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October 21, 20

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
IMG_5706.jpg (101393 bytes)
 Herbert C Jackson loaded but waiting on the weather Thursday before departing.
IMG_5701.jpg (75395 bytes)
Upper Harbor light
IMG_5692.jpg (139630 bytes)
Great Republic loading at Marquette on Wednesday

Seaway -
Jim Scrimger
1-Canadian-Transport-10-19-11-JS-.jpg (154120 bytes)
Canadian Transport at Prescott Port.
2-Catherine-Desgagnes-10-18-11-21-JS-.jpg (129690 bytes)
Catharine Desgagnes at Prescott Port.
3-BBC-Sweden-10-18-11-JS-.jpg (125153 bytes)
BBC Sweden at Johnstown Bridge.
4-BBC-Sweden-Federal-Yoshino-10-19-11-JS-.jpg (44605 bytes)
BBC Sweden & Federal Yoshino.
5-BBC-Sweden-Federal-Yoshino10-19-11-JS-.jpg (100662 bytes)
6-Federal-Yoshino-10-18-11-JS-.jpg (166261 bytes)
Federal Yoshino at Johnstown bridge.
7-Karen-Andrie-Endeavor-10-19-11-JS-.jpg (103407 bytes)
Tug Karen Andrie and barge Endeavor.
8-Karen-Andrie-10-19-11-JS-.jpg (135044 bytes) 9-Endeavor-10-19-11-JS-.jpg (221437 bytes) 10-Karen-Andrie-Endeavor-10-19-11-JS-.jpg (103983 bytes) 
I took a sequence of seven photos to attempt a panorama of the tug and barge this is what the misbehaving photo software came up with.

John J. Boland at the Lower Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
jjb_10_18_11LH_rb.jpg (135205 bytes)
Unloading coal at the Shrias Dock

Recent Toronto and Canal
- John McCreery
2-Maccoa-10-6-11-jm-copy.jpg (168956 bytes)
Maccoa with tugs assisting on the approach to her berth at Redpath Sugar, Toronto
Quebecois-10-1-11-jm.jpg (105060 bytes)
Quebecois downbound at Allanburg bridge
2-Quebecois-10-1-11-jm.jpg (120855 bytes) Richelieu-10-1-11-jm.jpg (154502 bytes)
2-Richelieu-10-1-11-jm.jpg (105252 bytes)

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