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September 17, 20

Welland Canal Friday - Roger LeLievre
Algoma-Transfer-RL.jpg (66963 bytes)
Algoma Transfer under repair.
Algomarine-RL.jpg (60442 bytes)
BBC-Jade-RL.jpg (71678 bytes)
BBC Jade at Port Colborne
BBC-Jade-2-RL.jpg (94798 bytes)
BBC Jade seen from Inn at Lock 7
Canadian-Transpport-RL.jpg (61469 bytes)
Canadian Transport
Ganges-Star-RL.jpg (63754 bytes)
Gagnes Star
Mapleglen-RL.jpg (53516 bytes)
Pineglen-RL.jpg (65008 bytes)
Pineglen-stern-RL.jpg (71506 bytes)
Pineglen passes under Bridge 5

Marquette, Mich. -
Lee Rowe
IMG_4948.jpg (56333 bytes)
Honorable James L Oberstar loaded ore at Marquette on Friday. 
IMG_4949.jpg (65792 bytes) IMG_4957.jpg (94866 bytes)
Robert S Pierson waited on the other side of the dock for her turn to load.
IMG_4982.jpg (49132 bytes)
 Almost done loading

St. Clair River Traffic, at Marysville -
Dawn C. Roberts
1-Orsula-9-15-11-dr.jpg (71666 bytes)
Saltie Orsula
2-Alguard-9-15-11-dr.jpg (46887 bytes)
Algoma Guardian
3-Algoway-9-15-11-dr.jpg (40758 bytes)
4-Vict-9-15-11-dr.jpg (53462 bytes)
Tug Victory & barge James L. Kuber
5-Manit-9-15-11-dr.jpg (66692 bytes)

Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Friday -
Dianne Donati
Cuyahoga-9-16-11-dd.jpg (75473 bytes) John-G-Munson-9-16-11-dd.jpg (65037 bytes) Mississagi-2-9-16-11-dd.jpg (77002 bytes) Mississagi-9-16-11.jpg (124372 bytes) USCGCMackinaw-9-15-11-dd.jpg (75698 bytes)

Recent Visits by Robert S. Pierson to the Upper Harbor in Marquette -
Rod Burdick
1rsp_9_11_11_rb.jpg (85382 bytes)
Arriving to load ore
2rsp_9_14_11_rb.jpg (114682 bytes)
Loaded with ore, waiting for winds to calm on Lake Superior before departing
3rsp_9_16_11_rb.jpg (105291 bytes)
At anchor waiting to load

Ludington Wednesday -
Shawn Keith
3-Sprtn-14Sep11-spk.jpg (99703 bytes) 5-Sprtn-14Sep11-spk.jpg (80372 bytes)      

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