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September 24, 20

St. Marys Challenger out of lay-up - Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-9-23-11-lg-DSC-0608.jpg (85510 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger clears Torrence Ave. on the Calumet River on her first trip out of temporary layup.
Stmarchall-9-23-11-lg-DSC-0627.jpg (55933 bytes)
She goes around Cargill Bend.
Stmarchall-9-23-11-lg-DSC-0394.jpg (55312 bytes)
Coming around Wisconsin Steel Bend she encounters dredging work.
Stmarchall-9-23-11-lg-DSC-0637.jpg (61932 bytes)
Approaching 106th St.
Stmarchall-9-23-11-lg-DSC-0673.jpg (74344 bytes)
 Passing CSL Niagara at KCBX.
Stmarchall-9-23-11-lg-DSC-0692.jpg (78134 bytes)
She heads for NS5 and a short delay. Steam plume stands out against dark sky.
Stmarchall-9-23-11-lg-DSC-0723.jpg (97603 bytes)
Passing the Niki S. after clearing NS5.
Stmarchall-9-23-11-lg-DSC--730-.jpg (88027 bytes)
Clear of 95th St.

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-mani-9-23-11-ts-a.jpg (74759 bytes)
Manitowoc inbound at Veteran's Memorial Bridge
2-mani-9-23-11-ts-b.jpg (79185 bytes)
Stern view
3-algorail-9-23-11-ts-a.jpg (75613 bytes)
Algorail inbound at Liberty Bridge

Marquette, Mich. Friday -
Lee Rowe
 IMG_5100.jpg (108265 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha loading
IMG_5114.jpg (70141 bytes)
passing the harbor light.
IMG_5101.jpg (173652 bytes)
Boat and boom

Tug W J Twolan upbound in the south shore canal of the St Lawrence Seaway -
 Kent Malo
WJTwolan9-23-11-km-a.jpg (97223 bytes)
The Montreal registered tug make her home at Thunder Bay, Ontario.
WJ-Twolan9-23-11-KM.jpg (73939 bytes) WJTWOLAN9-23-11-km.jpg (75067 bytes)    

Welland Canal -
Eira Voth
Marida-Melissa-2011-09-22emv.jpg (63785 bytes) Marida-Melissa-2011-09-22-emv-(1).jpg (67441 bytes)      

Invincible and McKee & Sons in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Friday
- Dianne Donati
McKee-and-Sons-Invincible-9-23-11-dd.jpg (74747 bytes)        

Algoma Guardian Wednesday d
ownbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel - Mike Nicholls
ALGOMAGUARDIANb01092111mn.jpg (34421 bytes) ALGOMAGUARDIANs04092111mn.jpg (46222 bytes)      

Then and Now - tug Paddy Miles -
Rich Nicholls
2-Paddy-Miles-09-18-11-JL.jpg (94329 bytes)
Paddy Miles, Chagrin River, Ohio 9-18-11 by Jonathan Leivo
1-Paddy-MILES-10-2-78-mn.jpg (73498 bytes)
Paddy Miles, Stony Island, Mi 10-2-78 by Mike Nicholls

SS Keewatin museum ship in Douglas, Mich.
- Jim Lindholm
Kewadin-side-view-01-11-07.jpg (78697 bytes) Kewadin--Douglas,-MI-01-11-07.jpg (61964 bytes) Kewadin-head-on-01-11-07.jpg (65035 bytes)    

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