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September 26, 20

Sunday on the St. Clair River - Dawn Roberts
PRT-09-2511-dr.jpg (46770 bytes) 3-Reich-09-25-1-dr.jpg (38315 bytes) 2-Amiteg-09-25-11-dr.jpg (48363 bytes)    

Welland Canal Saturday - Dan Syrcher
06-Niagara-Spirit-09-24-11-ds.jpg (106893 bytes) 07-Niagara-Spirit-09-24-11-ds.jpg (127359 bytes) 08-John--Spence-09-24-11-ds.jpg (109991 bytes) 09-Stephen-B--Roman-09-24-11-ds.jpg (55453 bytes) 10-Stephen-B-Roman-09-24-11-ds.jpg (68511 bytes)
11-Rebecca-Lynn-09-25-11-ds.jpg (62251 bytes)        

Lake Huron off Cheboygan, Mich. -
Dianne Donati
John-G-Munson-9-25-11-dd.jpg (72255 bytes) John-Boland-9-25-11-dd.jpg (91511 bytes) Munson-and-Boland-passing-9-25-11-dd.jpg (75555 bytes)    

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-ljkuber-9-24-11-ts-a.jpg (51191 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber unloading in the Bay Aggregates slip

Buffalo fire tug Edward M. Cotter working on the Buffalo River Sept. 19
278d5d8a.jpg (54326 bytes) 278d5d99.jpg (63312 bytes)      

Towing Another Submarine from Hamilton to Port Maitland -
Paul Beesley
1-okan-9-22-11-pb.jpg (69957 bytes)
ex-HMCS Okanagan welded to a barge awaits her tow to the breakers.
2-okan-9-22-11-pb.jpg (68921 bytes)
The "Exactly how we gonna do this." conference.
3-okan-9-22-11-pb.jpg (73623 bytes)
One of several openings in the hull.
4-okan-9-22-11-pb.jpg (92426 bytes)
Heddle's company did the prep work and secured the sub to the barge.  Marine Recycling will dismantle the sub in Port Maitland.
5-okan-9-22-11-pb.jpg (179812 bytes)
Outbound in the Burlington Ship Canal.
6-okan-9-22-11-pb.jpg (58669 bytes)
Below Lock 1 for Seaway inspection.
7-okan-9-22-11-pb.jpg (175618 bytes)
Base of the conning tower.
8-okan-9-22-11-pb.jpg (87770 bytes)
Another opening in the hull.
9-okan-9-22-11-pb.jpg (207150 bytes)
 This sub has her real props.  Stern torpedo tube can be seen above the rudder.
10-okan-9-22-11-pb.jpg (67510 bytes)
Above Lock 1 we passed the downbound Algolake.

Great Republic at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1grtrep_9_21_11_rb.jpg (148678 bytes)
Scenic view, waiting to load ore

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