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October 10, 20

Cuyahoga in St. Joseph, Mich. - Greg Barber
cuyahoga-10-9-11-(8).jpg (72801 bytes)
Cuyahoga downbound Lake Michigan heading for St. Joe
cuyahoga-10-9-11-(7).jpg (123419 bytes)
Coming around bend
cuyahoga-10-9-11-(6).jpg (77265 bytes)
Lining up the train bridge
cuyahoga-10-9-11-(5).jpg (93204 bytes)
Sliding through the bridge
cuyahoga-10-9-11-(4).jpg (98304 bytes)
Lining on the draw bridge
cuyahoga-10-9-11-(3).jpg (93073 bytes)
Fowrard cabins
cuyahoga-10-9-11-(2).jpg (107699 bytes)
Stern cabins
cuyahoga-10-9-11-(1).jpg (82840 bytes)
Swinging boom out.

Spruceglen at Toledo heading upbound the Maumee River bound for Andersons K Elevator to load grain -
Jim Hoffman
spruceglen-10-7-11-jh-(3).jpg (107114 bytes)
Spruceglen with the tug Mississippi from the Hi Level Bridge  Oct. 7.
spruceglen-10-7-11-jh-(2).jpg (94646 bytes)
spruceglen-10-7-11-jh-(1).jpg (87755 bytes)
Wide angle view showing her passing the Col. James M. Schoonmaker.

Maumee laid up near the turning basin in Cleveland -
Kate White
1-Maumee-10-9-11-kw.jpg (91633 bytes)
Sunday, October, 9.
3-Maumee-10-9-11-kw.jpg (76366 bytes) 2-Maumee-10-9-11-kw.jpg (95037 bytes)    

Marquette, Mich. -
Rod Burdick
1cjc_10_9_11_rb.jpg (73572 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway at the Upper Harbor in Marquette, first trip after bow repairs.
acape_10_6_11_rb.jpg (74796 bytes)
Algocape at the Upper Harbor in Marquette loading ore on her fourth visit of the season

Soo Sunday -
Herm Klein
1-AMS-10-9-11-HK.jpg (50194 bytes)
American Spirit enters the Rock Cut
2-PRC-10-9-11-HK.jpg (70990 bytes)
Philip R Clarke upbound at Mission Point
3-BRB-10-9-11-HK.jpg (49095 bytes)
Burns Harbor upbound at Mission Point

Marquette and Soo -
Lee Rowe
IMG_9046.jpg (62232 bytes) IMG_9043.jpg (49434 bytes) IMG_5389.jpg (106695 bytes) IMG_5392.jpg (151996 bytes) IMG_5394.jpg (109480 bytes)
IMG_5396.jpg (75306 bytes) IMG_5409.jpg (83355 bytes) IMG_5421.jpg (62843 bytes) IMG_5462.jpg (47159 bytes)  

Tug Iowa towing the Sea Eagle II and Barge St Marys Cement II Saturday in Cleveland -
Kate White
1-Sea-Eagle-10-8-11-kw.jpg (123398 bytes) 2-Sea-Eagle-10-8-11-kw.jpg (130940 bytes)      

Lake Huron passing Cheboygan, Mich.
- Dianne Donati
Presque-Isle-10-9-11-dd.jpg (71733 bytes) Algoma-Navigator-10-7-11-dd.jpg (96288 bytes)      

Welland Canal -
Eric Holmes
1-SeaeagleII-10-07-11-eh.jpg (74661 bytes)
 Sea Eagle II and St. Mary's Cement II upbound below Lock 2
2-SeaeagleII-10-07-11-eh.jpg (82180 bytes)
Stern view
3-Federalweser-10-07-11-eh.jpg (71020 bytes)
Federal Weser downbound below Lock 4
4-Federalweser-10-07-11-eh.jpg (84607 bytes)
Stern view

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-algpro-10-04-11-pb.jpg (45462 bytes)
Algoma Provider with her new ID above Lock 1.
2-algpro-10-04-11-pb.jpg (246412 bytes)
Algoma Provider Engine Room access with memories attached.
3-fedyos-10-05-11-pb.jpg (57088 bytes)
Federal Yoshino above Lock 2.  Notice the openings in the house under the bridge.
4-fedyos-10-05-11-pb.jpg (60729 bytes)
 Look closely at the bridge wing.  On the aft side is a hinged extension that will swing out to give a better view of locks and docks.  Probably for the Panama and other canals.
5-allie-10-06-11-pb.jpg (125810 bytes)
Allie B above Lock 2.
6-allie-10-06-11-pb.jpg (66194 bytes)
She's towing the barge CBR 793 with this equipment on board.
7-allie-10-06-11-pb.jpg (101129 bytes)
How are they going to unload this?
8-allie-10-06-11-pb.jpg (91581 bytes)
 Jarrett M is the stern tug as they approach the Homer bridge.

Historical perspectives -
Jim Scrimger
1-icebreaker-67-JS-.jpg (2932149 bytes)
Icebreaker, Montreal1967
2-Vickers-shipyard-67-JS-.jpg (47411 bytes)
Vickers, Montreal1967
3-strike-67-JS-.jpg (1150454 bytes)
3-Ships anchored all the way downstream to Trois Rivieres, Que. during 1966 seaway strike.

Historical Perspective - CSL’s Black Bay -
Date and location unknown - Tom Anderson
1-BB-10-5-11-ta.jpg (24693 bytes)        

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