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September 23, 20

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-sam-9-20-11-md.jpg (57620 bytes)
Sam Laud downbound below 1 & 2.
2-coly-9-20-11-a-md.jpg (51857 bytes)
Canadian Olympic downbound above 1 & 2.
3-coly-9-20-11-b-md.jpg (65742 bytes)
Below 1 & 2.
4-coly-9-20-11-c-md.jpg (61152 bytes)
Wheelhouse close up, Algoma flag, ULS stacks.
5-helo-9-20-11-md.jpg (29496 bytes)
USCG helicopter performing training exercises over lower Lake Huron.
6-soo-9-20-11-md.jpg (55954 bytes)
Algosoo downbound below 1 & 2.
7-keb-9-20-11-a-md.jpg (75151 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker wheelhouse.
8-keb-9-20-11-b-md.jpg (68364 bytes)
Making the turn.
9-jrb-9-20-11-md.jpg (50164 bytes)
James R. Barker downbound at 1 & 2
10-rsp-9-20-11-md.jpg (34555 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson at the government dock in Sarnia.
11-men-9-20-11-md.jpg (52932 bytes)
Tug Menasha.

Sub Tow on Lake Ontario -
David Bull
1-sub-tow-9-22-11-db.jpg (86398 bytes)
Lead tug is Ecosse and trailing tug is Seahound. 
2-sub-tow-9-22-11-db.jpg (70079 bytes) 3-sub-tow-9-22-11-db.jpg (78758 bytes)
Seahound and stern of sub.
4-sub-tow-9-22-11-db.jpg (90654 bytes)
Close-up of props on sub.
5-sub-tow-9-22-11-db.jpg (78905 bytes)
6-sub-tow-9-22-11-db.jpg (78313 bytes)
Bow view of sub

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-marida-21-09-11-rb.jpg (48957 bytes)
Marida Melissa in the eddy below Iroquois Lock.
3-marida-21-09-11-rb.jpg (54640 bytes)
Taking the lock on the fly.
2-marida-21-09-11-rb.jpg (68926 bytes)
Her first trip into the Lakes.
4-first-22-09-11-rb.jpg (52779 bytes)
Harbour First below Iroquois Lock.
5-first-22-09-11-rb.jpg (83766 bytes)
Cabin Details of Harbour First.
6-first-22-09-11-rb.jpg (59579 bytes)
Sliding into the lock.

Toronto Thursday -
John van der Doe
Toronto-22-September-2011-(1).jpg (54200 bytes) Toronto-22-September-2011-(2).jpg (86883 bytes) Toronto-22-September-2011-(4).jpg (46685 bytes) Toronto-22-September-2011-(6).jpg (69659 bytes) Toronto-22-September-2011-(7).jpg (53439 bytes)
Toronto-22-September-2011-(8).jpg (62314 bytes) Toronto-22-September-2011-(12).jpg (79155 bytes) Toronto-22-September-2011-(13).jpg (85217 bytes) Toronto-22-September-2011-(14).jpg (97939 bytes)  

Marquette, Mich. -
Lee Rowe
IMG_5035.jpg (91974 bytes) IMG_5093.jpg (60203 bytes) IMG_5080.jpg (55271 bytes)    

Welland Canal and Hamilton -
Paul Beesley
1-algdis-9-17-11-pb.jpg (53714 bytes)
Algoma Discovery being pulled clear of the drydock.  Seahound on starboard quarter assisting.
2-algdis-9-17-11-pb.jpg (64006 bytes)
Tying up on the wall above Lock 1.
3-tugs-9-17-11-pb.jpg (69699 bytes)
Molly M I & Seahound heading for Lock 1.  They assisted the Discovery while she backed out of Port Weller.
4-jandes-9-18-11-pb.jpg (62376 bytes)
Jana Desgagnes, ex-Jade Star, and pilot boat below Lock 1.
5-rich-9-18-11-pb.jpg (46813 bytes)
Richelieu slides the wall into Lock 7.
6-gramar-9-19-11-pb.jpg (104842 bytes)
 Grande Mariner, now of Blount Small Ship Adventures, below Lock 1.
7-gramar-9-19-11-pb.jpg (61909 bytes)
Another view as she heads toward Lake Ontario.
8-ardcal-9-20-11-pb.jpg (99399 bytes)
  Inbound to Hamilton is the Ardmore Calypso.
9-ardcal-9-20-11-pb.jpg (61296 bytes)
As she enters the harbour the Seahound stands by to assist.  That little Seahound sure does get around.

Recent Detroit Passages from aboard the Diamond Queen -
Nathan Nietering
1-AmMariner-8-28-2011-nn.jpg (27474 bytes)
The American Mariner downbound near Windmill Point through a porthole.
2-AmMariner-8-28-2011-nn.jpg (56135 bytes)
American Mariner exits Lake St. Clair downbound at Peche Ile.
3-SamLaud-8-21-2011-nn.jpg (56477 bytes)
Sam Laud, downbound in the Detroit River, prepares to get a mail delivery.
4-SamLaud-8-21-2011-nn.jpg (61244 bytes)
Closer view as the Westcott approaches.
5-SamLaud-8-21-2011-nn.jpg (70824 bytes)
J. W. Westcott II pulling alongside.
6-SamLaud-8-21-2011-nn.jpg (86935 bytes)
Beneath the mighty Ambassador Bridge.
7-DiamondBelle-8-2011-nn.jpg (90394 bytes)
The Diamond Belle makes the dock at Rivard Street.
8-Algolake-8-27-2011-nn.jpg (48765 bytes)
Algolake upbound in ballast with the skyline behind.
9-Birchglen-8-21-2011-nn.jpg (64422 bytes)
CSL's Birchglen takes fuel at Sterling in Windsor.
10-DiamondBelle-8-21-2011-nn.jpg (79516 bytes)
Diamond Belle rests for the day at the Stroh River Place dock.

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