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September 14, 20

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-sandy-12-09-11-rb.jpg (75444 bytes)
Empire Sandy passing Mariatown on her way to a festival in Montreal.
2-fair-13-09-11-rb.jpg (148965 bytes)
Fair Jeanne at her dock in Brockville.
3-salarium-13-09-11-rb.jpg (70875 bytes)
Salarium running up the river below Brockville.
4-niagara-13-09-11-rb.jpg (151278 bytes)
Niagara departing Prescott on her way down to Montreal.
5-hmcs-13-09-11-rb.jpg (37067 bytes)
 HMCS Montreal and Niagara heading down the river. Contrasting 1812 with the present.
6-hmcs-13-09-11-rb.jpg (58404 bytes)
HMCS Montreal below the bridge at Johnstown.
7-boom-13-09-11-rb.jpg (112145 bytes)
 Boom Queen on the hard in the North Channel above Cardinal.
8-algoma-13-09-11-rb.jpg (64103 bytes)
Algoma Guardian departing Iroquois Lock.
9-jana-13-09-11-rb.jpg (55678 bytes)
Jana Desgagnes upbound below Iroquois.
10-jana-13-09-11-rb.jpg (55579 bytes)
Jana Desgagnes upbound after passing the Sea Fox.

Port of Montreal Tuesday-
 Kent Malo
CanadianMiner0-13-11-KM.jpg (66409 bytes)
Canadian Miner and tugs Hellas at the bow, and Vigilant 1 on the stern. to depart 0430 Sept. 14 for Aliaga, Turkey.
CanadianMiner9-13-11-km.jpg (80661 bytes)
Canadian Miner sec 56
OceanGeorgieBain9-13-11-km.jpg (80401 bytes)
Ocean Georgie Bain secures at sec 2
EmpireSandy9-13-11-KM.jpg (61494 bytes)
Tall ship Empire Sandy arriving at sec 24
SarahDesgagnes9-13-11-km.jpg (89359 bytes)
Sarah Desgagnes undergoing repairs at sec 44
OOCL-Montreal9-13-11-km.jpg (86918 bytes)
OOCL Montreal at sec 60

Lower St Lawrence River
- Clarence Vautier.
CapPhilippe9-13-11-CV.jpg (31644 bytes)
Cap Phillippe off loading at St Romuald across from Quebec City
Unique-Explorer9-13-11-CV.jpg (38820 bytes)
Unique Explorer sea bound, St Lawrence river
Ostsee9-13-11-CV.jpg (48225 bytes)
Ostsee, Netherlands dredge working below Quebec City
SeaSafari9-13-11-CV.jpg (49678 bytes)
Sea Safari, pleasure craft at Quebec City.
GangesStar9-13-11-CV.jpg (40057 bytes)
Ganges Star up bound for Montreal
TimSDool9-13-11-CV.jpg (58232 bytes)
Tim S Dool at Quebec City.

Goderich Monday
- John McCreery
1-Michipicoten-9-12-11-jm.jpg (77969 bytes)
Michipicoten loading for Toledo
2-Michipicoten-9-12-11-jm.jpg (143257 bytes)
The recent tornado has stripped away the trees on high ground behind the elevator affording a new viewpoint.
3-SaltLoader-9-12-11-jm.jpg (78903 bytes)
What remains of the former salt loader along with a temporary loader
4-Sifto-9-12-11-jm.jpg (78227 bytes)
Still standing but battered remains of the Sifto facility
5-Sifto-9-12-11-jm.jpg (75228 bytes)
Collapsed building
6-Goderich-9-12-11-jm.jpg (98647 bytes)
Many trees uprooted and gone
7-Goderich-9-12-11-jm.jpg (121354 bytes)
Most of the trees and vegetation gone from the high ground along with siding from the older elevators
8-Goderich-9-12-11-jm.jpg (109762 bytes)
Elsewhere in the town the damage more visibly apparent
9-Goderich-9-12-11-jm.jpg (124351 bytes)
No safe haven
10-Goderich-9-12-11-jm.jpg (113079 bytes)
The tornado swept up from the harbour and cut a swath dead centre through the heart of town

Cap-de-la-Madeleine (Trois Rivieres) Qc -
Michel St-Denis
01-Cavalier-Maxim110912msd.jpg (66930 bytes)
Cavalier Maxim downbound
02-Cavalier-Maxim110912msd.jpg (54337 bytes) 03-Atlantic-Erie110912msd.jpg (60759 bytes)
Atlantic Erie downbound
04-Atlantic-Erie110912msd.jpg (37850 bytes)  

Port Huron Monday -
 Janet Wobser
1-Algoway-9-12-11-jrw.jpg (64313 bytes)
Algoway downbound at Vantage Point
2-LeeA-9-12-11-jrw.jpg (70482 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha upbound
3-LeeA-9-12-11-jrw.jpg (86342 bytes)
 Lee A stern view
4-Laud-9-12-11-jrw.jpg (80579 bytes)
Sam Laud following the Lee A
5-Laud-9-11-12-jrw.jpg (94495 bytes)
Laud stern view

SS Canadiana artifacts -
John M.
1-ceng-9-13-11-jm.jpg (136355 bytes)
Engine from SS Canadiana on display at the Western New York Gas and Steam Engine Association expo site in Alexander, NY
2-ceng-9-13-11-jm.jpg (119585 bytes)
3-ceng-9-13-11-jm.jpg (141701 bytes)
4-ceng-9-13-11-jm.jpg (156782 bytes)
Engine info poster
5-phtract-9-13-11-jm.jpg (158108 bytes)
Steam tractor made by the Port Huron Engine & Thresher Co lurking near the SS Canadiana engine
6-cprop-9-13-11-jm.jpg (155936 bytes)
More SS Canadiana artifacts on display at Waterfront Park in Crystal Beach Ontario Canada

Holland, Mich.  Lake Macatawa Sept. 9 -
Sally Poppema
1-amphicar-9-9-11-sp.jpg (68405 bytes)
A group of amphicar owners got together on the lake. 
2-amphicar-9-9-11-sp.jpg (105282 bytes)
This year there were six of them.
3-amphicar-9-9-11-sp.jpg (793358 bytes)    

Duluth on Sept. 7 - 8 -
Lou Gerard
DSC_0236_30935.jpg (56838 bytes)
Edward L. Ryerson laid up at Superior WI. on 9/7.
DSC_0245_30944.jpg (66580 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson coming into Duluth as viewed from the North Pier on the evening on 9/7.
DSC_0597_31281.jpg (53588 bytes)
The American Integrity and Hon. James L. Oberstar approaching the Duluth Ship Canal on the evening of Sept. 8th.
DSC_0598_31282.jpg (63050 bytes)
The Integrity passing crowd along the North Pier.
DSC_0606_31290.jpg (50671 bytes)
The Hon. James L. Oberstar about to enter the canal.
DSC_0617_31301.jpg (60103 bytes)
The Oberstar passing the South Pier Lighthouse.

Columbus PR photos
B_MS_COLUMBUS_cropped_LR1.jpg (128061 bytes) Columbus-Bridge_cropped1.jpg (98619 bytes)      

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