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September 19, 20

Cleveland Sunday - Rick Nicholls
1-Manistee-9-18-11-RN.jpg (65942 bytes)
Manistee in old river departing salt dock.
2-Pioneerland-9-18-11-RN.jpg (84808 bytes)
Pioneerland near Burke Airport
3-Nautica-Queen-9-18-11-RN.jpg (80986 bytes)
Nautica Queen
4-McKee-Sons-9-18-11-RN.jpg (99227 bytes)
Mckee Sons unloading near W3 Street
5-McKee-Sons-9-18-11-RN.jpg (84603 bytes)

Welland Canal Saturday -
Roger LeLievre
Algocanada-RL.jpg (55431 bytes)
Algocanada leaving Lock 2
Algoeast-RL.jpg (88872 bytes)
Algoeast in Lock 7
Algomarine-RL.jpg (53458 bytes)
Boatenerd.jpg (46299 bytes)
Fashionable BoatNerd Jack
Can-Leader-bow-RL.jpg (76505 bytes)
Canadian Leader at the IMS scrapyard
Can-Leader-stern-2-RL.jpg (76506 bytes) Can-Leader-stern-RL.jpg (71475 bytes)
Molly-M-1-RL.jpg (63801 bytes)
Tug Molly M 1 astern of Algoma Discovery above Lock 1

Orsula-RL.jpg (56451 bytes)
Orsula-Shelley-RL.jpg (57311 bytes)
Orsula and J.W. Shelley passing.
Shelley-JW-RL.jpg (70633 bytes)
J.W. Shelley clear of Lock 8.
Techo-St-Laurent-RL.jpg (90738 bytes)
Tug Techno St. Laurent at the IMS scrapyard.
Windoc-RL.jpg (66488 bytes)
Remains of the Windoc. When scrapping is complete, Canadian Leader will be moved to this spot and Maumee will be brought over from Cleveland.

Shelley Salute - Bill Bird
1-JWShelley-&boatnerds-09-17-11-bb.jpg (189116 bytes)
 Noon hour Saturday as the Shelley departs Lock 8 and had a salute for all the boatnerds.

Detroit Traffic - Mike Nicholls
ORSULAb02091611mn.jpg (51084 bytes)
Orsula (Marshall Islands) downbound off Fort Wayne.
ORSULAs03091611mn.jpg (47896 bytes) PRESQUEISLEb07091611mn.jpg (69666 bytes)
Presque Isle unloading in the Zug Island Ore Hopper Dock.
PRESQUEISLEs04091611mn.jpg (83336 bytes)
J W Westcott II delivering mail to the Presque Isle.
WESTCOTTJWIIs05091611mn.jpg (91524 bytes)
WESTCOTTJWIIb06091611mn.jpg (82176 bytes) NIAGARAPRINCEb09091611mn.jpg (71010 bytes)
Niagara Prince at Bishop Park in Wyandotte.
NIAGARAPRINCEs10091611mn.jpg (64092 bytes) ENERGY6506b11091711mn.jpg (53864 bytes)  

Blue Moon downbound on the St. Clair River Saturday - Don French
1-Blue-Moon-9-16-11-df.jpg (109513 bytes)
Blue Moon 198' downbound at Algonac State Park.

Marquette Saturday
- Lee Rowe
IMG_4990.jpg (85099 bytes)
Kaye E Barker and Algosoo bows.
IMG_4996.jpg (133731 bytes)
Kaye E Barker at the dock
IMG_5002.jpg (86310 bytes)
Algosoo on the north side of the dock
IMG_5016_2.jpg (58223 bytes)
Adam E Cornelius arrived with a load for the lower harbor.

Seaway -
Jim Scrimger
1-CSL-Niagara-9-17-11-JS-.jpg (76823 bytes)
CSL Niagara under Johnstown Bridge.
2-CSL-Niagara-BBC-Jade-9-17-JS-.jpg (64035 bytes)
CSL Niagara,BBC Jade and an undeterred fisherma
3-Heloise-BBC-Jade-9-17-11-JS-.jpg (48394 bytes)
Heloise and BBC Jade passing  just east of Johnstown bridge.
4-AlgoCanada-9-16-11-JS-.jpg (61566 bytes)
5-BBC-Jade-9-17-11-JS-.jpg (77333 bytes)
6-BBC-Jade-9-17-11-JS-.jpg (94052 bytes) 7-BBC-Jade-9-17-11-JS-.jpg (59897 bytes)
BBC Jade,Prescott.

Buffalo dredging -
Brian W.
1-Ann-Marie-9-17-11-BW.jpg (85733 bytes)
The Leudtke #10 dredge rig was positioned just below the South Park Ave. Lift Bridge. In the reach below the scow you can see the remains of the old DL&W Buffalo River Draw bridge.
2-Ann-Marie-9-17-11-BW.jpg (85737 bytes)
Tug Ann Marie downbound on the Buffalo River, below the CSX CP Draw bridge. The bridge has just closed behind them and they are maneuvering to line up for the CSX River Bridge (CP-1).
3-Ann-Marie-9-17-11-BW.jpg (114864 bytes)
Ann Marie pushing her dump scow ahead in the reach between the bridges.
4-Ann-Marie-9-17-11-BW.jpg (83324 bytes)
The tender at River Bridge has it raised about half way for the passage of the Ann Marie and her scow.
5-Ann-Marie-9-17-11-BW.jpg (97524 bytes)
The tug is powering up for the transit through the draw.
6-Ann-Marie-9-17-11-BW.jpg (96700 bytes)
The tug & scow entering the draw at River Bridge as they head downbound for the Outer Harbor.
8-Ann-Marie---Apache-BW.jpg (67473 bytes)
Ann Marie when she was named Apache and owned locally by Dawes Towing. She was laid up in the Union Ship Canal for awhile back in the mid-90's.
9-Ann-Marie-Apache-BW.jpg (98766 bytes)
 Apache as seen in the Union Ship Canal at Lackawanna.
1-Ann-Marie-9-18-11-BW.jpg (133037 bytes)
Tug Ann Marie easing her dump scow into the turn just above the old Republic Steel Ore Dock on the Buffalo River and lining up for the next reach to the dredge rig.
2-Ann-Marie-9-18-11-BW.jpg (129825 bytes)
Ann Marie sliding her scow through the pilings of the old DL&W RR Buffalo River Draw bridge. The property in the background was once home to the Republic Steel plant, torn down in 1989.
3-Ann-Marie-9-18-11-BW.jpg (91802 bytes)
Overview of the reach between Buffalo River Draw and South Park Ave. Shots of large vessels in this area are somewhat rare since this part of the creek doesn't see much traffic.
4-Ann-Marie-9-18-11-BW.jpg (139218 bytes)
The tug has dropped her empty scow and is shifting to pick up the loaded one and take it away as the dredge rig is starting to work the empty.
5-Ann-Marie-9-18-11-BW.jpg (109453 bytes)
Ann Marie is now departing the dredge site with her loaded scow and is lined up to pass through the draw at the DL&W bridge.
6-Ann-Marie-9-18-11-BW.jpg (139723 bytes)
Overhead view of the tug as she passes through the pilings of Buffalo River Draw.
7-Ann-Marie-9-18-11-BW.jpg (133277 bytes)
The pair have made it through the bridge and are maneuvering to Port towards Turning Basin #2, while headed down river for the Outer Harbor.
8-Ann-Marie-9-18-11-BW.jpg (197174 bytes)
A detail view of part of the old interlocking mechanism for the electrical leads of the old draw span at the DL& W bridge. 

Manitowoc in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Sunday -
Dianne Donati
Manitowoc-9-18-11-dd.jpg (87595 bytes) Manitowoc-4-9-18-11-dd.jpg (78949 bytes)      

St. Clair River Saturday -
Dawn Roberts
1-Mckee-9-17-11-dr.jpg (56542 bytes)
 McKee Sons
2-Front-9-17-11-dr.jpg (59075 bytes)
3-Asteel-9-17-11-dr.jpg (79884 bytes)
4-Assini-9-17-11-dr.jpg (63179 bytes)
5-Pinegl-9-17-11-dr.jpg (60053 bytes)
6-Saginaw-9-17-11-dr.jpg (64976 bytes)
7-Kandrie-9-17-11-dr.jpg (59492 bytes)
Karen Andrie
8-Hjack-9-17-11-dr.jpg (58247 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman

Welland Canal Friday
- John McCreery
1-BBCJade-9-16-11-jm.jpg (97223 bytes)
BBC Jade at Port Colborne
2-Transport-Transfer-9-16-11-jm.jpg (75681 bytes)
Canadian Transport passing the Algoma Transfer
3-GangesStar-9-16-11-jm.jpg (79411 bytes)
Tanker Ganges Star approaching Lock 8 upbound
4-GangesStar-9-16-11-jm.jpg (73191 bytes)
Stern view entering Lock 8
5-GangesStar-9-16-11-jm.jpg (89052 bytes)
Pilot boat J W Cooper comes out for the Star
6-GangesStar-Cooper-9-16-11-jm.jpg (103070 bytes)
Waiting to head for the port side of the Ganges Star
7-GangesStar-9-16-11-jm.jpg (80377 bytes)
 Stern view heading out to Lake Erie
8-FederalKumano-9-16-11-jm.jpg (70997 bytes)
Federal Kumano downbound toward lock 8
9-FederalKumano-9-16-11-jm.jpg (70884 bytes)
Stern view
10-Endeavour-9-16-11-jm.jpg (82707 bytes)
Endeavour waits for the Kumano which is held up at 8 because she is overdraft
11-AlgomaTranfer-9-16-11-jm.jpg (79482 bytes)
Algoma Transfer in temporary layup at the stone dock
12-Mapleglen-9-16-11-jm.jpg (76695 bytes)
Mapleglen upbound at Port Robinson
13-BBCJade-9-16-11-jm.jpg (58591 bytes)
BBC Jade above lock 7
14-BBCJade-9-16-11-jm.jpg (70979 bytes)
Stern view downbound into lock 7
15-Algomarine-9-16-11-jm.jpg (78467 bytes)
Algomarine approaching the Homer bridge

Canadian Miner Tow Down the St Lawrence River -
Paul Beesley
1-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (74657 bytes)
Former Canadian Miner has final work done on her before being towed to Turkey to be scrapped.  Sadly, my camera was not set up correctly so the photos are not the best.  However, you will get some idea of the condition of the ship.
2-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (121412 bytes)
Port Colborne fairleads were removed to be used on another ship.
3-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (161421 bytes)
Notice the two horizontal white strips above the water line.  I suspect they have been put there to allow the tug crew to notice drastic changes in draft during the tow.
4-hallas-9-13-11-pb.jpg (193970 bytes)
The tow-er, Hellas.  There were always 2 pilots on board the Hellas.
5-hallas-9-13-11-pb.jpg (96957 bytes)
View of the Hellas' tow hook and after deck.
6-vigil-9-13-11-pb.jpg (221200 bytes)
 Stern tug, Vigilant I.  Notice the gangway and how steep it is.  This section of dock is very high.  We had 1 pilot for the first two sections, then two for the final run.  Tides in the lower St Lawrence are huge and greatly affect the speed of any ship in the area.  With the ebb tide we did over 10 knots, with the flood we were down to about 2 knots.
7-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (82228 bytes)
A particularly poor shot that shows the lifeboats strapped down for the crossing.
8-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (52657 bytes)
 All the hatches were dogged down and bolts were run through each corner.  As well, foam was placed on the bearing surface to ensure watertight integrity.
9-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (154441 bytes)
 Looking aft on the Miner.
10-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (168487 bytes)
The hatch cover crane was welded to prevent movement.
11-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (76076 bytes)
Vent covers were dogged and welded.
12-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (45076 bytes)
All openings were welded shut.
13-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (150992 bytes)
Looking forward.
14-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (100957 bytes)
Sounding pipes were also welded closed.
15-canmin-9-14-11-pb.jpg (167111 bytes)
What we saw from the Vigilant I from Montreal to Ile aux Coudres below Quebec City.  The stern anchor, its chain and windlass were all removed for future use on another ship.  Rudder and propeller shaft  were locked.  On the starboard side above the name you can see the emergency tow line.  It is loosely secured all the way to the bow.  In case the main line parts the tug can recover a buoy and line that floats astern (the orange line leading to the Vigilant) and is attached to the emergency tow line.  It will part from the hull with minimal tension until it gets to the bow of the Miner.

Historical Perspective -
Cassarate in the Welland Canal in 1968 - John van der Doe
Cassarate-Wellandcanal.jpg (135987 bytes) The ship caused a stir at Cleveland on November 8, 1968 when it was caught by a gust of wind approaching Dock #6 and rammed the west face of the structure smashing the steel bulk heading and a 15 foot portion of pavement collapsed leaving a huge hole.  Only minor damage to the ship.  It was sold and renamed African Coral in 1980, Baru Trust in 1982 and arrived at Bombay, India, for scrapping on April 1, 1986.
Skip Gillham

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