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October 7, 20

South Chicago - Lou Gerard
Algomarine-10-6-11-lg-DSC-0382-.jpg (76759 bytes)
Algomarine Thursday waiting at NS5 on her way Chicago Export to unload salt after unloading a partial at North American at 92nd St.
Algomarine-10-6-11-lg-DSC-0389.jpg (97928 bytes)
Tug Colorado holding the Algomarine back at NS5.
Algomarine-10-6-11-lg-DSC-0414.jpg (93298 bytes)
Massachusetts is pulling Algomarine past tug Buckley at 100th St.
Algomarine-10-6-11-lg-DSC-0436.jpg (84745 bytes)
Clear of 100th St.
Algomarine-10-6-11-lg-DSC-0452.jpg (185636 bytes)
Just clear of 106th St. The Algomarine and Colorado are bow to bow.
Algomarine-10-6-11-lg-DSC-0454.jpg (76147 bytes)
Heading for Wisconsin Steel Bend and the Chicago Export dock.
Johnbaird10-5-11-lg-DSC-0299.jpg (64482 bytes)
John B. Aird loads petroleum coke at Beemsterboer's at 106th St. Wednesday
Rthonpauljmar10-5-11-lg-DSC-0315.jpg (78955 bytes)
CSL's Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin is pulled away from KCBX by G tug Massachusetts.
Rthonpauljmar-10-5-11-lg-DSC-0320.jpg (80538 bytes)
They head for 100th St.
Rthonpauljmar-10-5-11-lg-DSC-0331.jpg (87262 bytes)
With the Colorado working the stern they head for over an hour delay at NS5.
Rthonpauljmar-10-5-11-lg-DSC-0352-.jpg (112490 bytes)
After getting through NS5 The Colorado cuts off under the EJ&E bridge.
Colorado-10-5-11-lg-DSC-0356.jpg (95277 bytes)
And she heads for home.

Peter R. Cresswell passing Cheboygan, Mich. -
Dianne Donati
Peter-R-Cresswell-2-10-6-11-dd.jpg (74029 bytes)        

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-moez-10-03-11-pb.jpg (108358 bytes)
Moezelborg at Bridge 21, Port Colborne.
3-moez-10-03-11-pb.jpg (76662 bytes)
Moezelborg and pilot boat pass the former Canadian Leader on their way to Lake Erie.
4-potent-10-03-11-pb.jpg (96751 bytes)
SE Potentia at Bridge
2-coop-10-03-11-pb.jpg (82328 bytes)
J W Cooper doing a pilot exchange.
5-potent-10-03-11-pb.jpg (68974 bytes)
On her way out to the lake.

S.S. Keewatin in Douglass, Mich. - Herm Phillips
1-Keewatin-10-2-11-hp.jpg (58822 bytes)
At her soon to be vacant lay-up dock.
2-Keewatin-10-2-11-hp.jpg (97606 bytes)
An all to familiar site at Douglas.
3-Keewatin-10-2-11-hp.jpg (38119 bytes)
Port side anchor
4-Keewatin-10-2-11-hp.jpg (82273 bytes)
 Detailed look at her old riveted hull.
5-Keewatin-10-2-11-hp.jpg (44454 bytes)
ships name
6-Keewatin-10-2-11-hp.jpg (89343 bytes)
Lifeboats sitting on the dock awaiting shipment to Canada for refabrication.
7-Keewatin-10-2-11-hp.jpg (102420 bytes)
They have a lot of work to do.
8-Keewatin-10-2-11-hp.jpg (78760 bytes)
The empty lifeboat davits.
9-Keewatin-10-2-11-hp.jpg (126311 bytes)
 The funnel proudly displaying the Canadian Pacific Railway emblem.
10-Keewatin-10-2-11-hp.jpg (40187 bytes)
A look at her lovely old steam whistle.
11-Keewatin-10-2-11-hp.jpg (74498 bytes)
Rear hull plating.
12-Keewatin-10-2-11-hp.jpg (67853 bytes)
Stern view.
13-Keewatin-10-2-11-hp.jpg (75310 bytes)
Propeller and rudder.
14-Keewatin-10-2-11-hp.jpg (68903 bytes)
Another dock view.
15-Keewatin-10-2-11-hp.jpg (72766 bytes)
A look from the highway.

Cason J. Callaway after colliding with the Indiana Harbor in September
callawaydamage-(6).jpg (48415 bytes) callawaydamage-(1).jpg (73698 bytes) callawaydamage-(3).jpg (70781 bytes) callawaydamage-(4).jpg (79859 bytes) callawaydamage-(5).jpg (77850 bytes)
callawaydamage-(2).jpg (72749 bytes)        

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