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September 21, 20

Iroquois Lock tall ships - Jim Scrimger
1-Pathfinder-Challenge-St-Larence-11-9-20-11-JS-.jpg (126021 bytes)
The tall ships Pathfinder, Challenge and St Lawrence II all in the Iroquois Lock.
2-Pathfinder-9-20-11-JS-.jpg (127023 bytes)
The Pathfinder passing Cardinal, Ont. 
3-Challenge-9-20-11-JS-.jpg (107751 bytes)
The Challenge entering Iroquois Lock.
4-St-Lawrence-11-9-20-11-JS-.jpg (141195 bytes)
St Lawrence II entering Iroquois Lock.

Huron explorer at Bayfield, Ont. Wednesday
- Peter Luney
Huron-Explorer-Sept-21,-2011,-Bayfield,-2.jpg (128301 bytes) Huron-Explorer-Sept-21,-2011,-Bayfield,-81.jpg (92436 bytes)      

Federal Weser in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Wednesday evening -
Dianne Donati
Federal-Weser-9-21-11-dd.jpg (61625 bytes)        

Algoma Vessels at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1asoo_9_17_11_rb.jpg (84721 bytes)
Algosoo waiting to load ore near sunset
2jba_9_19_11_rb.jpg (109223 bytes)
John B. Aird loading ore

Three Days Sailing on the St Lawrence River -
Paul Beesley
1-donfel-9-13-11-pb.jpg (137630 bytes)
Don Felix I in Montreal.  Until recently she was the Petrolia Desgagnes.  Sold and flagged in Panama.
2-donfel-9-13-11-pb.jpg (42055 bytes)
Her old name is still there but is painted over.
3-moore-9-14-11-pb.jpg (68800 bytes)
We were towing the Canadian Miner downbound.  As we came off Lake St Pierre we were overtaken by both the William J Moore and barge and the Wilf Seymour and barge.  Now, they are not the fastest vessels afloat...
4-wilf-9-14-11-pb.jpg (75173 bytes)
Pilot boat approaching the Wilf Seymour.  All three of us were close together at Trois Rivieres so the pilot boat had to carry enough pilots to make changes on the Moore, Seymour, Hellas and Seahound before returning to its base.
5-jeanh-9-14-11-pb.jpg (237542 bytes)
Coming alongside the Seahound to change pilots.  She is flying the red and white flag that ships with pilots on board fly.
6-jiaho-9-15-11-pb.jpg (34007 bytes)
I worked the 1200 to 1800 and 0000 to 0600 watch so could only get photos during the afternoon.  By noon on the third day we had already dropped the tow and were taking the pilots to a dock in the Ile aux Coudres area.  From there we proceeded upbound toward Sorel.  The Jia Ho, bulk carrier, upbound at the west end of Ile aux Coudres.   
7-josim-9-15-11-pb.jpg (53150 bytes)
The ferry Joseph Simard approaching her dock.  To the left of the ferry you can see the tidal zone that is partially bare due to low tide.  In this area there is a very large tidal effect.
8-creed-9-15-11-pb.jpg (83669 bytes)
The Canadian Coast Guard Ship Frederick J Creed from the Quebec CG Base.  She does survey work to find the places where the river has silted.  She was doing this at more than 10 knots.  Twin hull construction.
9-ooclmo-9-15-11-pb.jpg (49874 bytes)
OOCL Montreal downbound.  When we left Montreal with the tow this ship was unloading there.  Just about everything you buy in North America arrives on a ship like this.
10-ostsee-9-15-11-pb.jpg (64747 bytes)
The Dutch registered dredge Ostsee heading for the spoil ground to dump her latest load.    She is equipped with two large vacuum pipes to suck up silt.  She has been chartered for three weeks to cut the tops of areas where there has been silting.  Ocean Group is building their own dredge to avoid this charter cost.  Also, The Ostsee must have pilots on board at all times.  Very expensive.

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