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October 6, 20

St Joseph/Benton Harbor, Mich. - Herm Phillips
1-Cuyahoga-10-4-11-hp.jpg (76444 bytes)
Inbound St Joe.
2-Cuyahoga-10-4-11-hp.jpg (69970 bytes)
Passing through the CSX railroad bridge.
3-Cuyahoga-10-4-11-hp.jpg (76335 bytes)
Approaching the Blossomland bridge.
4-Cuyahoga-10-4-11-hp.jpg (94431 bytes)
Through the draw bridge.
5-Cuyahoga-10-4-11-hp.jpg (96324 bytes)
Stern view.
6-Cuyahoga-10-4-11-hp.jpg (71518 bytes)
At the Consumers dock.
7-Cuyahoga-10-4-11-hp.jpg (78814 bytes)
Getting the boom swung out.
8-Cuyahoga-10-4-11-hp.jpg (64457 bytes)
Starting to unload.

Toronto Harbor
- Neil Walsh
1-AProvider-4-10-11-nw.jpg (74656 bytes)
Former Canadian Provider, now Algoma Provider laid up.
2-AProvider-4-10-11-nw.jpg (124039 bytes)
Another view
3-DHoughton-4-10-11-nw.jpg (77515 bytes)
Former Douglass Houghton serving a second life as a breakwater, at Ontario Place.

John J. Boland at the Upper Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1jjb_10_5_11_rb.jpg (171798 bytes)
View from Presque Isle Park with fall colors

Philip R. Clarke on Lake Huron passing Cheboygan, Mich.
- Dianne Donati
Phlip-Clarke-10-5-11-dd.jpg (78093 bytes)        

Interlake’s Samuel Mather and Harry Coulby visit Taconite Harbor, MN in the early 80’s -
Tom Anderson
1-SMHC-10-5-11-ta.jpg (95216 bytes)
Samuel Mather (foreground) waits for the Harry Coulby to finish unloading coal so it can takes it’s place under the clam bucket. Notice the crewman fishing off the stern of the Mather.

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