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October 1, 20

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-neahbay-28-09-11-rb.jpg (79192 bytes)
USCG Neah Bay on her way down the river to Montreal.
2-atlantic-30-09-11-rb.jpg (58814 bytes)
Atlantic Salvor towing Farrell 256 up at Mariatown.
3-farrell-30-09-11-rb.jpg (68317 bytes)
Farrell 256 was built in 1969. The 193 ton crane dates back to 1978.
4-atlantic-30-09-11-rb.jpg (85199 bytes)
Atlantic Salvor was built as Mister Darby in 1976
5-atlantic-30-09-11-rb.jpg (85335 bytes)
Atlantic Salvor entering Iroquois Lock.
6-ocean-30-09-11-rb.jpg (79904 bytes)
Ocean Raymond Lemay was built in 2006 at Georgetown, PEI.
7-ocean-30-09-11-rb.jpg (91137 bytes)
Her twin engines provide 5000 horsepower.

St. Clair River Traffic -
Dawn C. Roberts
1-Dot-9-27-11-dr.jpg (34881 bytes)
Dorothy Ann & Pathfinder emerging from an early morning fog
2-Pclarke-9-30-11-dr.jpg (38187 bytes)
Philip C. Clarke in mist
3-Queb-9-30-11-dr.jpg (47272 bytes)
Quebecois between rain showers
4-Rdhd-9-30-11-dr.jpg (55432 bytes)
Saltie Redhead arriving with strong wind and rain

Cason J. Callaway under repair Sept. 24 in Sturgeon Bay -
Caitlin Clyne
Callaway9-24-11-cc-5098.jpg (95616 bytes) Callaway9-24-11-cc-5097.jpg (101180 bytes) Callaway9-24-11-cc-5115.jpg (107319 bytes) Callaway9-24-11-cc-5116.jpg (188782 bytes) Callaway9-24-11-cc-5109.jpg (63178 bytes)

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