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September 15, 20

Clipper Leader and Montrealais at Iroquois Wednesday - Dave Bessant
01-ClipperLeader-14-09-11-WDB.jpg (60827 bytes)
Clipper Leader leaving Iroquois lock downbound to Morrisburg
02-Montrealais-14-09-11-WDB.jpg (91688 bytes)
Montrealais entering the lock at Iroquois
03-Montrealais-14-09-11-WDB.jpg (49737 bytes)
Closeup of the bridge and all attention to the bow
04-Montrealais-14-09-11-WDB.jpg (107693 bytes)
Montrealais leaving the lock
05-Montrealais-14-09-11-WDB.jpg (86957 bytes)
Montrealais about to turn towards Morrisburg
06-Montrealais-14-09-11-WDB.jpg (82157 bytes)
Stern view

St. Lawrence Seaway south shore canal -
Kent Malo
HMCSMontreal9-14-11-km.jpg (65925 bytes)
HMCS Montreal
HMCSMontreal9-14-11-km-b.jpg (49819 bytes)
HMCS Montreal showing the Mohawk Confederacy Flag from her mast as she sails past the Mohawk Reserve.
SVNiagara9-14-11-km-a.jpg (78326 bytes)
Niagara sliding past the Reserve at Kahnawake also heading for Montreal.
Pathfinder9-14-11-km.jpg (68617 bytes)
Challenge9-14-11-kmb.jpg (75165 bytes)

Canadian Miner downbound near Contrecouer, Quebec -
Clarance Vautier
Canadian-Miner.jpg (27299 bytes)
Tug Hellas on the forward end and Vigilant 1 on the stern.

Mississagi passing Bois Blanc Island in Lake Huron on a very windy Wednesday - Dianne Donati
Mississagi-9-14-11-2-dd.jpg (102416 bytes) Mississagi-9-14-11-dd.jpg (98619 bytes)      

Duluth Superior Sept. 7 - 12
- Lou Gerard 
Johngmunson-9-7-11-lg-DSC-0023.jpg (45912 bytes)
John G. Munson departing Duluth on 9/7.
Johngmunson-9-7-11-lg-DSC-0034.jpg (82314 bytes)
Munson passing under Aerial Bridge.
Jbford-9-11-11-lg-DSC-0335-.jpg (62871 bytes)
J. B. Ford laid up at Superior.
Meteor-9-11-11-lg-DSC-0327Meteor-9-11-11-lg-DSC-0327.jpg (64157 bytes)
Whaleback Meteor on display at Barkers Island in Superior.
Willairvin-9-11-11-lg-DSC-0342-.jpg (60512 bytes)
Museum ship William A. Irvin in Duluth.
Spruceglen-9-11-11-DSC-0354.jpg (65921 bytes)
Spruceglen inbound passing South Pier Lighthouse.
Indianaharbor-9-11-11-lg-DSC-0375.jpg (79907 bytes)
Indiana Harbor departs Duluth with coal from Midwest Energy.
Indianaharbor-9-11-11-lg-DSC-0380.jpg (52893 bytes)
Passing North Pier light heading into lake
Resko-9-11-11-lg-DSC-0406.jpg (35143 bytes)
Saltie Resko at anchor and South Pier Light.
Cantransport-9-12-11-lg-DSC-0427.jpg (52860 bytes)
Canadian Transport unloading grain at the Duluth Storage Elevator.

Fish tugs in Southampton, Ont. Monday -
Peter Luney
Benjamin-Charles-out-at-Southampton,-Sept-12,-2011-1.jpg (87140 bytes)
 Benjamin Charles and Misty Jean out of water at Southampton
Andarlin-out-at-Southampton,-Sept-12,-2011,-4.jpg (83773 bytes)
Andarlin out at Southampton
Gav-n-jim,-Southampton,-Sept-12,-2011,-3.jpg (87615 bytes)
Gav' n Jim at Southampton
Misty-Jean,-conversion-to-tug,-Southampton,-Sept-12,-2011,-1.jpg (54050 bytes)
Misty Jean being converted to a tug

Recent Detroit Traffic from aboard the tourboat Diamond Queen -
Nathan Nietering
1-JohnDLeitch-8-14-11-nn.jpg (64241 bytes)
John D. Leitch loads diesel fuel at Sterling Marine Fuels in Windsor
2-JohnDLeitch-8-14-11-nn.jpg (71538 bytes)
Closeup of the new Algoma funnel.  The bear logo was applied several months ago, but the stripes have yet to be painted.
5-FederalFuji-8-2011-nn.jpg (67637 bytes)
Saltie Federal Fuji at the Port of Detroit dock
4-FederalFuji-8-2011-nn.jpg (56594 bytes)
After cabins closeup
3-FederalFuji-8-2011-nn.jpg (66137 bytes)
Stern view
6-AlgomaSpirit-8-14-2011-nn.jpg (70845 bytes)
Algoma Spirit upbound passes Belle Isle just before sunset
 7-Algosteel-8-20-2011-nn.jpg (66293 bytes)
Algosteel breaks waves below the Ambassador Bridge
8-EdwinHGott-8-20-2011-nn.jpg (54853 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott on a downbound voyage, loaded with ore
9-LeeA-8-20-2011-nn.jpg (38680 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha catches some evening light on an upbound passage

Recent Traffic Sarnia and St. Clair River
- John McCreery
1-HLeeWhite-9-10-11-jm.jpg (66895 bytes)
H Lee White
2-Grayfox-9-10-11-jm.jpg (51752 bytes)
Grayfox making her turn in the lake
3-Hollyhock-9-10-11-jm.jpg (63661 bytes)
Hollyhock returning to Port Huron
4-Algoway-9-10-11-jm.jpg (82841 bytes)
Algoway just departed upbound in the river
5-Algoway-9-10-11-jm.jpg (145106 bytes)
Detail opposite the Black River
6-RogerBlough-9-11-11-jm.jpg (57951 bytes)
Roger Blough downbound with fishermen
7-RogerBlough-9-11-11-jm.jpg (72168 bytes)
Blough through the turn
8-Algosteel-9-11-11-jm.jpg (67719 bytes)
Algosteel upbound in the river with salt cargo
9-Montrealais-9-12-11-jm.jpg (69927 bytes)
Montrealais downbound for Trois Rivieres in the early morning light
10-Montrealais-9-12-11-jm.jpg (59050 bytes)
Stern view
11-Manistee-9-12-11-jm.jpg (63841 bytes)
Manistee down just after dawn
12-Norman-McLeod-9-12-11-jm.jpg (74813 bytes)
Norman Mcleod headed up near Recors bend
13-CSLAssiniboine-9-12-11-jm.jpg (33562 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine up with the full moon
14-PaulRTregurtha-9-12-11-jm.jpg (47704 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha discharging cargo at Recors
15-McLeod-Manistee-9-12-11-jm.jpg (66611 bytes)
McLeod and Manistee passing at Recors

Recent Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1lat_9_9_11_rb.jpg (74110 bytes)
 Lee A. Tregurtha arriving
2acour_9_11_11_rb.jpg (84202 bytes)
American Courage loading ore

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