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September 16, 20

Thursday Welland Canal traffic - Dave Wobser
1-SMCement-9-15-11-djw.jpg (119447 bytes)
St. Marys Cement II leaving Lock 7 upbound
2-SeaEagle-9-15-11-dw.jpg (84959 bytes)
Stern view Sea Eagle II
3-SB-Roman-9-15-11-djw.jpg (58504 bytes)
Stephan B. Roman leaving Lock 7
4-SB-Roman-9-15-11-djw.jpg (78506 bytes)
Roman stern view
5-Spruceglen-9-15-11-djw.jpg (80116 bytes)
Spruceglen approaching the Homer Bridge downbound

Welland Canal Thursday -
Roger LeLievre
Highlander-Sea-9-15-11rl.jpg (63288 bytes)
Highlander Sea below Lock 3, headed for the East Coast.
St-Marys-Cement-II-9-15-11.jpg (73435 bytes)
St. Marys Cement II leaving Lock 7

Montréal -
Rene Beauchamp
IMG_7627.jpg (51948 bytes)
Baltic Carrier on Thursday shortly after her arrival in Montreal. She is going to Toronto after Seaway clearance.
IMG_7628.jpg (53642 bytes)
Pacific Huron Thursday
IMG_7619.jpg (35790 bytes)
Chem Pollux on Sept. 13 at the anchorage awaiting the green light in Montreal from the Seaway to proceed upbound for Hamilton.
IMG_7613.jpg (65929 bytes)
Empire Sandy arriving in Montreal on Sept 13. She is making a few harbour cruises until Sept 18 during the tall ships gathering.
IMG_7624.jpg (41048 bytes)
Advertisement for the tall ships in Montreal.

South Chicago Wednesday and Twin Ports Monday -
Lou Gerard
Peterrcresswell-9-14-11-lg-DSC-0445.jpg (70456 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell docking at North American Salt at 92nd St.
Csltadoussac-9-14-11-lg-DSC-32733.jpg (73932 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac passes the Cresswell on her way to Morton Salt at 100th St.
Csltadoussac-9-14-11-lg-DSC-0496.jpg (72244 bytes)
Waiting for NS5 to go up.
Csltadoussac-9-14-11-lg-DSC-0317.jpg (147621 bytes)
After a short wait she comes through NS5 with the Massachusetts working the bow.
Csltadoussac-9-14-11-lg-DSC-0505.jpg (102404 bytes)
Coming up to 100th St.
Kansas-9-14-11-lg-DSC-0511.jpg (84948 bytes)
G tug Kansas working the stern.
Ccltadoussac-9-14-11-lg-DSC-0515.jpg (56860 bytes)
 Docking at Morton Salt at 100th St.
Jamesrbarker-9-12-11-lg-DSC-0432.jpg (46052 bytes)
James R. Barker loading coal at Midwest Energy in Superior.
Americanvictory-9-12-11-lg-DSC-0438.jpg (83955 bytes)
American Victory laid up at Fraser Shipyard in Superior.
Bbcjade-9-12-11-lg-DSC-0437.jpg (72339 bytes)
BBC Jade unloading windmill parts in Superior.

Iroquois Lock
- Jim Scrimger
1-Tug-Rebecca-Lynn-9-14-11-JS-.jpg (83404 bytes)
Tug Rebecca Lynn and barge at the Iroquois Lock.
2-Tug-Rebecca-Lynn-9-14-11-JS-.jpg (139252 bytes) 3-Tug-Rebecca-Lynn-9-14-11-.jpg (85660 bytes) 4-Tug-Rebecca-Lynn-9-14-11-JS-.jpg (155740 bytes) 5-Jana-Desgagnes-9-14-11-JS-.jpg (145816 bytes)
Jana Desgagnes
6-Jana-Desgagnes-9-14-11-.jpg (80868 bytes) 7-Jana-Desgagnes-9-14-11-.jpg (122795 bytes) 8-Jana-Desgagnes-9-14-11-JS-.jpg (81761 bytes)
Johnstown Bridge.
3-336-9-12-11-JS-.jpg (51124 bytes)
Canadian Navy ship at Maitland, Ont. on a very misty morning Sept. 12.

Robert S Pierson waited at the dock in Marquette Wednesday.  Strong winds and high waves were visible on the Lake -
Lee Rowe
IMG_4945.jpg (66237 bytes)        

Detroit River - Mike Nicholls
CHEMTRANSMABUHAYs02091311mn.jpg (52919 bytes)
Chemtrans Mabuhay upbound off Mistersky's Detroit.
CHEMTRANSMABUHAYb0102001FC.jpg (44524 bytes) ALGOMARINEb03091311mn.jpg (50398 bytes)
Algomarine unloading at the Coco Dock in Windsor.
ALGOMARINEs04091311mn.jpg (47830 bytes) SAGINAWs06091311mn.jpg (53355 bytes)
Saginaw inbound the Rouge Shortcut Canal.

Olympus scrap tow tying up at wharf 12 to await calmer weather for her final move to Port Maitland -
Eira Voth
Olympus-tow-2011-09-12-Port-Colborne-emv.jpg (58943 bytes) Olympus-tow-2011-09-12-Port-Colborne-emv-(2).jpg (121643 bytes) Olympus-tow-2011-09-12-Port-Colborne-emv-(3).jpg (84487 bytes) Olympus-tow-2011-09-12-Port-Colborne-emv-(5).jpg (144532 bytes) Olympus-tow-2011-09-12-Port-Colborne-emv-(7).jpg (76068 bytes)
Olympus-tow-2011-09-12-Port-Colborne-emv-(8).jpg (67819 bytes) Olympus-tow-2011-09-12-Port-Colborne-emv-(10).jpg (71020 bytes) Olympus-tow-2011-09-12-Port-Colborne-emv-(11).jpg (46244 bytes) Olympus-tow-2011-09-12-from-Derrick's-Point,-Port-Colborne-emv-(18).jpg (89333 bytes) Olympus-tow-2011-09-12-from-Derrick's-Point,-Port-Colborne-emv-(20).jpg (83909 bytes)
Olympus-tow-2011-09-12-from-Derrick's-Point,-Port-Colborne-emv-(17).jpg (46391 bytes) Olympus-at-the-dismantling-dock-at-Port-Maitland.-2011-09-14.jpg (94608 bytes)
Olympus at the dismantling dock at Port Maitland.

Historical Perspectives -
Jim Scrimger
1-French-River-68-JS-.jpg (44406 bytes)
French River shot at Welland  in 1968, while still under that name.
2-English-River-87-JS-.jpg (33327 bytes)
The English River,1987, at a loading dock on the St. Lawrence.


Historical Perspectives - Canadian Miner -
George Wharton (89286 bytes)
Loading at Sarnia, Sept. 29, 1999. (64078 bytes)
Upbound the Welland Canal at Port Colborne, June 17, 2001. (80384 bytes)
Stern view approaching Lock 8. (57640 bytes)
Downbound the Welland Canal between Locks 2 & 3, June 13, 2003. (61032 bytes)
Upbound the Welland Canal approaching Lock 4 west, Aug. 23, 2003.

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