytes)
Stern view passing Boldt Castle
8-Katsura-Montreal-8-30-11-jm.jpg (42354 bytes)
Katsura and the HMCS Montreal up for Toronto
9-Resko-8-30-11-jm.jpg (58735 bytes)
Resko entering the American Narrows at Deer Island
11-Resko-8-30-11-jm.jpg (76524 bytes)
Passing Boldt Castle
13-Resko-8-30-11-jm.jpg (108223 bytes)

 Quebecois heading for Lock 2  Thursday
- Rob Hartley
quebec-017.jpg (51434 bytes) quebec-022.jpg (56484 bytes) quebec-023.jpg (61597 bytes) quebec-027.jpg (80856 bytes)  

Welland Canal Tuesday -
Michel Gosselin
1-juka-09-06-11-mg.jpg (74440 bytes)
Jukasa III just left lock 1
2-hmcs-09-06-11-mg.jpg (85379 bytes)
HMCS Summerside about to enter lock 1
3-colo-09-06-11-mg.jpg (57386 bytes)
 passengers on c. Columbus
4-colo-09-06-11-mg.jpg (94760 bytes)
 too cold for crew
5-colo-09-06-11-mg.jpg (65005 bytes)
c. Columbus about to enter lock 3
6-colo-09-06-11-mg.jpg (33056 bytes) 7-colo-09-06-11-mg.jpg (115856 bytes)
outdoor pool
8-colo-09-06-11-mg.jpg (50249 bytes)
9-colo-09-06-11-mg.jpg (90400 bytes)
more passengers
10-hmcs-09-06-11-mg.jpg (72639 bytes)
HMCS Shawinigan about to enter lock 3
11-hmcs-09-06-11-mg.jpg (121143 bytes)
crew getting ready
12-hmcs-09-06-11-mg.jpg (82902 bytes)
HMCS Summerside and HMCS Shawinigan being raised in lock 3
13-hmcs-09-06-11-mg.jpg (110170 bytes)
more crew getting ready

Great Republic at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1grtrep_9_5_11_rb.jpg (75910 bytes)
Arriving to load ore

St. Clair River -
Dawn C. Roberts
1-Gtug-9-5-11-dcr.jpg (48931 bytes)
2-Wjmoore-9-5-11-dcr.jpg (42005 bytes)
William J. Moore & McCleary's Spirit
3-Mglen-9-5-11-dcr.jpg (50242 bytes)
4-Hjober-9-5-11-dcr.jpg (55099 bytes)
Hon. James Oberstar
5-Fpow-9-8-11-dcr.jpg (45885 bytes)
Saltie Federal Power
7-Path-9-8-11-dcr.jpg (58427 bytes)
Pathfinder & Dorothy Ann
8-Dann-9-8-11-dcr.jpg (67687 bytes) 9-Fpion-9-8-11-dcr.jpg (52004 bytes)
Federal Pioneer

Recent Photos from the Port Dover area -
Paul Beesley
1-canoly-09-03-11-pb.jpg (57613 bytes)
Canadian Olympic unloading.
2-model-09-03-11-pb.jpg (67351 bytes)
 A model found in a Marine Stuff store.
3-sardes-09-03-11-pb.jpg (53900 bytes)
Sarah Desgagnes waiting to depart.
4-sardes-09-03-11-pb.jpg (68287 bytes)
Interested onlookers as the ship leaves.
5-sardes-09-03-11-pb.jpg (85489 bytes)
The bow passes the end of the pier.
6-dolph-09-03-11-pb.jpg (85736 bytes)
One of the dolphins has this rig.  Is this to accept the unloading boom of a Footer?
7-tugs-09-03-11-pb.jpg (165830 bytes)
Part of the Port Dover ghost fleet.  The outboard tug was the J A Cornett.
8-stuff-09-03-11-pb.jpg (122608 bytes)
9-sardes-09-03-11-pb.jpg (46005 bytes)
 Sarah Desgagnes at anchor in Long Point Bay.  Divers were required to remove rope from the prop.
10-sardes-09-03-11-pb.jpg (46100 bytes)
 Another view. 

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