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October 3, 20

South Chicago Sunday - Steve Bauer
1AmCour-10-2-11-sb.jpg (95364 bytes)
The American Courage takes on fuel from the William L. Warner minutes before sunrise at KCBX in South Chicago.
2-AlgStl-10-2-11-sb.jpg (67402 bytes)
Out in Calumet Harbor, the Algosteel starts up the Calumet River with an assist from G Tugs Massachusetts and Colorado.
3-Algstl-10-2-11-sb.jpg (64182 bytes)
Backing down the Calumet River past the Catherine Desgagnes, which had arrived before sunrise, docked at Iroquois Landing.
4-AlgStl-10-2-11-sb.jpg (106196 bytes)
Under CN bridge 710.
5-AlgStl-10-2-11-sb.jpg (107450 bytes)
Crew members on deck, no doubt enjoying the better weather.
6-AlgStl-10-2-11-sb.jpg (95103 bytes)
Turning for 95th Street with a nudge from the Colorado.
7-AlgStl-10-2-11-sb.jpg (120201 bytes)
Massachusetts and Colorado holding her in place waiting for NS 5 to open.
8-AlgStl-10-2-11-sb.jpg (107093 bytes)
Sliding past the American Courage at KCBX.
9-AlgStl-10-2-11-sb.jpg (78522 bytes)
A greeting from the pilot house.
10-AlgStl-10-2-11-sb.jpg (111977 bytes)
The G Tugs doing what they do best at Wisconsin Steel bend below 106th St.
11-Zclo-10-2-11-sb.jpg (137215 bytes)
Tug Zuccolo spotting some barges by Carmeuse at 106th.
12-Chlgr-10-2-11-sb.jpg (111691 bytes)
The St. Marys Challenger at Wisconsin Steel bend after passing the Algosteel.
13-Chlgr-10-2-11-sb.jpg (88869 bytes)
By KCBX with the Zeus behind heading for 98th St.
14-Chlgr-10-2-11-sb.jpg (89702 bytes)
Outbound past 100th.
15-Chlgr-10-2-11-sb.jpg (124586 bytes)
No delays today as she gets right through the NS bridge.
16-Chlgr-10-2-11-sb.jpg (67228 bytes)
Pilot house view.

Steel work on the bow of the Callaway Friday at Bay Shipbuilding -
Chris Wesendorf
2-callaway-10-02-2011-cw.jpg (71561 bytes)        

Lake Huron passing Cheboygan, Mich.
- Dianne Donati
Calumet-10-2-11-dd.jpg (107765 bytes) John-B-Aird-10-2-11-dd.jpg (104870 bytes) Robert-S-Pierson-10-2-11-dd.jpg (102862 bytes) Rt-Hon-Paul-J-Martin-10-2-11-dd.jpg (104217 bytes) Adam-E-Cornelius-10-2-11-dd.jpg (107175 bytes)

Tug Cleveland in Cleveland Sunday from the Hope Memorial Bridge
- Dee White
1-Cleveland-10-2-11-dw.jpg (92111 bytes)        

Potentia heading past Prescott Saturday - Dave Bessant
02-SEPotentia-10-01-11-WDB.jpg (66448 bytes) 03-SEPotentia-10-01-11-WDB.jpg (66287 bytes)      

St. Clair River Saturday -
Bruce Hurd
100_8631.jpg (58858 bytes)
Adam E Cornelius anchored off Marysville
100_8637.jpg (59883 bytes)
Salty Irma downbound off Port Huron
100_8639.jpg (46141 bytes)    

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-potentia-01-10-11-rb.jpg (70064 bytes)
SE Potentia on her first trip into the Lakes.
2-potentia-01-10-11-rb.jpg (94555 bytes)
Cabin detail
3-potentia-01-10-11-rb.jpg (68324 bytes)
Stern view entering Iroquois Lock.
4-moezel-01-10-11-rb.jpg (67714 bytes)
Moezelborg takes the lock on the fly.
5-moezel-01-10-11-rb.jpg (61605 bytes)
returning to visit the Lakes again.

Redhead in the Welland Canal Saturday
- John McCreery 
1-Redhead-10-1-11-jm.jpg (58446 bytes)
Redhead above lock 7
2-Redhead-10-1-11-jm.jpg (67084 bytes)
 Stern view downbound into lock 7

Foundation tug Foundation Vibert -
Doug Covey collection
Foundation-Vibert-twin-screw-1280-hp-FM.jpg (86559 bytes)
Vibert twin screw 1280 hp in Halifax `60s from

Port of Toledo Historical Perspectives -
 Jim Hoffman
h-c-heimbecker-ob-cherry-st-brg.jpg (67295 bytes)
 H. C. Heimbecker outbound Maumee River Toledo, Ohio from Cherry Street Bridge.
henry-steinbrenner-dep-co-3.jpg (65154 bytes)
Henry Steinbrenner departing C.O. #3 Coal Dock Toledo, Ohio.
sparrows-point-tennessee-ob-cherry-st-brg.jpg (78857 bytes)
Sparrows Point with the tug Tennessee outbound Maumee River Toledo, Ohio from Cherry Street Bridge.

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