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October 20, 20

Welland Canal October 18 - John McCreery
1-Juno-10-19-11-jm.jpg (117969 bytes)
Juno downbound below lock 2
2-Juno-10-19-11-jm.jpg (119502 bytes)
Stern view
3-FedYoshino-10-19-11-jm.jpg (97730 bytes)
Federal Yoshino at the approach to lock 2
4-FedYoshino-10-19-11-jm.jpg (98859 bytes)
Stern view at Port Weller headed for Lake Ontario
5-AlgomaProvider-10-19-11-jm.jpg (95272 bytes)
Algoma Provider out from her Toronto lay up
6-AlgomaProvider-10-19-11-jm.jpg (93658 bytes)
Provider approaching the Glendale bridge
7-Algosea-10-19-11-jm.jpg (87191 bytes)
Algosea taking on provisions below lock 1
8-GCLeitch-10-19-jm.jpg (101631 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch over from Hamilton and raising in lock 1
9-GCLeitch-10-19-11-jm.jpg (86717 bytes)
The Leitch upbound above lock 1
10-Shelley-Algosea-10-19-11-jm.jpg (148683 bytes)
J W Shelley tucks in behind the Algosea, the third conventional straight decker of the afternoon

St. Lawrence Seaway above Montreal
- Kent Malo
DeoVelonte11-19-11-km-a.jpg (90183 bytes)
Deo Velonte downbound at Kahnawake Mohawk Reserve destination Baie Comeau.
DeoVelonte11-19-11-km-b.jpg (66515 bytes) DeoVelonte11-19-11-km-c.jpg (70797 bytes) DepVelonte11-19-11-km-d.jpg (92933 bytes)  

Iroquois and Prescott -
Ron Beaupre
1-transport-19-10-11-rb.jpg (121456 bytes)
Canadian Transport loading soybeans at Prescott Elevators while dock rebuilding work goes on across the slip.
2-sweden-19-10-11-rb.jpg (110638 bytes)
BBC Sweden approaching Iroquois Lock.
3-sweden-19-10-11-rb.jpg (97339 bytes)
Cabin detail.
4-sweden-19-10-11-rb.jpg (94863 bytes)
BBC Sweden is on her first trip into the Lakes.

J. W. Shelly upbound on the St. Clair river passing under the Blue Water Bridges -
Roland Marissen
JwShelly-09-18-2011-RM.jpg (185578 bytes)        

Grand tour on the SS Keewatin -
Herm Phillips
1-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (66573 bytes)
At the dock in Douglas, Mich.
2-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (38606 bytes)
A look at her sharp prow.
3-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (86365 bytes)
Old steam engine used to raise and lower goods into the cargo hold.
4-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (93848 bytes)
The Grand Staircase.
5-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (36207 bytes)
Ships bell.
6-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (63735 bytes)
7-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (67638 bytes)
 Looking down the promenade deck.
8-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (79322 bytes)
The upper deck state rooms.
9-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (66436 bytes)
The Italian etched glass skylights.
10-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (113112 bytes)
looking down the stairs to the lounge area.
11-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (76635 bytes)
Some of the mahogany cabinetry in the dining room.
12-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (77049 bytes)
Another look at the dining room area.
13-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (69148 bytes)
The huge cast iron coal fired cook stove.
14-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (110963 bytes)
Some of the hand carved wood panels in the Ballroom.
15-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (52273 bytes)
 On the boat deck. the funnel and the empty lifeboat davits.
16-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (61952 bytes)
Builders plate.
17-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (145911 bytes)
Looking off the starboard bridge wing.
18-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (118166 bytes)
Another look aft from the pilot house.
19-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (67620 bytes)
Inside the wheelhouse looking at the wheel and engine telegraph.
20-Keewatin-10-11-11-hp.jpg (66360 bytes)
The boilers have been cut open to show the fire tubes.

Historical Perspectives - Fred R. White, JR. visits Taconite Harbor in the early 80’s -
Tom Anderson
1-FRW-10-19-11-ta.jpg (69830 bytes)
Coming into Taconite Harbor.
3-FRW-10-19-11-ta.jpg (65626 bytes)
Doing a 180 to squeeze in-between Interlake’s Samuel Mather (foreground) and Harry Coulby
4-FRW-10-19-11-ta.jpg (76155 bytes)
Bow thruster pushing away from the dock.

St. Marys Challenger video


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