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September 30, 20

South Chicago Thursday -  Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-9-29-11-lg-DSC-0899.jpg (63745 bytes)
Inbound St. Marys Challenger approaching 95th St. passing the tug Valerie B. in the rain.
 Stmarchall-9-29-11-lg-DSC-0919.jpg (89427 bytes)
Clear of NS5 coming up to 100th St.
Stmarchall-9-29-11-lg-DSC-0947.jpg (63856 bytes)
Passing H. Lee White tied up at KCBX due to high winds expected.
Stmarchall-9-29-11-lg-DSC-0971.jpg (61343 bytes)
Past 106th St.
Stmarchall-9-29-11-lg-DSC-0987.jpg (83081 bytes)
Making the turn at Cargill Bend and heading for the Sheds to tie up because of high winds expected.

Hamilton and Canal Wednesday
- John McCreery
1-SusanaS-9-28-11-jm.jpg (62629 bytes)
Susana S arriving at the Burlington piers
2-SusanaS-9-28-11-jm.jpg (86252 bytes)
Stern view at the bridges
3-Flinterstrem-9-28-11-jm.jpg (96526 bytes)
Flinterstream upbound into Lock 3
4-Flinterstream-9-28-11-jm.jpg (74483 bytes)
Flinterstream approaching the Glendale Bridge
5-Flinterstream-9-28-11-jm.jpg (62038 bytes)
Stern view

St. Marys Cement taken from the Columbus bridge over the Cuyahoga River Wednesday -
Kate White
1-St.-Marys-Cement-9-28-11-kw.jpg (134175 bytes)        

Tall ship Niagara on the Cleveland Ship Yard Dry Dock
NIAGARA.jpg (84345 bytes)        

Soo last weekend - Herm Phillips
1-AmCentury-9-24-11-hp.jpg (76225 bytes)
American Century in the Poe.
2-AmCorage-9-24-11-hp.jpg (91967 bytes)
American Courage entering the Mac.
3-AlgoSpirit-9-25-11-hp.jpg (68310 bytes)
Algoma Spirit upbound below Mission Point.
4-HCJackson-9-25-11-hp.jpg (64489 bytes)
down in the little rapids cut.
5-EdGott-9-25-11-hp.jpg (50079 bytes)
lower soo harbor.
6-PIGott-9-24-11-hp.jpg (54994 bytes)
Presque Isle passing the Gott below Mission Point.
7-HCJackson-9-25-11-hp.jpg (77661 bytes)
Down in the Rock cut.
8-HCJackson-9-25-11-hp.jpg (66022 bytes)
bow detail.
9-HCJackson-9-25-11-hp.jpg (68669 bytes)
aft accommodations.
10-HCJackson-9-25-11-hp.jpg (103414 bytes)
stern shot.
11-EdGott-9-25-11-hp.jpg (79323 bytes)
rock cut.

Recent Photos from Port Maitland, Ontario -
Paul Beesley
1-sgpow-9-23-11-pb.jpg (99661 bytes)
Small floating drydock with the Niagara Queen II inside.  Port Maitland was once a thriving commercial fishing village.
2-time-9-23-11-pb.jpg (113542 bytes)
Jack-up rig Timsesaver.  Port Maitland is the base for Dundee Energy who have a number of natural gas wells in Lake Erie.
3-charliee-9-23-11-pb.jpg (82171 bytes)
Charlie E from Port Colborne.  A videographer was brought in to film the sub's arrival.
4-andmar-9-23-11-pb.jpg (102313 bytes)
Dive boat Andrea Marie.  Probably part of the gas well work.
5-glenmor-9-23-11-pb.jpg (95437 bytes)
Fish tug Glenmorangie.  All her electronics have been removed.
6-jeanett-9-23-11-pb.jpg (88229 bytes)
Jeanette M, Andrea Marie and J R Rouble.  The Rouble had been towed from Hamilton several weeks earlier.
7-jeanett-9-23-11-pb.jpg (74624 bytes)
The boys are going out for a sail.
8-sarah-9-23-11-pb.jpg (88072 bytes)
Sarah M, another dive boat chartered to Dundee.  At one time a canal connected the Welland Canal to the Grand River in this area.
9-seahnd-9-23-11-pb.jpg (113294 bytes)
This is attached to the steering position on board the tug Seahound.
10-welland-9-23-11-pb.jpg (77232 bytes)
Tug Welland.  You can see the sub in the background.  Port Maitland is the home of the former Maitland Arms Hotel, a thriving rock n' roll venue from the late '60s to mid '70s.

Capt. Henry Jackman  Monday -
Steve Bauer
1-CapHenJa-9-28-11-sb.jpg (124645 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman passing through the 5 bridges with an assist from the G Tug Colorado on the Calumet River in South Chicago.  She delivered a cargo of salt to Morton at 100th St.
5-CapHenJa-9-28-11-sb.jpg (126509 bytes)
A friendly wave to the photographer.
6-CapHenJa-9-28-11-sb.jpg (175201 bytes)
Turning out in Calumet Harbor before heading to the lake.  After departing, fleetmate Algorail arrived with another load of salt.

Historical Perspective - Soo in 1982 -
Tom Anderson
1-FHall-9-29-11-ta.jpg (51995 bytes)
Frankcliffe Hall upbound in ballast, MacArthur Lock, 1982.
2-FHall-9-29-11-ta.jpg (61639 bytes)
 Stern superstructure, showing fairly new self-unloader and raised stack.
3-FHall-9-29-11-ta.jpg (49185 bytes)
Stern view showing large generator.
4-FHall-9-29-11-ta.jpg (52145 bytes)
Departing MacArthur Lock.
5-FHall-9-29-11-ta.jpg (38594 bytes)
Another view, with the Indiana Harbor entering the Poe Lock.

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