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October 13, 20

Fall at the Soo - Steve Bauer
1-Sykes-10-12-11-sb.jpg (70837 bytes)
Malibu or Lake Michigan?  The Wilfred Sykes is anchored off Port Inland on Saturday while surfers take to the waves created by a stiff south wind near Seul Choix Lighthouse.
2-EdGott-10-12-11-sb.jpg (116135 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott catches the last light of a warm October Saturday as she passes Point Iroquois Lighthouse enroute to the Soo Locks.
3-AmCnt-10-12-11-sb.jpg (96683 bytes)
American Century and the Sugar Island Ferry greet the sunrise at Mission Point on Sunday.
4-Queb-10-12-11-sb.jpg (87565 bytes)
Quebecois getting ready to depart the MacArthur in the predawn hours on Monday.
5-Blgh-10-12-11-sb.jpg (53928 bytes)
Roger Blough waits for the Joseph L. Block to clear the Poe Lock before taking its turn.
6-Ojb-10-12-11-sb.jpg (139847 bytes)
A busy Monday has the Ojibway in the Mac lock as the Cason J. Callaway enters the Poe.
7-Cort-10-12-11-sb.jpg (154655 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort departs along Portage Avenue Tuesday morning.

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-cuya-10-6-11-md.jpg (74107 bytes)
Cuyahoga unloads at the new city dock in Sarnia.
2-sag-10-7-11-md.jpg (58500 bytes)
Saguenay taking on a load at the elevator in Sarnia.
3-atrn-10-9-11-md.jpg (83315 bytes)
Algoma Transfer loading at the elevator.
4-grif-10-9-11-md.jpg (68918 bytes)
CCG Griffon ready to depart.
5-que-10-9-11-md.jpg (65092 bytes)
Quebecois heads into Lake Huron.
6-jjb-10-9-11-md.jpg (66328 bytes)
John J. Boland follows.
7-grt-10-9-11-md.jpg (60645 bytes)
Great Republic making the turn at 1 & 2.
8-aint-10-9-11-md.jpg (46278 bytes)
American Integrity downbound at 1 & 2.
9-sag-10-9-11-md.jpg (46260 bytes)
Saguenay at the government dock in Sarnia having shifted over to allow the Algoma Transfer to load.
10-atrn-10-9-11-a-md.jpg (45026 bytes)
Algoma Transfer night shot.
11-atrn-10-9-11-b-md.jpg (40925 bytes)
Wide view.
12-sag-10-10-11-a-md.jpg (52877 bytes)
Saguenay back at the elevator.
13-sag-10-10-11-b-md.jpg (42351 bytes)
Wide view.

Alpena arrived at the West Michigan Mart Dock in Muskegon Tuesday with a storage cargo for temporary lay-up
- Herm Phillips
1-Alpena-10-11-11-hp.jpg (57749 bytes)
At the Mart Dock.
2-Alpena-10-11-11-hp.jpg (60707 bytes)
Bow details.
3-Alpena-10-11-11-hp.jpg (68927 bytes)
Aft cabins
4-Alpena-10-11-11-hp.jpg (79359 bytes)
5-Alpena-10-11-11-hp.jpg (61419 bytes)
Her elliptical stern.
6-Alpena-10-11-11-hp.jpg (61343 bytes)
Stern shot.
7-PHTnsnd-10-11-11-hp.jpg (63103 bytes)
Fleet mate Paul H, Townsend in long term lay-up just in front of the Alpena.
8-PHTnsnd-10-11-11-hp.jpg (85700 bytes)
Her forward cabins.
9-PHTnsnd-10-11-11-hp.jpg (68452 bytes)
Smoke stack.
10-PHTnsnd-10-11-11-hp.jpg (68615 bytes)
Stern view.
11-LST393-10-11-11-hp.jpg (70033 bytes)
Museum ship LST 393 in front of the Townsend.

Montrealais and CSL Niagara -
Ken Borg
IMG_3236.jpg (52646 bytes)
Montrealais and CSL Niagara
IMG_3233.jpg (52532 bytes)
CSL Niagara loading grain at Andersons
IMG_3239.jpg (64045 bytes)
Montrealais loading grain at the ADM elevator

Buffington Harbor Ind. Wednesday
-  Lou Gerard 
Presqueisle-10-12-11-lg-DSC-0039.jpg (66248 bytes)
Head on view of the Presque Isle unloading stone at Buffington Harbor.
Presqueisle-10-12-11-lg-DSC-0041.jpg (65823 bytes)
Another view of Presque Isle unloading.

Historical Perspectives -
Jacques Paul
olivebranch--1960.jpg (42548 bytes) pinebranch---1952.jpg (43298 bytes) poplarbranch--1953.jpg (45649 bytes) oakbranch--1947.jpg (40400 bytes) TRANSLAKE,--1957.jpg (43560 bytes)
TRANSRIVER_.jpg (18297 bytes) CSL-Emperor-1936.jpg (46183 bytes)      

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