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September 13, 20

Tall ships at Prescott Monday - Jim Scrimger
1-Niagara-9-12-11-JS-.jpg (95542 bytes)
Tall ship Niagara coming to Prescott dock.
2-Niagara-Canadian-Empress-9-12-11-JS-.jpg (72462 bytes)
Niagara coming to dock, tour boat Canadian Empress leaving for Montreal.
3-Niagara-9-12-11-JS-.jpg (197984 bytes)
Niagara’s masts.
4-Niagara-9-12-11-JS-.jpg (182613 bytes)
Niagara docking.
5-Empire-Sandy-9-12-11-JS-.jpg (111303 bytes)
Tall ship Empire Sandy at Johnstown bridge.
6-Empire-Sandy-9-12-11-JS-.jpg (75818 bytes)
Empire Sandy with Ogdensburg N.Y in background.

Montrealais sporting her Algoma stack on a downbound trip at Detroit Monday -
Michael Koprowicz and Nathan Nietering
2-montrealais-9-12-11-mk.jpg.jpg (53281 bytes) 3-montrealais-9-12-11-mk.jpg.jpg (51141 bytes) 6-montrealais-9-12-11-mk.jpg.jpg (64168 bytes) 7-montrealais-9-12-11-mk.jpg.jpg (97739 bytes) 9-montrealais-9-12-11-mk.jpg.jpg (61105 bytes)
Tyfon horns painted black and red stand out nicely accented against the Steamers Stack. The Montrealais is one of only 5 ships that retain the large Tyfon 425, the others being sistership Quebecois and American Steamers Wilfred Sykes, Edward L Ryerson and Herbert C. Jackson.

Sept Iles Bay and harbor
Monday - Capt. Clarence Vautier
CSLLaurentien9-12-11-CV.jpg (46709 bytes)
CSL Laurentien all at anchor in Sept Iles Bay
CapeMathilde9-12-11-CV.jpg (34052 bytes)
Cape Mathilde
Columbian9-12-11-CV.jpg (35944 bytes)
FrontierCoronet9-12-11-CV.jpg (42512 bytes)
Frontier Coronet
YueMay9-12-11-cv.jpg (38123 bytes)
Yue May
Algobay9-12.jpg (48086 bytes)
Algobay loads for Contrcouer.

John G Munson arrived in Green Bay Monday afternoon with a load of coal for the C. Reiss dock -
Matt Ludvigson
1-JGMunson-9-12-11-ml.jpg (57272 bytes)
John G Munson in the Fox River
2-JGMunson-9-12-11-ml.jpg (64676 bytes)
Munson passes through the Dousman St. bridge
3-JGMunson-9-12-11-ml.jpg (83889 bytes)
Munson passes through the Mason St. bridge
4-JGMunson-9-12-11-ml.jpg (64042 bytes)
Munson positions to dock at C. Reiss coal dock

Welland Canal -
Eira Voth
Algoma-Discovery--2011-09-09-above-L7--emv.jpg (88822 bytes)
Algoma Discovery above Lock 7 Sunday on her way downbound to S.M. & I. drydock.
Algoma-Discovery--2011-09-09-above-L7--emv-(1).jpg (77979 bytes) Algoma-Discovery--2011-09-09-above-L7--emv-(2).jpg (68402 bytes) Algoma-Discovery--2011-09-11-into-SM&I-DD-emv-(1).jpg (77640 bytes) Algoma-Discovery--2011-09-11-into-SM&I-DD-emv-(2).jpg (89580 bytes)
Algoma-Discovery--2011-09-11-into-SM&I-DD-emv-(3).jpg (58559 bytes) Algoma-Discovery--2011-09-11-into-SM&I-DD-emv-(4).jpg (150889 bytes) Algoma-Discovery--2011-09-11-into-SM&IDD-emv-(5).jpg (69718 bytes) Algoma-Discovery--2011-09-11-into-SM&I-DD-emv-(6).jpg (74357 bytes) Algoma-Discovery--2011-09-11-into-SM&I-DD-emv-(7).jpg (68304 bytes)
Turning for the dry dock
Algoma-Discovery--2011-09-11-into-SM&I-DD-emv-(8).jpg (159776 bytes) submarine--2011-0912-approaching-wharf-12@PC-emv-(6).jpg (74085 bytes)
Submarine tow approaching Wharf 12 Monday
submarine--2011-0912-approaching-wharf-12@PC-emv-(8).jpg (50116 bytes)    

Montreal - Rene Beauchamp
canadianminer9-11-11-rb.jpg (61650 bytes)
anadian Miner in Montreal. She is expected to leave Montreal on Tuesday under tow of Hellas for Aliaga, Turkey to be broken up.
donfelixI9-11-11-rb.jpg (87611 bytes)
Petrolia Desgagnes has been finally painted on her hull. However, she has not been taken over by the new owners yet after they renamed the vessel Don Felix I. Her Canadian registry was closed on April 6.
Erieborg9-11-11-rb.jpg (89181 bytes)
Erieborg entering the Seaway on September 11 bound for Chicago.

Sunday - Normand Daneau
RaymondLemay9-11-11-ND.jpg (47932 bytes)
Tug Raymond Lemay and the St Lawrence Seaway crane arrived in Sorel on Sunday to unload a 170 transformer and returned to Montreal
SLSHecules9-11-11-ND.jpg (65385 bytes)
SLS Hercules, is a self propelled crane but tugs are used on long trips.
FederalMiramichi9-11-11-ND.jpg (71667 bytes)
Tug and crane coming alongside the Federal Miramichi
VMSHercules9-11-11-ND.jpg (73173 bytes)
Crane VMS Hercules alongside the Federal Miramichi
TugRamond-Lemay-9-11-11-ND.jpg (100140 bytes)
Captain Martin Truchon waves as the sailor looks on, aboard the Ocean Raymond Lemay.
TugRaymonLemay9-11-11-nd-.jpg (60772 bytes)
Tug Raymond Lemay at Sorel

Peter R Cresswell loaded salt in Goderich on Sunday -
  Rob Skinner
1-peterrcresswell-09-11-11-rs.jpg (64338 bytes) 2-peterrcresswell-09-11-11-rs.jpg (64893 bytes)
Stern view showing portable loaders
3-peterrcresswell-09-11-11-rs.jpg (59410 bytes)    

Fireboat John S Damrell at Chambly, Quebec Sunday -
Kent Malo
JohnSDamrell9-11-11-km-b.jpg (78717 bytes)
Fireboat John S Damrell seen here waiting to transit the Chambly canal for Lake Champlain and the Hudson river on her way to Boston, Mass.
JohnSDamrell9-11-11-km-c.jpg (88618 bytes)
Firefighters onboard are a local contingent from Chambly, Quebec visiting.

St. Clair River -
 Dawn Roberts
1-Gfox-9-10-11-dr.jpg (72709 bytes)
3-Stcl-9-11-11-dr.jpg (51745 bytes)
St. Clair
7-Slaud-9-12-11-dr.jpg (48133 bytes)
 Sam Laud
9-Tadou-9-12-11-dr.jpg (40855 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac

 Iroquois -
Murray Blancher
1-Mapleglen-09-08-11-mb.jpg (73448 bytes) 2-Ruby-T-09-10-11-mb.jpg (83014 bytes) 3-Federal-Power-09-10-11-mb.jpg (74907 bytes) 4-Federal--Power-09-10-11-mb.jpg (57879 bytes) 5-Clipper-Leader-09-10-11-mb.jpg (35650 bytes)
6-Pineglen-09-10-11-mb.jpg (61158 bytes) 7-Algocape-09-11-11-mb.jpg (59975 bytes) 8-John-J-Moore-&-McCleary-Spirit-09-09-11-mb.jpg (64534 bytes) 1-Algocape-09-11-11-mb.jpg (52409 bytes)
Algocape up at Loylist Park Mariatown with the sun over the wheelhouse Sunday
2-John-J-Moore-&-McCleary-Spirit-09-09-11-mb.jpg (30880 bytes)
John J Moore & McCleary Spirit down at Mariatown in the early morning

Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island -
Dianne Donati
Alpena-9-12-11-dd.jpg (78773 bytes) Manistee-2-9-11-11-dd.jpg (76187 bytes)      

Dorothy Ann and barge Pathfinder on the Cuyahoga River Sunday -
Kate White
1-Dorothy-Ann-Pathfinder-9-11-11-kw.jpg (109585 bytes)
From the Hope Memorial Bridge
2-Dorothy-Ann-Pathfinder--9-11-11-kw.jpg (84412 bytes)      

Two Harbors Sunday -
Dan Ross
bottbowtoandersonsterndcr.jpg (72208 bytes) Gott-Anderson9-11-11dcr.jpg (77561 bytes) Gotttwoharbors9-11-11dcr.jpg (65797 bytes) TwoHarbors-wall-dcr.jpg (101781 bytes) ArthurAnderson-9-11-11dcr.jpg (94285 bytes)
Twoharborslight91111dcr.jpg (97585 bytes) FrontenacPilothousedcr.jpg (97261 bytes)      

Alpena in St. Joe Saturday
- Greg Barber
1--Alpena-9-10-11-GB.jpg (81850 bytes)
Alpena unloading in St. Joe
2-Alpena-0-10-11-GB.jpg (56667 bytes)
Backing away from the dock lining up the train bridge
3-Alpena-9-10-11-GB.jpg (60630 bytes)
Backing out
4-Alpena-9-10-11-GB.jpg (56007 bytes)
Heading for the lake
5-Alpena-9-10-11-GB.jpg (31815 bytes)
Turned north heading for Alpena

Kwintebank upbound off Port Huron Saturday morning -
Bruce Hurd
100_8587.jpg (51853 bytes)        

Nacelles discharged from BBC Jade Friday in Duluth -
Duluth Seaway Port Authority
_RMW8850c---Copy.jpg (75819 bytes)
They are for Minnesota Power's Bison 1 Wind project in North Dakota
IMG_2065.jpg (99524 bytes)      

Ogdensburg, N.Y. -
Jim Scrimger
1-Blacky-9-8-11-JS-.jpg (73506 bytes)
Blacky at Johnstown bridge.
2-Blacky-9-8-11-JS-.jpg (103878 bytes) 3-Chestnut-9-8-11-JS-.jpg (67945 bytes)
Chestnut at bridge and passing Ogdensburg N.Y.
4-Chestnut-9-8-11-JS-.jpg (80332 bytes) 5-Tug-Spartan-9-8-11-JS-.jpg (43285 bytes)
Tug Spartan and barge
6-Tug-Spartan-9-8-11-JS-.jpg (109459 bytes) 7-Tug-Spartan-9-8-11-JS-.jpg (75918 bytes)      

Paul R. Tregurtha at the Upper Harbor in Marquette Sept. 7
- Rod Burdick
1prt_9_7_11_rb.jpg (57492 bytes)
Arriving to unload coal
2prt_9_7_11_rb.jpg (74275 bytes)
Backing in

Toronto October 8, 2010 -
Frederick Larkin
toronto2010.jpg (69788 bytes)
Algontario and James Norris at rest in Toronto.
torontoKWASIND2010.jpg (89267 bytes)
The two launches of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto. On the left, Kwasind (built in 1912); and on the right, Hiawatha (built in 1895).

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