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September 21, 20

Cason J. Callaway downbound Tuesday - Robert McGreevy
1.Cason-J.-Callaway-09-20-2011-RMcG.jpg (68855 bytes)
View showing temporary repairs after a Saturday collision with the docked Indiana Harbor in Duluth

Hamilton -
Eric Holmes
1-Admorecalypso-09-20-11-eh.jpg (55431 bytes)
Ardmore Calypso in the Burlington Ship Canal
2-Admorecalypso-09-20-11-eh.jpg (106000 bytes)
Under the Burlington Lift Bridge
3-Ardmorecalypso-09-20-11-eh.jpg (58590 bytes)
Stern view

Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Tuesday -
Dianne Donati
Alpena-9-20-11-dd.jpg (97334 bytes) CSL-Niagara-9-20-11-dd.jpg (84185 bytes)      

Boats in West Michigan -
Tom Hynes
1-RichardE-9-18-11-TH.jpg (122292 bytes)
Fish tug Richard E at Manistee
2-Sallie-9-18--11-TH.jpg (73967 bytes)
Fish tug Sallie at Manistee
3-GraylingBow-9-18-11-TH.jpg (59317 bytes)
Research vessel Grayling in Ludington
4-GraylingStern-9-18-11-TH.jpg (86534 bytes)
Stern of Grayling
5-GraylingDeck-9-18-11-TH.jpg (96621 bytes)
Grayling's working deck
6-CityofFlintLifeboat-9-19-11-TH.jpg (128182 bytes)
City of Flint lifeboat on display in Ludington
7-Eagle-9-19-11-TH.jpg (131878 bytes)
Fish tug Eagle in Ludington
8-JudyB-9-19-11-TH.jpg (111042 bytes)
Fish tug Judy B in Ludington
9-JackUpBarge-9-19-11-TH.jpg (55550 bytes)
Unidentified jack up barge at Ludington Pumped Storage
10-PumpedStorage-9-19-11-TH.jpg (89271 bytes)
Ludington Pumped Storage pumps water out of Lake Michigan to an elevated reservoir during night off-peak hours. Flow reverses to generate electricity during the day.  Basically a gigantic storage battery.
11-UnidentifiedTugs-9-19-11-TH.jpg (112048 bytes)
Work tugs in Muskegon
12-DJAngus-9-19-11-TH.jpg (106756 bytes)
Research vessel D.J. Angus at Grand Haven
13-JulieDee-9-19-11-TH.jpg (60380 bytes)
King Co. tug Julie Dee docked in Ferrysburg

Canadian Miner tow at Cape North, tip of Cape Breton Island due Turkey October 21 -
Captain Clarence Vautier
CanadianMinertow9-19-11-CV.jpg (20764 bytes)        

Seaway -
Jim Scrimger
3-Victorious-John-J.Carrick-Chemtrans-Mubuhay-9-18-11-.jpg (42334 bytes)
Tug Victorioua and ship Chemstrans Mubuhay meeting at Prescott Sunday.
4-Victorious-John-J.Carrick-Chemtrans-Mubuhay-9-18-11-.jpg (59368 bytes) 5-Tom-S.-Dool-9-19-11-JS-.jpg (61942 bytes)
Tim S. Dool at the Johnstown Bridge.
2-Canadian-Miner-6-18-08-JS-.jpg (28144 bytes)
2008 photos of the Canadian Miner at Prescott.
1-Canadian-Miner-6-18-08-JS-.jpg (67090 bytes)

Towing a Submarine up the Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-olymp-9-12-11-pb.jpg (48300 bytes)
On Sept 12 the former RCN submarine Olympus was taken from Hamilton to Port Colborne.  Looking at the stern of the Olympus as we approach the Stone Dock in Port Colborne.
2-olymp-9-12-11-pb.jpg (44609 bytes)
Forward torpedo tubes.  The sub is destined for Port Maitland to be scrapped by International Marine Salvage of Port Colborne.
3-olymp-9-12-11-pb.jpg (95362 bytes)
 One of the two propeller shafts.  After being decommissioned this sub was used to train engineers.  To allow them to clutch in the shafts they are fitted with small pseudo props that have no thrust.  One of these can be seen at the end of the shaft.
4-seahnd-9-12-11-pb.jpg (67265 bytes)
Seahound was the stern tug on the tow.  Algoma Transfer and Anglian Lady can be seen in the background.
5-algtran-9-12-11-pb.jpg (71425 bytes)
 A closer view of the Transfer's stern.
6-anglad-9-12-11-pb.jpg (56546 bytes)
Anglian Lady on her way to Lock 8.  She had to change to tow mode across Lake Erie because of high winds.
7-olymp-9-12-11-pb.jpg (94748 bytes)
Heddle Marine prepared the sub for transit.  They placed her on a barge, secured her with wires and, as seen here, welded the old girl to the deck of the barge to ensure it didn't go away.  The white line on the hull of the sub is the remnants of the zinc anodes.  These are used to reduce steel wastage on the hull.
8-olymp-9-12-11-pb.jpg (101088 bytes)
 Another view of the stern with the various control surfaces.  The O-Class subs originally had stern torpedo tubes.  The RCN removed these and installed a towed sonar array for anti-submarine work.
9-mollie-9-12-11-pb.jpg (127491 bytes)
Mollie M I was the lead tug.  She is single prop but still very manoeuverable.
10-olymp-9-12-11-pb.jpg (57828 bytes)
The tow was left at the Stone Dock as the weather on Lake Erie was unfit for a transit.  Final view of the sub as we headed for Port Colborne to tie up.

Empire Sandy upbound in the South Shore canal of the St Lawrence Seaway Monday - Kent Malo
Empire-Sandy9-19-11-KM.jpg (80280 bytes)
Heading back to her dock in Toronto

Welland Gathering Video

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