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September 25, 20

Tug Rebecca Lynn and barge A-397 arrived in Buffalo Saturday for the Noco Product Terminal in Tonawanda - Brian W.
1-Rebecca-Lynn-10-01-11-BW.jpg (102150 bytes)
Looking down from the East span of the South Grand Island Bridge at Tonawanda as the A-397 passes underneath the center line channel marker.
2-Rebecca-Lynn-10-01-11-BW.jpg (88914 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn is in the notch and pushing her barge downstream.
3-Rebecca-Lynn-10-01-11-BW.jpg (152947 bytes)
Now clear of the bridges, the tug is now idling as the two vessels slow down in preparation for the upcoming turn.
4-Rebecca-Lynn-10-01-11-BW.jpg (119157 bytes)
With throttles down the tug-barge unit is drifting East in the current and lining up for the turn just past the green buoy in the river ahead.
5-Rebecca-Lynn-10-01-11-BW.jpg (45560 bytes)
The turn is being made just off the #33 Green Lighted Buoy of the Tonawanda Channel.
6-Rebecca-Lynn-10-01-11-BW.jpg (176675 bytes)
The turn has been made and the pair are now headed upbound as they approach the bridges in the opposite direction.
7-Rebecca-Lynn-10-01-11-BW.jpg (100291 bytes)
Towing bridle at the bow, the barge's anchor, and crewmen ready to pass the mooring lines over to the Noco dock workers as they pull up to the unloading pier ahead.
8-Rebecca-Lynn-10-01-11-BW.jpg (187832 bytes)
Tug is rolling just slightly off her barge's centerline as the captain maneuvers her to Port to head in on the angle under the bridges and make the Noco Pier upstream.
9-Rebecca-Lynn-10-01-11-BW.jpg (195085 bytes)
Overhead view. Notice the facing wires between the tug & her barge, the ladder for crewmen to go from one vessel to another, and the shallow push notch on the barge.

Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-utviken-23-09-11-rb.jpg (34220 bytes)
Utviken passing Mariatown.
2-shoveler-23-09-11-rb.jpg (59593 bytes)
Shoveler above Canada Island.
3-shoveler-23-09-11-rb.jpg (57811 bytes)
Shoveler at Loyalist Park, below Iroquois Lock on her first trip into the Lakes.
4-kwinte-24-09-11-rb.jpg (49247 bytes)
Kwintebank has a load of bentonite for the British Isles.

BBC Brazil at Hamilton Saturday
- John McCreery
1-BBCBrazil-9-24-11-jm.jpg (83103 bytes)
BBC Brazil  at pier 12 Hamilton
2-BBCBrazil-9-24-11-jm.jpg (110302 bytes)      

Seaway -
 Jim Scrimger
1-Canadian-Olympic-9-22-11-JS-.jpg (45851 bytes)
Canadian Olympic with Ogdensburg, N.Y in the  background.
2-Shoveler-9-23-11-JS-.jpg (43402 bytes)
3-Shoveler-Cedarglen-9-23-11-JS-.jpg (63544 bytes) 4-Cedarglen-9-23-11-JS.jpg (34120 bytes)
5-John-B.Aird-9-23-11-JS-.jpg (33311 bytes)
John B. Aird at Maitland.
6-John-B.Aird-Tony-Mckay-Allouette-9-23-11-JS-.jpg (30276 bytes)
John B. Aird and Tug Tony McKay, barge Allouette Spirit.
7-Tony-Mckay-Allouette-Spirit-9-23-11-JS-.jpg (52551 bytes)
Tug Tony McKay,Allouette Spirit
8-Algoma-Guardian-9-23-11-JS-.jpg (74207 bytes)
Algoma Guardian at Johnstown bridge.
2-Harbour-Progress-08-05-11-JS-.jpg (46122 bytes)
Harbour Progress, Prescott.
3-Harbour-Clear-10-9-10-JS-.jpg (109614 bytes)
Harbour Clear, Johnstown bridge.
4-Harbour-Clear-10-9-10-JS-.jpg (61789 bytes)
Harbour Clear passingCanadian Coast Guard Station, Prescott.

HMCS Summerside and Shawinnigan downbound for Sept les Saturday
- Kent Malo.
HMCSSummerside9-24-11-km.jpg (56682 bytes) HMCSShawinnigan9-23-11-km.jpg (65461 bytes)      

Traffic on Lake Huron off Cheboygan, Mich. -
Dianne Donati
Invincible-McKee-&-Sons-9-24-11-dd.jpg (92023 bytes) Arthur-M-Anderson-2-9-24-11-dd.jpg (85335 bytes) Capt-Henry-Jackman-9-24-11-dd.jpg (82722 bytes)    

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