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September 27, 20

South Chicago Monday -  Lou Gerard
Caphenjackman-9-26-11-lg-DSC-0767.jpg (70806 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman about to turn around in Calumet Harbor after unloading salt at Morton's with an onlooker enjoying the view.
Mckeesons-9-26-11-lg-DSC-0790.jpg (92950 bytes)
McKee Sons loading at Beemsterboer's at 106th St with CSL Laurentien in the distance at KCBX.
Mckeesons-9-26-11-lg-DSC-0791.jpg (66890 bytes)
McKee Sons at Beemsterboer's.
Csllaurentien-9-26-11-lg-DSC-0792.jpg (68190 bytes)
CSL Laurentien loading at KCBX and McKee Sons in distance.
Algorail-9-26-11-lg-DSC-0795.jpg (71555 bytes)
Algorail being pulled into the Calumet River by the G tug Massachusetts.
Algorail-9-26-11-lg-DSC-0818.jpg (98344 bytes)
Going through the 92nd St. bridge which was raised as a test lift after major work had been performed.
Algorail-9-26-11-lg-DSC-0838.jpg (88446 bytes)
With tug Colorado working the bow Algorail is docked at North American Salt.

Hamilton - Eric Holmes
1-BBCBrazil-09-26-11-eh.jpg (66282 bytes)
BBC Brazil outbound Hamilton
2-BBCBrazil-09-26-11-fh.jpg (106834 bytes)
Under the Burlington Lift Bridge
3-BBCBrazil-09-26-11-eh.jpg (62385 bytes)
Stern view
4-MCTalmak-09-26-11-eh.jpg (61027 bytes)
MCT Almak inbound Hamilton
5-MCTalmack-09-26-11-eh.jpg (93670 bytes)
Under the Burlington Skyway
6-MCTalmak-09-26-11-eh.jpg (64480 bytes)
Stern view

St. Clair River Traffic Monday
- Dawn Roberts
1-HCJ-9-26-11-dr.jpg (61342 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson downbound to SeverStal
2-Kami-9-26-11-dr.jpg (52135 bytes)
Kaministiqua headed to Thunder Bay
3-Jspen-9-26-11-dr.jpg (57169 bytes)
John Spence pushing barge Niagra Spirit to Sault Ste. Marie
4-Sbrom-9-26-11-dr.jpg (45416 bytes)
Stephen B. Roman, with a destination of Essexville, MI
5-Buff-9-26-11-dr.jpg (47593 bytes)
Buffalo, upbound to Silver Bay
6-Inhar-9-26-11-dr.jpg (42153 bytes)
Indiana Harbor returning to Duluth

Algoma Transfer in Lake Huron off Cheboygan, Mich. Monday -
Dianne Donati
Algoma-Transfer-9-26-11-dd.jpg (96700 bytes) Algoma-Transfer-3-9-26-11-dd.jpg (95626 bytes)      

Birchglen upbound at Marine City -
Jim Koglin
birchglen-9-11-(2).jpg (49998 bytes) birchglen-9-11-(1).jpg (71917 bytes)      

Saginaw unloading at the CASCO dock Cardinal, Ontario Sunday -
Captain Clarence Vautier
Saginaw9-25-11-CV-.jpg (47174 bytes)        

Seaway -
Murray Blancher
1-Summerside-09-23-11-mb.jpg (50531 bytes) 2-Summerside-09-23-11-mb.jpg (54049 bytes) 3-Shawinigan-09-23-11-mb.jpg (54893 bytes) 4-Shawinigan-09-23-11-mb.jpg (66993 bytes) 5-Cedarglen-09-23-11-mb.jpg (47077 bytes)
6-John-B-Aird-09-23-11-mb.jpg (54645 bytes) 7-Milissa-Desgagnes-09-24-11-mb.jpg (60843 bytes) 8-Pineglen-09-24-11-mb.jpg (48709 bytes) 9-Kwintebank-09-24-11-mb.jpg (55965 bytes) 10-Algoeast-09-24-11-mb.jpg (49788 bytes)
11-Algowood-09-25-11-mb.jpg (51272 bytes) 12-Barnacle-09-26-11-mb.jpg (76389 bytes) 13-Barnacle-09-26-11-mb.jpg (74661 bytes) 14-Thalassa-Desgagnes-09-26-11-mb.jpg (91610 bytes) 15-Saginaw-09-26-11-mb.jpg (84974 bytes)
16-Harbour-First-09-26-11-mb.jpg (67631 bytes)        

Second Submarine Tow arrives in Port Maitland, Ontario -
Paul Beesley
1-okan-9-23-11-pb.jpg (62575 bytes)
Maneuvering off the dock in Port Maitland.
2-okan-9-23-11-pb.jpg (62859 bytes)
Lines going ashore as the barge is moved into place.
3-okan-9-23-11-pb.jpg (64567 bytes)
Charlie E pushing the barge onto the dock.
4-okan-9-23-11-pb.jpg (80930 bytes)
Okanagan and barge are pulled along the face of the dock.
5-okan-9-23-11-pb.jpg (86469 bytes)
The Ecosse has moved alongside to assist with final placement.
6-okan-9-23-11-pb.jpg (129571 bytes)
Another view of the stern area of the Okanagan.
7-okan-9-23-11-pb.jpg (59770 bytes)
Ecosse holding position while all the lines are made fast.
8-okan-9-23-11-pb.jpg (63634 bytes)
Another view of the Ecosse.
9-okan-9-23-11-pb.jpg (61020 bytes)
Both subs in place for scrapping.  Okanagan on the left and Olympus on the right.
10-fraser-9-23-11-pb.jpg (89100 bytes)
 Last year the former HMCS Fraser was towed to Port Maitland to be scrapped.  All that remains of her is shown in this photo.  A bit of superstructure, helicopter hanger and funnel (with red and white stripes).

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